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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Russian Alphabet von Saint Petersburg State University

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Russian is considered to be one of the world's most difficult languages. This course is aimed at helping those who are interested in understanding the basics of the Russian language and preparing learners to further their language acquisition. Upon completion of the course, students will have learned: the structure of the Russian alphabet; how to write and read in Russian; how to pronounce Russian words; and recognise particular sounds and words in speech. After completing the course learners can continue to explore the language on Russian for Beginners 1. The course contains extensive video and audio materials on the basics of Russian phonetics. More than 150 exercises are provided for the learners to apply the knowledge they will learn on the course....


27. Feb. 2021

Very good foundation. I loved that it has many examples, and that the topics are very well organized. Thank you so much. My next review might be in Russian after i completed the second course :)

7. Apr. 2020

A good way to start if you have no idea how to. It prepares you you with the alphabet, vowels and basic annunciation skills, reading skills. overall it helped me. See you in the next course!

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von Yaman A M

31. Mai 2020

I enjoyed the course, although I had to look up other resources to know what exactly "voiced" and "voiceless" consonants mean. The Russian sound system is tough!

von Elizabeth N C

17. Juli 2020

it is interesting to learn another language in this case Russian you had to put the pronunciation and the meaning each lesson

von LC S

12. Apr. 2021

Needs more information on stress marks.

von Deleted A

5. Apr. 2020

Easy and nice

von Fred V

3. März 2021

The Russian alphabet, in the country of Tolstoi, is quite a basic skill for most people to master. Therefore, I would expect this university, and the fine linguo-pragmatist who serves as an instructor, to come up with the best way West and East of the Volga to teach the Russian alphabet.

The English is not up to expectations, all the more so that there is no necessity to refer to English in this course. Examples include 'vowels' pronounced as 'wowels', 'written' as 'wraiten'.

We are not sure if the instructor understood the difference between teaching to adults and to young kids. This course is organised to TELL things and check the learning via quizzes, but not fully to TEACH them (examples: which positions are stressed in words: not explained enough, as well as 'voiceless' and 'voiced', meaning 'unstressed' or 'dumb' maybe). There is no need to systematically read all the slides, neither.

Having to make the above remarks is surprising, given the impressive pedigree of the instructor. We also regret that the power of lyrics and music is not used as a stepping stone into the tonalities of the language.

However, apart from the severe remarks above, this course is a good first step into learning the language of Dostoievski.

von Yaki M

4. Dez. 2020

This is a good course of you intend to create a program that can read text in Russian. The course offers a lot of rules in the Russian language, but is quite useless, unless you already have some vocabulary in Russian. Furthermore, in some of the quizzes, I had to guess what I am being asked. It wasn't clear what the question is...

von Stephanie K

4. Mai 2020

I'm not sure if this level of detail is sufficient for learning Russian. Although I'm not sure if it makes sense to just read out different vowels and how they change in context with voiced or voiceless consonants and then get immediately tested without really having a context to words or even know the Russian alphabet.

von Daniel K

20. Nov. 2020

No one answered the questions I had after 7 days of posting. I was under the impression there would be tutors to help with the more difficult coursework. Clearly not.

von Ahmad Y

6. Feb. 2021

Sometimes the tutor reads to fast, and sometimes the pronunciation is not very cleare

The consonants lesson bit too advanced for beginners

von Rahul K

1. Aug. 2020

This is slightly tough for beginners. Lectures are quite tough. Assignment of last week is tough.

von Ulisse S

16. Aug. 2021

Herewith I unenroll to this course