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How is a satellite built? How do they fly? How do they communicate and how does the network operate? You will get all the answers in this course from teachers and researchers from three schools associated with Institut Mines-Télécom. The course is made of : teaching videos, equipment demonstrations and simulation programs. They will guide you through the discovery of satellite communications. Professionals in the space field will share there vocation for this scientific and technical sector. Have you ever wanted to know more about transponders, the geostationary orbit, QPSK modulation, channel coding, link budget, TCP over large bandwdith x delay product links ? This course is for you! This course is available in English: French-speaking lecturers with English subtitles and fully translated contents (slides, practices). This MOOC is supported by the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation....



4. Juni 2020

The course was amazing !! it was perfectly split under various topics and related as per requirement. Learnt new things with lot of interest. The professors were wonderful. Enjoyed doing this course.


2. Mai 2017

It is an excellent course, very systematically presented. I am hard of hearing but thanks to the subtitles I managed to follow the course. Thank you for making this course available.

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von Dr.A.Kaleel R e

18. Juni 2020



16. Mai 2020



16. Mai 2020


von Deleted A

28. Apr. 2020


von M. M

27. Apr. 2020


von Pranoy D

20. März 2019


von Mauricio V R V

20. März 2018


von Christian P

1. Feb. 2017


von Thibaut D

7. März 2018


von Christopher B

13. Juni 2020

I found this course remarkably interesting and informative. It is a good introductory course for someone who already has basic technological knowledge and an understanding of basic math. I believe the Course Information section underestimates the amount of time for the course. It takes only 2-3 hours a week to attend the lectures (videos, reading, etc.) but I would consider adding 1-2 hours on top that if you plan to study and learn the material. (As with most educational endeavors.) It is a French Language course with English subtitles, so it took a little extra reading on my part to grasp the material, but the text translations are perfectly fine for learning.

I have one issue with the course which has to do with the testing for each week. I found some of the questions confusing and struggled to understand what was being asked for as some of the answers appeared to be "subjective" rather than "objective" to the material as presented in the videos. This may have been caused by something missed in translation that I would have picked up on if I spoke French. Related to the issue I had with testing is the fact that some questions required calculating answers and no sample problems were provided during the lectures. (This may be a difference in the education model (US) vs EU [French].) I would recommend adding a text document that, at the very least, shows sample calculations that relate to the test problems and lectures (using different parameters of course). I think it would greatly assist in learning the material.

von Nikhil N

19. Mai 2018

First of all, I found the course really interesting and fun. It has helped me develop new insights in to the world of satellites and how our day to day activities are supported by them. Now i would like to mention some areas of future improvement.

First, more numericals should be included where ever they are required.

Second, lecture slides should be made available for reference. Although I understand students are encouraged to make notes, but for quick future reference, lecture slides are always helpful.

Third, the Last week by Julien should have been more detailed and systematic. I got confused while attempting the last week quiz. Even after revisiting the videos my confusion has not cleared.

Thats more or less it. I would like to thank the entire team for creating this wonderful course. I look forward to many more offerings in the future.


9. Feb. 2017

The course has helped me understand the role of satellite in current communication systems, be it the television, mobile telephones or even the internet, and its possible role in the future. The lectures are basically in French with English subtitles and transcript available. However, it would have been much better if the lectures were in English.

With regards to the course structure and content, a good focus on Internet through satellite was placed which is a good thing. However with regards to distribution of content, the last week had maybe too much when compared to other weeks (more than 3hrs of video, other weeks have 1hr or 2hrs). Overall, a good course for beginners who have interest in space and communication.

von Andrew M

7. Mai 2020

Wide ranging and thorough introduction by an enthusiastic team of industry and academic presenters based in France. Includes lots of useful extra reading and even some software emulators of key orbital and signals phenomena to allow experimentation. I would have given the course 5 stars except that the final week 6 was noticeably weaker than the rest being rather rambling and lacking good explanation, which was a shame. Don’t let that put you off because overall it was a fascinating and enjoyable course.

von daxhelet c

3. Mai 2020

-L'ensemble du cours est assez bien illustré et expliqué.

-Le cours est bien méthodique.

-j'ai appris pas mal de choses complémentaires de ce que je connaissais déjà au niveau de certains termes.

-Le point négatif est que la majorité de la formation est en français et les tests sont en anglais !! je trouve cela bizarre…. On devrait faire les deux pour ma part car tout le monde ne métrise pas à la perfection la langue anglaise.

von longnosf

19. Apr. 2020

Cours tres complet sur tous les aspects de l'ecosysteme des satellites de telecommunication. Les rappels, la variation entre questions de culture generale et les questions techniques permet de rester motives pour memoriser l'ensemble du contenu. Le fils rouge est quand meme un element essentiel pour la synthese. Les interviews sont super interessantes, surtout celles de la 6eme semaine.

von Mahesh K

9. Okt. 2016

It is a good course to understand Satellite communication from system engineering point of view.Course content is well arranged to address Commercial aspects of Satellite communication, Application of satellite communication for different services. It also includes expert talk which gives insight in the Satellite communication for career point of view.

von monika M

13. Aug. 2020

It was a real fun to take this course I would like to thank all the people who collaborated in this one I have a few comments about each week

Week 1-5-6 :were pretty similar and could have been shorted in just one week no need for the general details to be repeated

Week 2-3-4 : they were the real fun and I really learnt a lot from them

von Rehenuma T

28. Mai 2020

This is a very good course for basic

Satellite Communications knowledge. The course was conducted on French language. Sometimes it is hard to study the figures, explanation while following the subtitles simultaneously. Mr. Laurent is my favorite teacher here. He explained the basic very precisely here, I wish to see more courses from IMT.

von Matthew C

1. Apr. 2020

The Final Exams are multiple choice and they don't tell you what is the correct one or wrong one, nor do they give you partial points which made myself second guess all the time. Whew, this was a relatively hard course because of that

von Tarun K K

21. Juni 2020

its in french it was difficult to understand by reading the english subtitle. make it available in eng dubbing otherwise its difficult to understand. some of the quiz questions are not at all answered in the provided lectures.

von Jorge M

22. Okt. 2020

Excelent course, however the evaluations had some ambiguous quuestions, also the course was suppossed to be in english, but it is taught in french(audio) with subtittles in english. It makes the learning process difficult.

von Guhan S

8. Juni 2020

The video was in French, which made it quite difficult to follow the video. often have to read the translation notes below without watching the video. If possible please provide a video with English audio in the future.

von Anthony B

16. Apr. 2018

Nice introductory course, but too much material is pushed in format text into the "Going further" sections and the educational programs need the installation of LabVIEW and a toolkit only available on Windows.

von Léo C

2. Okt. 2016

It was sometimes repetitive as I knew quite a bit of the course (I'm a student in electrical engineering) but it's an excellent course for someone with no previous knowledge of telecoms and satellite

von Vedant N B

26. Mai 2020

Very Good course. I was always fascinated about how satellite communication works and this course gave me a very good understanding of communication concepts. Thank you for such amazing MOOC.