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Gain an understanding of search engine algorithms and how they affect organic search results and websites. Building on this knowledge, you’ll learn the key elements for creating an effective SEO strategy, including how to select keywords and perform keyword research; consumer psychology and search behavior; and how to conduct on-page SEO analysis to identify opportunities to improve a website’s search optimization....
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30. Juni 2017

This is not a trivial subject. Nevertheless, I feel completely confident in my newfound knowledge of it. Not only that, but I am very motivated to keep going with the rest of the specialization now.


9. Juni 2018

this is amazing SEO course . i am first time learning about SEO . its really informative and help me to improve my skill. i really thanks to coursera to give this opportunity to learn this course.

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von Manon G

10. März 2020

Very interesting course, I am really happy and grateful that I am now certified and I learned quite a lot!

Just a few things:

1) The peer review part is a little stressful because you need to find people to review your assignment.

2) Some content appears to be outdated.

Other than that I had a great experience and I will definitely recommend Coursera!

von Patter

29. Juli 2022

I give this course a level 4 star. The recommendations I would give for this course is to fix a few of the links to reading materials did not work, and I would like there to have been more resources to different software, or other materials to help futher educate in SEO. Other than that, course was effective in educating in SEO Gundamentals.

von adel k

13. Juli 2022

solid content, only lacks the keyword search to be more expanded because it's one that is directly related to the creation of the content, and they expanded a little too much on the technical SEO which this type of material little boring to me and not as important as the keyword research.

von Hampus N

5. Juni 2017

Good course. I however missed a walkthrough of title tag and meta description lengths in terms of pixels instead of characters which is the correct way. Also the difference in how the SERP truncates meta descriptions differently in a mobile browser.

von Miriam F

26. Sep. 2017

This course was quite good. There were a couple unanswered questions (for example, when you say there's a character limit of 60 on something, does that include spaces or not?). But for the most part this is well worth your time and has good advice.

von J.G. L

29. März 2018

Great info, stellar detail. There were some things that were said to be provided in the course materials, ie. links, and downloads that weren't actually there. Just a minor thing to the great value being offered. Thanks for being here for me!

von Ricardo G R

3. Aug. 2020

This is a very good beginning SEO course, specially when dealing with topics such as keywords, meta data, tags, url optimization. However, I think the third module (techincal SEO) was very poor and gave me more questions than answers.

von TQ

15. Juni 2020

The course is very helpful for me as a new learner for SEO. It provides a structure of how SEO on different level works. but I do hope a mentor would be there to answer our questions. will join the next course.

von Canis L

18. Sep. 2022

wonderful, it is short, direct, valuable with very pragmatic knowledge. Here I learned how analyze, understand and improve a website to have a better rank for search engines and bring the right traffic.

von Sourabh J

31. Jan. 2022

this is amazing SEO course . i am first time learning about SEO . its really informative and help me to improve my skill. i really thanks to coursera to give this opportunity to learn this course.

von Rabia A

20. Okt. 2022

overall it was a nice journey...there is an issue with subtitle in2 vies of course .without subtitle it become challenging for secondary language people... last video's subtitle was missing

von K. D

7. Juni 2020

It's a bit tricky to analyze everything with only the free tools at our disposal. It would be great to have a student discount for some of the SEO-tools that we need during this course.

von Lokesh S

24. Nov. 2020

I have learned how to find the best keyword based on many factors. then chose the best keyword for your site. this will help me to rank my website and how can I optimize my website.

von Claudia R

28. Aug. 2022

Great course with many practical parts where you can apply the skills you learned. The slides are a little basic and visually a little outdated but the content is really good.

von Vinzenz v K

29. Aug. 2021

Actually, that course was easier than the first one, because it contains what I am already applying. However sad is that there arent´t any articles in the optional sections.

von Nidda

11. Jan. 2022

I found it valuable. Though, I beleive the best in this SEO field is to do a practical. Also, course need to be updated now. It's 2022 and It was recorded in 2015.

von Seyi A

7. Okt. 2022

Learned a good amount with valuable examples. I loved that there were also assignments at the end of each week, which gave me a chance to make things practical

von Jelena D

28. Feb. 2018

The course is ok and gives more details than the introductory course. However asks us to use tools which we have to pay in order to perform the tasks properly.

von Virginija K

1. Apr. 2016

I found this very useful for the beginning with SEO. There are lots of the areas to deepen, but for general understanding it was really convenient.

von oluwagbeminiyi o

17. Aug. 2019

I dislike the peer graded assignments. This paradigm destroys the whole "learn at your own pace" advantage that was the reason for using coursera.

von Mohamed S B

12. Mai 2020

This is an absolutely good course. I am really grateful for giving me the chance to join it. I am eager to know more about the rest. Thank you

von Mathis

2. Dez. 2019

Good introduction with some concrete steps to take when wanting to dive into the topic or simply trying to do some SEO work on your own.

von Kim J P

25. März 2019

I don't like that i have to wait for others so that I can complete the course and get the certificate. It's expensive to have to wait.

von Nneka H

17. Feb. 2020

By the time you complete this course, you would have a better understanding of what your focus should be on in the world of SEO.

von Vinicius R C

19. Juni 2020

Great opportunity to learn something as SEO Engines, that I've always wanted to, in the comfort of my room during a Pandemic.