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This course focuses on technical, mobile and social strategies for increasing site traffic. Learn how to build SEO for international audiences through content localization, global team alignment and optimizing for local search engines. Discover techniques to optimize mobile-friendly websites, get mobile apps discovered, and leverage social media to drive organic SEO traffic. You will also learn how to identify key SEO metrics and collect, interpret, validate, and report success to your clients and stakeholders....



Aug 11, 2016

The course has bugs, but it shouldn't distract from gaining knowledge. The 5 star given due to comprehensive tools used and final assignment preparation.


Nov 16, 2016

This course was amazing. I discovered so many useful tools, had insights on what changes should I do on my website for its better performance.

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von Sebastiaan L

Nov 07, 2018

Thank you Dave, I've learned a lot and it was fun to follow your course.

von Rodrigo L B

Jul 09, 2019

Excelent course, specially because they gave you different kind of tools to drive into the SEO metricts.

von Shahzad A B

Dec 05, 2018

Very informative and excellent course. The easy to understand and well explained content. It is suggested that if the slides are available to download and review later for exercise after the completion of course. Once again thanks for the wonderful and informative course.

von Diana M M

Feb 21, 2019

All contents are well explained, though I think more updated material would help and also explain some of the tools in a more practical way.

von Milena B

Feb 05, 2019

Good introduction in a bit more advanced SEO strategires. I would like to see more practical examples, Do's and Don'ts as well. Introduction in ASO is good as well. It takes some time to learn the tools though.

von JiunChin C

Jul 26, 2016

The peer review assignment needs to improve the requirements.

von ian p

Oct 29, 2017

great course

von Larisa T

Jul 25, 2017

The course was great with lots of different examples.

von Giorgio G

Mar 26, 2018

Very interesting and complete. It could be further improved by giving users more practical examples and tasks, alongside with theoretical fundaments.

von Vivek R

Dec 11, 2017

Top class course. Completely loved every aspect of it. Thanks Dave.

von Amy P

Oct 26, 2018

I found that this instructor spoke too quickly much of the time.

von Micael D J

Jun 22, 2019

Very good course, But not as good as the others. Maybe it got too deep on very specific things. Thanks for offering this. Appreciate very much. Best regards.

von Kimberly M

May 16, 2017

This course is better than course 4. But, it still falls very short of the great planning, sequencing, and assignments of courses 1-3. This instructor presumes a lot and offers little guidance. Discussion questions/assignments could benefit from more models/concrete examples.

von Pasquale L M

Jul 19, 2017

You have to wait too long to get your grade in the 3rd week. That is ridiculous and not fair, because if I have done all the work and completed all courses I want to pass and not wait a few day until a peer is grading my work.

von Muhammad P

Feb 02, 2018

The content is good.

No question about Dave's quality, knowledge and deliverable.

Expected some quality presentation (as made by Rebekah on the other courses).

Looks very odd, watching - Dave is reading line by line !! :(

Anyways, I think videos could be break down into more small pieces, so that the student can consume those easily.

Would love to see some improved versions of this course in near future.

Thanks Dave

von Ester M B

Aug 31, 2017

Great course but too superficial. It would be useful to focus on less thing and go into them in more detail. I got the feeling that after finishing the course I would not really remember how to use the skills explained in the course. Maybe it would be useful to ask for more assignments related to technical SEO or to provide an introduction about the construction of webpages.

von Astrid K

Jan 15, 2017

Week 1 on Technical SEO was hard. Also, I don't have subscriptions to the various tools but it might be useful for future reference. It was too technical for me. Week 2 on Global SEO was already covered in an earlier course by Mrs. May. Week 3 on Mobile SEO was very insightful. Great! Learning about metrics (week 4) is always useful, so five stars for weeks 3 and 4.

von Neha T

Oct 04, 2018

The material is good, but the instructor is awkward in narration. I finished the courses by reading the transcripts instead of listening to the videos. Request Coursera & UC Davis to ensure a smooth delivery instructor for better understanding.

von Merel V d B

Aug 10, 2016

There were several technical issues (no submission button for peer-reviewed assignment, right answers listed as wrong and vice versa in the clips, etc.). The lecturer also sounded a bit unnatural with pauses in sentences where you wouldn't expect them, making it harder to process information. The course material itself wasn't bad, but the execution just seemed a little unfinished.

von Patricia B

Jun 09, 2017

learned nothing new in this module besides being now aware of aso....

von Joe S

Jan 22, 2019

No one grades the homework assignment. Wasted my time.

von Kane S

Aug 12, 2016

This was by far the worst course in the series.

There is a lot of good content in this course that needs to be shared, but I just felt the delivery failed in a lot of ways.

Here are some issues

1) Often, concepts are thrown out but aren't explained clearly. Speaker glosses over them without giving concrete examples

2) The structure of the course is poorly configured. On several occasions, inline quizzes test you on concepts that haven't been introduced until later in the video, forcing you to guess at answers. Also, the assignment portion of the course asks you to submit a word or pdf with images, but it wasn't configured to allow uploads. You could only submit text in a text box. I realized I wasn't the only person with the issue when I graded assignments from others who had trouble submitting their assignment. In some cases, I believe students failed that portion of the course because they could not figure out how to submit. I have some IT background and was able to share my homework through my shared drive fortunately.

3) The speaker should re-record his lecture. It was obvious (or at least seemed as if) he was reading a teleprompter. There were many awkward pauses between sentences that made it hard to listen to. Often times, the audio presentation were inconsistent with the words in the slide, making it confusing because I didn't know which I should be following.

von Whitney H

Aug 08, 2016

Submit button wasn't working for assignment, assignment was heavily weighted on mobile app (which was the least pertinent part of the course for me), generally seemed disorganized.

von Federica L

Jun 18, 2017

So far this is the worst course in this specialization. The teacher provides very long lists of tools for technical SEO without explaining in detail how to use them. The examples provided are quite sterile and too abstract (often times instead of making concrete examples he refers to X or Y, but this way the examples do not really stick in your mind). Moreover, from a teacher I would expect more engagement and participation, while he is clearly reading the texts, often with awkward and unnatural breaks that give you the feeling he doesn't even know what he's saying.

As for the technical aspect, some of the intermediate quizzes are placed in the wrong part of the video, way before the topic has been explained. This way the user is forced to either guess the answer or to read the lesson transcript. In a case I had the question "What does this graphic represent?" but the image was broken, not visible. This is clearly a signal that the course was not conceived having user experience in mind, despite this should be a capital topic of this course.

von Jelena D

Feb 28, 2018

Very bad course. The lecturer is very distracted, repeats phrases which are irrelevant, and assumes we understand the things he speaks about as an expert. The topic is not really seo but marketing, and requires using a lot of tools which either don't exist anymore or which have to be paid. Again, the lecturer is very hard to follow, and speaks very abstractly about the process of research and optimization. I'm very disappointed with this one.