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This course delves into a variety of processes to structure software development. It also covers the foundations of core Agile practices, such as Extreme Programming and Scrum....



11. Aug. 2017

I had read about the different agiles methodologies out there but It was until I took this course that I could "digest" them and internalize how to chose the right one for me and how to apply them.


26. Mai 2020

The course is highly interactive...i like the concept of giving questions based on the the information learnt in that particular video...I personally like the instructors teaching methods ....

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von Ciro J M L

15. Nov. 2017

Nice information

von Robert S A

28. Nov. 2020

Terrific course

von Eduardo S

20. Juni 2016

Excelent course

von Renato C P

11. März 2016

Good material.

von Recto A

15. Sep. 2020

great course.

von Sergio L T P

20. Juni 2016

great course!

von Nadun H

6. Feb. 2016

Too expensive

von Maneesha K

20. Mai 2020

More helpful

von Patricio R

26. Apr. 2020

Great Course

von Mohamed-Mahieddine B

13. Okt. 2018

Great course

von pazthor

19. Apr. 2016

Good topics

von Luchko A

31. März 2016

good course

von Monil K

2. Juni 2020

Very Good.

von Apurva P

18. Juli 2017

Very nice

von Melvin K

28. Sep. 2020


von Amjad A s

3. Sep. 2020


von Boris S

16. Feb. 2020


von Muhammad S A

20. Okt. 2020


von Rajeev R

31. Juli 2017


von Freek d B

22. Dez. 2018

It's challenging to teach and learn product management through an online course. You can get an overview of the important topics and learn the theory, but this doesn't enable discussion, exchanging experiences, and forming balanced opinions. A product management does a lot of her/his work by talking (to many different people involved), which is very difficult to train online (it could be done with role playing assignments supported by video conferencing, but I think learning from experienced colleagues in practice is a much better way). The quizzes are often a good way to rehearse the topics that have been explained, but sometimes feel like an extremely simplified black-white view on very nuanced issues.

The best parts of the Software Product Management courses for me were the larger assignments you make that are reviewed by fellow students (getting feedback is very useful and it's also instructive to see what approach your peers took) and the interviews with experienced product managers which offer valuable insights in the complicated situations product managers often have to deal with.

I recommend this course to anyone that is new to software product management and quite new to software development. The course can be a good first step on your path to becoming a product manager, as long as you realize that you will also need a lot of skills that an online course cannot teach you.

von olivier h

6. Okt. 2020

Not a bad course, but I've seen much better on coursera.

First, why are they talking like robots ? It's quite boring to listen to the speakers standing in front of this same blurred background. And they repeat themselves a lot.

Second, The topic here is "Agile Practices" which are quite easy to grasp, but need experience to be fully understood and applied. I've been expecting a lot more examples and facts.

Furthermore, links are broken. not a big deal, but doesn't look good in the end.

Good point : I like the quizzes inlaid in the videos.


22. Feb. 2016

The course laid out the concepts pretty well but if one had access to the materials, the lectures were not really necessary to understand the concepts.

This was because the lectures were pretty much a re-reading of the materials and more importance could be placed on creating scenarios where the processes would be applicable. This would be a far better use of the lecture time than trying to combine the two and not doing a good job of either.

von Oliver T

31. Dez. 2015

The course way OK, but it had some flaws.

It was very general and could have gone into more detail, but that was intentional, I guess. No big deal. Then again, the difficulty was way too easy and the quiz questions should be tested for test wiseness. What I disliked the most: The way Scrum was introduced and mapped to the role of a "product manager" was very confusing.

Still, not a bad course though.

von Mehedi H P

15. Juni 2020

this was a very good courses to understand the software processes and process model . All was fine .just there should involvement of practical things that are relevant to the courses . And the another problem is that the male instructor speaks too fast which is tough to understand . Thank you.

von Stanislav M

8. März 2022

This is a very basic course and I would say that it is something in between of Product and Project Management.

Good for those who know nothing about IT. But if you have at least 6 months of experience as a Product manager and wish to improve skills - I would suggest searching for other course.