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Have you ever wondered how playing games can help us to train people, deal with societal challenges or raise awareness of contemporary social issues? In this MOOC you will learn the ins and outs of games that are designed with exactly those purposes in mind: serious games. We will define serious games and discuss the different types that have been developed. We will explain why people like to play them and what impact they may have. State of the art theories from game studies, philosophy and media psychology will be used to help you understand how serious games work and how they appeal to players. The potential impact of gaming is addressed in detail by discussing persuasive games, which aim at changing the player's attitude. Throughout the MOOC, theoretical insights will be illustrated with playful animations and case studies of serious games that are developed by world-class companies in the city of Rotterdam. This MOOC is particularly interesting for you when you are a student considering to study digital media such as serious games, a professional interested in the opportunities these games may create for your organization, or a game developer who wants to know more about the impact serious games can have. Note that this MOOC will not teach you how to design a serious game. Watch the teaser for this MOOC here: Are you ready to broaden your vision on serious games? Join this course and be inspired!...



7. Jan. 2017

An interesting course to learn about serious gaming overview. It deliverded with examples and good reference in youtube and websites to view examples of such serious games.


9. Juni 2021

Perfect to gain basic knowledge regarding the topic of serious games. Additional materials also are interesting and I really loved the iconography summary for each week :)

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von Clotilde D

2. Feb. 2019

Great course, interesting topics and explanations, thanks !

von Tannaz A P

8. Mai 2020

It was really cool and exposed me to lots of new stuff!

von Aasim Z K

16. Feb. 2020

Really good Course for knowledg about Serious gaming

von Joy S

18. Apr. 2017

Pretty interesting. Made me think

von Brandon K S

23. März 2021

Some of the content was so basic that it is hard to imagine any learner, regarldess of their background, gaining new insight. Other content was insightful (e.g., relevant theories) but the explanations barely scratched the surface. In all, I would say the presenters failed the breadth versus depth problem, opting for so much breadth that the course functions as a pedestrian's glance at the topic. That said, the many real-world examples of games and simulations were interesting and were good jumping off points to explore related topics independently. Also, the research articles linked to in the "more reading" sections were helpful.

von Alexey U

9. Okt. 2019

The practical part of the course is interesting.

But the theoretical part doesn't contain much useful information. There are a lot of obvious statements repeated over and over. Example: "A game cannot inject your idea directly into the player as a kind of hypodermic needle". This is repeated several times and there is even a test question about it!

von Sebastien H

18. Apr. 2018

It's a good introduction and worth the time if you're new to serious gaming. But the course format is bit theoretical, formal, slow paced, and has too many distracting pauses (for reflection, questions etc) during the video and that reduced my user experience with this course.

von Dernat S

22. Dez. 2021

An interesting and rich course. Two criticisms: the course only considers serious games as digital games whereas they can be analog, the course is too focused on the research of the Erasmus University and is not open enough on the international scientific literature.

von David Á

10. Jan. 2020

Muy orientado a que los organizadores no tengan que hacernada, que lo entiendo, es gratis. Pero podría haber una versión de pago donde haya más feedback y se corrijan trabajos por parte de un docente. Chats entre usuarios y universidad...

von Shen D

30. Okt. 2017

Good course. A lot of theory foundation. I hope there will be more practical material in future session, especially numerical design, etc.

von Ines S

4. Okt. 2016

Good quality of videos and teaching materials, but I expected more content about gamification.

von mahsa j

4. Okt. 2020

very interesting course and it helped me to find out my thesis better

von Carolyn P

6. Apr. 2017


von arne n

28. Okt. 2016

Poor. Fun American English intermissions, that's about it.

von Kostiantyn W

25. Sep. 2016

Too little information.