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“Powerpoint slides are like children: no matter how ugly they are, you’ll think they’re beautiful if they’re yours” — Scott Adams, author of the comic strip “Dilbert”. Due to this cause or another, it’s a huge stress to look at most Powerpoint slides. Depending on the “design” skills of the speaker and audience’s taste slides create different emotions from a slight annoyance to physical sickness. But that is not the worst thing. The worst thing is that instead of improving the presentation such slides confuse the audience, distract it and finally oblige the speaker to explain them rather than being quite self-explanatory. The goal of this course is to change that by equipping learners with a set of tools to create simple, clear and aesthetic slides which improve the presentation of the speaker. The course covers universal design principles, templates, colors, typefaces, slides’ typography, use of photos and pictograms, composition rules and ways to create clear and meaningful charts and diagrams. This course is not a PowerPoint fundamentals course. You should have a basic knowledge of either Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote software. Don’t meddle, make your slides matter....


30. Sep. 2019

Awesome course for everybody. This will help you put forward your points in a better way everytime and in any situation. It taught me simple tricks and list of todo's that one needs to keep in mind

5. Okt. 2020

Really helped me understand some of the fundamentals of design. I did not realize the power of icons, tables, pics, and typography. I really enjoyed the teaching and how it taught me fluid design.

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von Anant G

1. Okt. 2019

Awesome course for everybody. This will help you put forward your points in a better way everytime and in any situation. It taught me simple tricks and list of todo's that one needs to keep in mind

von Geng Y

4. Okt. 2018

This class has cleared many misconceptions about Powerpoint designs. And has introduced many useful skills to greatly improve your presentation in terms of clarity and passing the right message.

von Kate S

29. Dez. 2018

I actually learnt a lot with this course. The lecturer's material was worth the first month's subscription. The main issue with the course is the assignments. Firstly, one of the tests was so difficult to pass (the one about how large an audience the slides would be suitable for). It really wasted my time to continually do that test in order to pass it and get to the next stage. I don't think it taught me much and I didn't want to have this happen again later. Secondly, the peer-graded assignments are a good idea but some students assign very bad marks without giving reasons and their own slides are low quality, which puts their judgement in doubt. I saw students complaining that they they got marked 0 for using the wrong font, even when they used the right font. Given my experience with a bad marker who set random scores, I'm not surprised. These people waste our time and I wish they could be filtered. For example, if people get consistently bad marks for their own slides, the marks they give should be worth less than the average person, because they are not a conscientious student anyway. In summary, because of the issues with the assignments that caused delays, I just listened to the course and didn't do the assignments. I wanted to push through the issues, but then just decided it wasn't worth it. The content was good.

von Samira A S A S

11. Juli 2020

There are unnecessary tasks

There are unnecessary exams

Courses must be facilitated

It must be simplified

It is also necessary to reduce the time of the courses

von Lars A B

11. Dez. 2018

To be honest I was expecting more of this course after completing the first of this specialisation.

I liked a lot the excercises, which were great to put things into pratice, unfortunately not a lot of the other participants put a lot of effort into most, so you couldn't really get many good ideas from others. Also the assesment criteria were way to narrow, and by missing as little as two points you would fail. I spent a lot of time on most excersises and it got a little fustrating.

Also the course concent itself was very superficial, so DO NOT TAKE THIS COURSE if you have even the slightest knowledge about design and page layout. You will hardly learn anything at all.

Overall I took a few things away, and I enjoyed working on the excersises but beyond that it was not worth the time and money.

von anitha

15. März 2020

Just a suggestion some of the text that appear in most of the videos is not in English so its difficult to relate to the explanation. if something could be done on this part will be helpfull

von Smriti R C D

8. Mai 2020

It was remaining very useful to me and I learnt to design the presentation slides somewhat like professionally i think and I am satisfied with this course contents and thanks Alexie sir

von Firas K

21. Feb. 2018

This is a great course! The material is very informative and I like it that I can see other people's work and get judgment from others on my work. This is how learning works.


10. Juli 2020

Very Useful and informative . Learned a lot from this course. Also don't panic after seeing 307 hrs. I myself completed this course in 4 weeks.

von Irene P S

11. Mai 2020

Excellent course.

I was looking for a long time a course like this, and no one achieve my expectations. But this course fulfilled more than expected my expectations.

The videos are interesting, entertaining and very educational.

The quizzes are very good, with them you really review all the contents. And the practices are very good, they aren't too much complicated, for me they accomplish the objective, to practice the contents of the course.

Thank you so much for this course, I really appreciate it, and I am sure, it is going to help me to improve the quality of my future presentations.

von Nicholas D

6. Okt. 2020

Really helped me understand some of the fundamentals of design. I did not realize the power of icons, tables, pics, and typography. I really enjoyed the teaching and how it taught me fluid design.

von Ms. B P

24. Juli 2020

It's very nice experience for me. Being a management student I have to learn some presentation skills and this course really help me. Thank you so much sir for giving me such a great opportunity.

von Peter G

22. Dez. 2018

Very good and well-structured course! The lecturer explains the subjects in short words and illustrates his message with examples which makes it diverting. A new topic for me was “Peer-graded assignments” It was interesting for me to see how others are performing and how peers see my work. My time was not wasted when I look back at my older presentations and how I would do it now after the course.

Peter Glatte

von Erna H A

8. Dez. 2019

It's a good course in a sense the assignments are peer reviewed. This way you can't escape of you don't do it the right way, according to what the course taught you. It's mind broadening because you see everyone else's interpretation of the exact same lessons in their presentation. I love seeing other people's creativity as it inspires me to be better.

von Ysrael S

12. Feb. 2021

If you love creating powerpoint presentations like me, this is the best course for you. The instructor is very good, and I learned a lot from him! This is the very first course here in Coursera that I really enjoyed. After finishing this course, I enjoy using Verdana and Georgia in my presentations. Haha. :-)

von peacemaker

22. März 2018

Hard to say whether this course revealed what I had already known or introduced sth new for me but the fact is that now I've wrapped my head around the way my presentation should look. This course is kinda cool for everyone who is lost in the world of PowerPoint opportunities.

von Jondoy U

3. Apr. 2018

These Russian guys actually made something very cool. I think the problem of communicating your ideas to people will stay forever and learning how to do it is as essential as learning how to walk. I can see that the course focuses on this a lot and really teaches you.

von Juliana O d A

28. Mai 2020

I learned a lot with the course. I always liked to creat Power Point presentations, but I never had really studied about. It gave me a good notion of what is good to do or not. I really encourage you to attend this course with you are interested in the topic.

von hira q

2. Sep. 2020

I would like to thank coursera and my institute (NUST) for providing me the opportunity to learn from world renowned scholars. Alexei is one of the best teachers I had ever studied from. I learned a lot. This was a life long learning experience for me.

von Tereza D

1. Aug. 2019

Absolutely worth your time! Not only the teacher is very charismatic and enthusiastic about the presented topics, but you can actually pretty soon see the results of the training in the practical tasks.I definitely recommend!

von Riccardo M

18. Juli 2019

Best course on Slide Design ever done.

Not only I've refreshed past knowledge, but I've also aquired invaluable insights from the instructor.

Thank you for this material and the passion you poured into your work!

von Pradip B P

24. Juni 2020

I learned a lot, the course is perfectly designed. all credit goes to speaker, he is fantastic, super and very clear on message he want to give.

von Ghidaa A S A

10. Juli 2020

I really recommend this course. It would change your mind about the design , I really enjoyed it. thanks!

von Santul S

31. Aug. 2019

Simple, powerful and to the point. A must for people looking to improve their presentation skills.

von Isna H S

9. Juli 2020

I really enjoyed and learned a lot. This is one of the best course of coursera I have ever learn.