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This course lays the foundation of social media marketing. You’ll learn what social media marketing entails, including the history and the different social media channels that exist. You’ll learn how to select a social media channel that fits your needs, set goals and success metrics, and determine who your target audience is. By the end of this course, you will be able to: • Understand the landscape of traditional, digital, and social media marketing • Understand how to become certified as a Digital Marketing Associate • Understand the major social media platforms, how they function, and what role they play in marketing • Create SMART goals and identify KPIs • Define your target audience and their customer journey • Choose the right social media platforms and learn how to create social media policies Whatever level of knowledge you start with, this course will help you build a solid foundation for social media marketing and gain applicable skills that will allow you to make your social media marketing efforts more successful and noticeable. Learners don't need marketing experience, but should have basic internet navigation skills and be eager to participate and connect in social media. Learners must have a Facebook account and an Instagram account helps....



20. Juli 2022

I loved going over the first couple weeks into the course, but I truly have loved the last 3 weeks as they have really opened my perspective on how I will go about building my brand. Thank you so much


16. Jan. 2021

This course is amazing! It gives me a new perspective of using social media, makes me know the power of social media, and teach me how to use social media for marketing purpose.

Thank you Mrs. Anke

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von SRI P C

28. Nov. 2021

This course gives a clear idea about how to promote, advertise and market your business through different social medias

This course briefly explains how to track your business using KPIs and also how to design your business using SMART goal

I strongly recommend this course if you are curious to know about how business works out through social media

von Maira D

1. Jan. 2021

I think this is a great course to get alll of the important aspects of social media and social media marketing, I enjoyed the lector of this course and it was exciting to do all of the assignments in this course, I would recommend everyone to participate to expand knoweledge of social media world and have a look at the business side of it as well.

von Hasan F

29. Okt. 2020

I have learned a lot from this course. It truly gives a lot of eye-opening experience as you navigate through the hidden world of social media platform. Prepare to entice yourself to view the social network through the eyes of a Digital Marketer as you discover many new functions and tools provided that can help to get your brand's message across.

von Catonya L

25. Jan. 2023

I really enjoyed this course - Intro to Social Media Marketing. It greatly enhanced my current knowledge while simultaneously teaching me new concepts, theories and strategies. I look forward to utilizing the information for my new role as a Digital Communications Business Services Representative. Thank you so much for this learning opportunity.

von Florencia P

2. Juli 2021

Great course, amazing lecturer. The only thing that could be improved is the grading system from other students for the peer graded assignments. Some students who don't really have the right understanding of the assignment might give inappropriate assessments and reviews. I think it will be better if there's a second layer assessment. Thank you.

von Miljana P

27. Dez. 2020

Although my master's studies (that I finished 2 years ago) were closely related to the way social media works, I found it very important to keep myself updated with the latest changes in social media networks, as well as further expand of marketing field inside them. For every one who has the same goal, this Facebook course is highly recomended!

von Susana M

11. Dez. 2022

It was amazing once again to learn so much. I love coursera courses because I can deepen my knowledge at a distance from one click anytime anywhere always reconciling with my work schedule. without a doubt this course helped me not only to deepen the bases that I already had about social marketing but I learnt a lot more than I was expecting


23. Juli 2021

It is a great course, it starts from the basics in social media marketing, which helps to understand from the beginning in a better way. This courses, in addition to exams, has practical exercises, they help to reinforce what has been learned. The teacher is very good at explaining, she makes you analyze the subject in depth. 100% recommended

von Lauren L

9. Sep. 2021

Very informative course! Anke Audenaert goes through the various social media platforms, giving helpful information and examples on how to use each of them for your business. I learnt so much about social media marketing, and I now feel better equipped to create meaningful content for both my personal and professional social media accounts.

von Diego F C S

10. Nov. 2020

This course gives you the right foundation to start developing the skills you need for social media marketing. The concepts covered in this course are explained with a lot of detail and more importantly, with examples and hands-on exercises. The instructor is just amazing, the voice tone, pace and expertisse makes each lesson a joy to watch.

von Dianne D

20. Dez. 2020

Excellent course material. I've learnt a lot about the different types of social media, the importance of using the right media to reach your business targets and audience. How to engage your audience, best practices and planning your social media marketing strategies that will assist me professionally. Great job Facebook Team and Coursera.

von Molly L

22. Apr. 2022

A really well done course! I know YouTube always gets credit for being able to learn online but I was running out of vidoes to watch, I was running out of new information to learn. This course absolutly taught me new things and went into very specific detail on each and every social media platform out there, and more! I highly recommend!


24. Aug. 2021

I started Coursera not having the full knowledge of how being computer savvy or how to navigate the Web. However: Anke Audenaert is an excellent instructor, she did an exceptional job. Her training was very thorough, clear and detailed. Her examples were very relevant, helpful and informative.

Thank You Anke Audeneart

From Marilyn Nelson

von Bianca F

26. Mai 2021

Not having any experience in this, I can say that for me, was a course with a lot of information's. Information's that can help in any field and especially in Social Media Marketing.

I do not regret taking this course and I will do the next one, Facebook Social Media Capstone.

Good luck to everyone! You got this!

Definitely recommend it!

von Abigael H

10. Nov. 2020

I was a complete beginner when it came to marketing on social media. This course did a great job of explaining thoroughly what each element was and how to use it in a social media marketing position. The projects really helped to concrete the learning into my mind so that I fully understood what we were working on throughout the course.

von Gina F

21. Juni 2022

Me gusto mucho este curso, fue muy claro y directo a lo necesario que debemos saber para inciarnos en el Social Media Marketing. La instructora se hacía entender. Recomiendo que realicen las tareas para poner en práctica lo aprendido y así consolidar los conocimientos adquiridos. Si tienen la oportunidad de hacer este curso háganlo.

von Michelle K T

30. Apr. 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class with Professor Anke Audenaert. As a richly experienced traditional and digital media content distribution professional I feel that this achievement now refreshes my skill sets to include social media. Next, on to Social Media Management! Thank you Anke, it was an excellent experience.

MK Thomas

von Hannah T

10. März 2021

While I use some social media apps, this course has enlightened me especially how to use it for business. Anke is just special, she evidently loves what she does and shares her knowledge so well I was excited to learn. Thank you for putting this course together. Looking forward to completing the others. see you in the next class...

von Joan K

19. Okt. 2022

Overall, this course is eye opening from start to end. The modules are easy to understand and follow and I have learnt so much. My most outstanding assignment was the one that involved customer mapping. My skillset has been greatly sharpened. I am definitely enrolling for the rest of the courses. Thank you Umuzi and Coursera .

von Make F

28. Juni 2022

It was more important to me to reinforce knowledge not only of social media, but also of marketing strategy. It is really essential for what we work in marketing and advertising to always reinforce these concepts and the way they present the course is ideal for people who work but who want to continue training. Thanks. Excellent!

von Abdulkarim

23. Nov. 2020

I would like to thank three sides:

1- Teacher Anke Audenaert, I thank her very much. She is a talented teacher with long experience.

2- Facebook administration, It was very important opportunity for me to get this valuable information.

3- Coursera Administration, which gave me this precious opportunity to study this course.

von Porfirio N

6. März 2021

I enjoyed taking this course. Throughout the curriculum, I learned something new. I had heard of the various terms used but really didn't understand how they worked together until the instructor explained it. The exercises were so helpful and made me think through concepts I hadn't before.

Thank you Coursera and Instructor.

von Nur S B M

24. Nov. 2020

I had learned a tip on how social media marketing reflects in our life. We are living in digital life. So, it is important to learn about it. The course was well defined about social media marketing. I am able to understand the lectures even though English is not my native language. I would people to enroll for this course.

von Ammar M

1. Juni 2021

I learned a lot from this course , I started thinking that social media marketing is just about posting photos online , but by the end of the course I gained valuable skills and knowledge on how broad the social media marketing world is , I learned valuable lessons which will definitely help me in my daily life and career

von Mhmoud E

24. Aug. 2022

I would like to thank those in charge of this work and provide us with the room and tools to succeed on social media. Whether you are a student and want to get a job or a business owner and you want a diversion to spend the Internet, you are in the right place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this support. 🌸