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The main goal of this class is to gain an introductory exposure to the nature of the psychiatric disorder known as schizophrenia as revealed by the scientific method. We will discuss a broad range of findings from the scientific investigation of biological and psychological factors related to schizophrenia and its treatment. More specifically we will learn about: (1) key symptomatic features through discussion and enactments of interviews with actors portraying many of the cardinal features of the illness, (2) what brain imaging studies (MRI and fMRI) and neurochemistry have taught us about the neuroscience of the disorder, (3) scientific psychological data and theories concerning cognition, emotion and behavior in schizophrenia, and (4) current, evidence-based somatic and psychosocial approaches to treatment. A brief historical overview of the recent emergence of the psychiatric category of schizophrenia will be presented as well....



5. Mai 2021

Given information is very clear and easy to understand.

I really appreciate that it is just the most important parts and not the whole science or odd information.

Thank you, I learned so much.


18. Juli 2022

I'm a Mental Health professional whom found this Course on Schizophrenia to be amazing! It was a perfect blend of neuroscience, presentation and theory. Thank you Coursera and of course Dr. Kurtz!

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von Alina S

17. Feb. 2022

Great course!

von Narin H G

30. Okt. 2021

It was perfect

von carol j

25. Jan. 2021

great teaching

von Afuh R

2. Sep. 2022

Great course

von Mar A

21. Nov. 2017


von martha f f

11. Jan. 2021


von Andres I

10. Aug. 2022


von Claudia B

10. Nov. 2021



29. Sep. 2021

thank you

von Fadil K

28. Dez. 2020

Very Good

von Mustafa E

18. Dez. 2020


von hanna k

9. Aug. 2022


von Laiba S

8. Apr. 2021


von Hugo F d S

29. Sep. 2020

the best

von Shakil A S

29. Juli 2020


von Ibrahim M

24. Nov. 2021


von Talah a 1

16. Juli 2022


von Chenelle D

16. Dez. 2020


von Axel S

3. Jan. 2023


von Morziul H

25. Apr. 2022


von Bozheng Z

22. Apr. 2020


von Zainab M

21. Jan. 2022


von Sam L

15. Aug. 2020

As a family member of someone with schizophrenia, this course was extremely helpful in understanding the characteristics of schizophrenia and the history of researches done on the subject that is highly stigmatized yet little understood. By the end of the course, I learned enough to be able to nod to the closing remark of the Professor Kurtz that there is a big gap between the evidence-based research done and the delivery of the treatments to the patients. I thank Coursera and the Professor Kurtz for this extremely valuable learning experience. The only wish for the future is to see more captions/slides in the videos that would help viewers note and follow the important facts or concepts.

von Arci G

5. Nov. 2020

Overall, great presentation of information. However, i wish there was a more in depth look into this disease and how it presents physiologically and also, what steps a clinician can take to help a client with Schizophrenia. It would have also been helpful to present information on how an individual who suffers from the disease can better his or her condition by direct instruction on techniques that the individual can utilize. That last request is of course, assuming that one signed up for this lecture for self-help and further insight into Schizophrenia.

von Kristen R

14. Dez. 2022

This was a very informative and enjoyable course. I appreciated it. It's a tough subject to cover. I especially liked the actors who could demonstrate what was meant by positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I would have liked to see more actor demonstrations. I felt the second half of the course became heavily lecture-based and would've appreciated a little more role play throughout the course to help provide a visual of what was being taught. However, overall, this was a very good course.