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Service level indicators (SLIs) and service level objectives (SLOs) are fundamental tools for measuring and managing reliability. In this course, students learn approaches for devising appropriate SLIs and SLOs and managing reliability through the use of an error budget....



27. Sep. 2020

Excellent course on SRE principles. Peer reviews are awkward due to lack of metric information, but they content attempts to re-enforce the principles and provide practical experience to the learner


21. Apr. 2020

The course itself was great. It was a bit upsetting to see that many of the assignments submitted by our peers are mostly copy and paste from the lectures or direct copies from the examples...

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von Prashant S

15. März 2022

Good course

von Priyank K J

11. März 2022

Nice Course

von agas M

29. Nov. 2021

Very Good.

von Ravi R

3. Sep. 2022


von Chavithina C T

4. Aug. 2021


von Deleted A

25. Apr. 2020


von Lorenzo M

16. Juli 2019

Very good

von Walter J A

10. Nov. 2020


von Claudio C F

5. Jan. 2022


von Suram N

3. Apr. 2022


von Mradul A

7. Nov. 2022


von Vito M

8. Apr. 2021


von mohan k

24. März 2020


von Midila G Z

21. Jan. 2020


von Guido C

7. Apr. 2021


von Aleksei Z

22. Juni 2020

The course gives the mixed impression. First, the explanation and the terms are very easy to grasp. But soon the examples and assessments start to be too software developer specific.Being not-programmer I had to urge all of my discipline not to quit the course, to understand the given topics and prepare the satisfactory results.

It was mentioned in the other feedback that some of the users are trying to make it easier just to copy and paste the material, but the assesments made in such a way, that it will not bt the correct answer - you have to think and apply some efforts to make to the end.

As the overal result the goal is achieved, I can participate in the discussions about SRE and even use the given approach to another realms.

von amit s

15. Juli 2022

THe course was well structured and the assignments were quite useful.

The only reason for taking a point off is that the peer review can lead to some inconsistency.

A lot of assignments were poorly done, while some were well thought and rounded.

However, when peers with poor assignments judge you, the rating can get affected. However, averaging the rating over 3 reviews sometimes takes care of it, but not always. ANyway, the score is secondary and the learning and certificate is more important, so it is an acceptable shortcoming.

von Parth

14. Okt. 2019

I can confidently say that after completing this course, I can work on designing SLO/SLIs for services in my organization. The assignments are very practical and depict real problems. The only issue I have is that the video lectures are very densely packed with theoretical statements and less examples making it hard to keep up with them and follow.

von Sylvestre C

29. Dez. 2022

Interesting and valuable, but it somewhat lacks exemples and some videos are too high level on the concepts. Peer grading is good and bad at the time. The lack of exemples made me wonder many times how to formulate my answer, but comparing your work with peers is valuable when they did the exercise seriously.

von Charles K S

14. März 2022

I thought the course was, in itself, very good to understand the general principles. The exercises gave an idea as to how to approach the tasks -- but in order to do it well would require a lot more experience. There were some "gotchas" in the course that could have greatly used some type of "help" link.

von Oleg M

23. Sep. 2020

The lectures and assignments are well made and structured. However, the grading and the students grading each other on such wide domain is not always fair or professional and it's not student to blame but the platform should find other way to evaluate the performance for such courses.

von Sandeep M

26. Apr. 2021

Too technical with no real life simple examples for some beginners to understand. The instructors read blindly with no emotions which makes it boring and makes us visit the video again and again to understand more. The content should be made more exciting and simple (layman terms)

von Sascha K

10. Juni 2021

Guter Kurs mit sehr vielen tiefen Einblicken - die Bewertung durch andere Kursteilnehmer ist gut und hilfreich, weil man sich deren Lösungen auch anschaut. Mehr Praxisbeispiele wären bestimmt hilfreich und mehr Checklisten etc. Aber alles in allem ein toller Kurs

von Felix G

5. Sep. 2019

The PostMortem task puzzled me the most, as it came a bit from nowhere, but I really enjoyed the overall course and learned a lot about reliability, risk analysis, and SLO, SLI and SLA. It improved my view on my tasks in professional life a lot! Great course!

von Pavlos R

13. Juli 2019

Great course overall. I would highly recommend it to my peers.

As feedback, I would suggest elaborating a bit more on the expectations of the Risk Analysis Spreadsheet, it's a powerful tool but I think not enough time has been dedicated to introducing it.