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The security of an organization is of the utmost importance and every member of the organization's staff plays a vital role in defending against cyber threats. One of the best ways to protect the organization is to institute a company-wide security-awareness training initiative. This course is a complete foundational security awareness training program that covers a wide array of topics for nearly every type of end-user and learner level. The content is designed to allow organizations to be able to provide a comprehensive training program to help them protect their information assets against threats. This training lasts approximately 2 hours and was designed to be engaging and is based on real scenarios staff may face. The training is modular and does not have to be completed in one sitting. Topics included in this course are as follows: • Importance of Security • Data and Account Security • Passwords • Networking and Mobile Security • Malware • Social Engineering...



27. Feb. 2021

Great course. Very useful to know basic concepts about cibersecurity on a daily basis user. I consider all people in organizations must follow this lessons. Companies will save money as well.


21. März 2021

Great course. Very useful to know basic concepts about cybersecurity on a daily basis user. I consider all people in organizations must follow this lessons. Companies will save money as well.

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von Jeferson S

31. Juli 2020

The course is good, but the video explanation is very slow and the pauses take forever. I had to watch in velocity x1.5.

von Lauren B

17. Sep. 2021

pretty good course, and just like everyone else, the answers to questions seem to be off sometimes.

von Gustavo A Z M

13. Aug. 2020

Hay ciertos contenidos que están desactualizados, pero son mínimos por eso no le di 5 estrellas.

von MD S

15. Juli 2020

It was a g99d interactive layout for training.

von said a

27. Apr. 2020

the course added to me a lot iwas ignorat of

von Rashed M A H

22. Mai 2020

good cource but no certificate

von Niyas K

18. Apr. 2020

Really Informative

von Qais A A B H

27. März 2020

good to start up

von Daniel P S

3. Apr. 2020


von Ian A

31. März 2020

Covers all the basics.

Some of the questions were phrased a bit ambigiously.

The level of detail / target audience seemed a bit inconsistant (why does a typicaly user need to know the difference between a Black/Grey/White hat?)

von Maciej F

14. Dez. 2020

Many typos and 'bugs' in the quiz

von Joao M d S

28. Sep. 2021

T​he questions are very ambigous, especially the multiple choice ones where you don't get a partial score for getting some right. This course is mostly a waste of time for anyone who is minimally versed in these topics. Worm and Virus definitions are switched in the exams, WiFi and WLAN are presented as equivalent, which they aren't, the questions about analysing phishing emails are super ambiguous, making it really hard to get the all the multiple choices correct, and the list goes on and on...

von Mark S

2. Aug. 2021

M​any of the quiz questions in this course are misleading, unhelpful, or completely wrong. The complete lack of feedback when you get a question wrong makes this especially frustrating. The course material offers a decent overview of various security topics, and contains mostly good advice. But much of the advice is outdated, and no longer describes best practices (especially the password module). The writing throughout is sloppy and incredibly boring.

von Fabian G

26. Jan. 2021

Very boring presentation and way too long. The slides only show what the presenter is telling and the content is not up to date when it comes to current technologies like cloud.

von Kevin F

25. Sep. 2020

Lots of really ambiguous questions.

von Shane D

4. Apr. 2021

Total waste of time! The course is full of typos, and they can’t even be bothered to give you a certificate of achievement at the end. What a rip-off!

von Dhruv R G

14. Juli 2020

It should have a certificate or digital badge at least something to motivate to complete it.

von Joran H

30. Juli 2021

T​here were grammar mistakes in the quiz questions, which were also sometimes ambiguous.

von Ricardo M

25. Jan. 2021

Deberían certificar el curso, es esfuerzo.............gracias

von John A

13. Aug. 2020

Too easy expected something a little more challenging

von Eric S

25. Sep. 2020

Many typo, out of date data, bad advice, mistakes

von Deleted A

26. Jan. 2022

Course summarizes content well and is easy to comprehend. Quizzes during each segment have a sufficient amount of difficulty to ensure that you have understood the lesson. I would have personally wanted to have more content provided, since the topic is essential to learn and also interesting to raise one's awareness of their own security.

von chatchamon p

11. Jan. 2021

Thank you for this course. It provides fundamental ideas of security awareness for users in companies. Caution: it may not contain the smallest details that would be varied between different companies. If someone would like to know it in detailed and latest (up-to-date), they may apply the course in their own company.

von Young T

18. März 2022

The teaching content is close to the actual production and life, the teaching process is simple and efficient, the exercises during the break can grasp the key points, and I learned a lot of practical things in a short time, which is very good.

von Abdullah B G

21. Sep. 2021

​I have learn a lot from this course and I recommend it to everyone. They will improve their idea about malware and strong passwords and social engineering and a lot of information about network and internet using.