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People are social creatures and the modern Internet reflects that. Technology has made collaboration at a distance possible in new ways that present their own set of challenges. This course will introduce you to the major challenges and opportunities for creating online communities. What does the future hold? Learn how social computing can create collaboration experiences that go beyond what’s possible face to face....



Mar 10, 2016

Really interesting course. Good introduction to the dynamics of group behavior and collaboration. Nice overview of advantages of crowdsourcing, but no mention of any ethical or economic concerns.


Apr 08, 2017

Great course, very practical and a great pack of skills which will help me interpret problems better, especially ones involving multiple people (which is basically all problems.)

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von Kevin M

Dec 27, 2018

I don't think introduction needed to be stretched so long but it was good :)

von Giny C

Mar 31, 2019

Interesting course :)

von Will H

Feb 26, 2019


von Devin H

Aug 30, 2016

I loved learning more about social computation and the power of contributions by many people to reach a common design solution.

von Nivedita N

Jan 08, 2016

Very informational . I personally learnt a lot.

von Vaibhav M B

Feb 13, 2017

The course has very good material especially in terms of crowdsourcing. Gave me really good insights in social thinking and how to relate it to your product

von Wallace L

Aug 28, 2016

I learned a lot! :) thanks coursera and mentors!

von Oana D

Mar 17, 2016

relevant and useful

von Ingrida M

Sep 17, 2015

Amazing course with a lot of secrets about social computing from USA to other countries :)

von Zunaira E

Feb 15, 2017

This was an excellent primer on how social collaboration and crowdsourcing works. Gave a good understanding of the concepts involved when creating such platforms.

von Anastasia S

Mar 16, 2016

Great course. Do not forget to submit your work on time, otherwise you will not be graded.

von Tam N

Jun 24, 2018

very cool projects to exercise

von Adriana C

Mar 13, 2016

Very interesting topic!

von Juliana S

Nov 10, 2016

This course was very usable and important to know.

von Jean W

Mar 15, 2017

I enjoyed this course the most in the specialization so far. I think it could be awesome as a Part 1 and Part 2, or maybe you all could offer an Advanced Social Computing course. This is such an interesting topic, and it's a huge part of how new technologies are being incorporated into the way we collaborate in many areas of social and professional life.

von Emily A

Mar 15, 2016

I really enjoyed this class a lot! The assignments directly tested the weekly material and I thought they were useful activities. The end quiz was good to re-think the entire course and reflect on all of the material we learned.

von Sicong C

Jan 16, 2017

It is a great class. But I would like to see more examples and related learning material.

von Anuj M

May 07, 2017

This course is very interesting, informative and same time tough (not easy).

von Pablo P G

Mar 29, 2017

Excellent course, provides tools needed to design applications based on social networks

von Poamrong R

Feb 18, 2016

Great, awesome, wonderful.

von Jess C

Aug 30, 2016

Really enjoyed this course and found it very enlightening.

von Prakriti M

Mar 23, 2017

You will thank yourself for taking this course up. Assignments in this course are very well designed to give you a real experience. You have the best faulty here.

von Thomas L

Jul 11, 2017

This is a great course!

von yashar k s

Oct 04, 2016

Best Course

von Nina K

Apr 04, 2016

All the videos and assignments were interesting and informative, I am just not sure how relevant they were to the specialization.