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Bewertung und Feedback des Lernenden für Presentation skills: Speechwriting and Storytelling von National Research Tomsk State University

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Über den Kurs

“99% presentations suck!”, — said Apple former evangelist Guy Kawasaki in 2005. Up to now the situation hasn’t improved yet. Why? Most public speaking courses focus on “how” instead of “what & why”. How to stand, walk and talk during delivery with little attention paid to “what” — the quality of storytelling itself. Thereby a usual result is a looking slightly confident speaker with mesmerizing voice delivering an obscure mess of facts, figures and claims. In this course we take a more systematic approach, focusing on the content. How to structure your ideas, facts and data into a logical convincing story using a narrative structure. This course covers fundamentals of scriptwriting, packing, argumentation and language. This course is not about how to fabricate a catching tale, but rather how to structure your ideas, facts and data into an interesting story you are going to tell during your presentation....


6. Nov. 2020

I think this course is not easy, but it is really fruitful. The tests and assignments really helped me to memorize and practically use of what I had learned. This is a must learn course!

10. Sep. 2018

This course helps me a lot not only presentation but also how to organize the ideas.\n\nI highly recommend learners who want have a great presentations to take part in this course.

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von Ji Y V

13. Apr. 2020

Good explanations in every lesson and everything is very useful and applicable for me to create my presentation. I appreciate and many thanks to the lecturer!

von Floriano G

15. Mai 2018

I killed 2 birds with one stone while doing this course- not only did I learn the basics of speech delivery but also tested myself of the ability to think rationally and logically. Thanks to the creators!


11. Sep. 2020

i am not able to unenroll.

von Aastha s

25. Mai 2020

Excellent course, excellent material, excellent instructor.I would definitely recommend it to any student or professional because this course covers all the things you need to know for delivering good presentation. Course contents are perfectly tailored and it provides statistics and proof for everything the instructor has to say. Alexei I wish I had done your course when I started college. I regret delivering the presentations the way in my college after doing your course. Hands down this is the best course on presentation skills I have ever encountered

von Michele S

26. Apr. 2020

I thought that presentation is an art. I was wrong. Thanks to this course, I have a framework to improve my presentation skills. I recommend this course.

von Thomas G

7. Sep. 2019

I enjoyed the speaker and the content/presentation of content. Yes, I did learn and came away with not only information, but motivation and a new way of thinking about presentations and speeches. Great content and examples that show instead of just tell. I recommend this course to anyone having to present. Attorneys would benefit from this course.

von Dmitry G

11. Jan. 2020

Рекомендую всем кому интересны presentation skills. Преподаватель говорит внятно и членораздельно, что будет полезно для людей вроде меня, понимающих английский, но не когда он звучит как из пулемета

В целом курс познавательный, полезный, но я пока только учусь, посмотрим смогу ли стать гуру презентаций когда его закончу))

von MiatheMia

27. Feb. 2020

I have finished several short videos introducing the different types of presentations. These contents are so well-- organized and very easy to follow with proper examples demonstrated for every point made. I personally find this very useful and will go straight to revise my presentation format for my work.

von Erica S A

24. März 2018

This is the best presented course that I have seen in Coursera so far. I was engaged and interested and watched all of week 1 in one sitting because it was just that interesting and relevant. I feel like I've already learned so much, and not all of it by exposition, but rather by example!

von Gordana N

27. März 2019

Extremely useful for all! We are all communicating with our family, friends, and colleagues every day and defining the goal of the communication, and mutual ground with the audience is the basics everyone needs in all aspects of life: private and professional. Heartfelt recommended!

von Anastasia R

26. Feb. 2018

Very nice course!But I think it's suitable only for people who know English well. Sometimes I find it hard to understand what the speaker means but then I practice a bit, do some quizzes and everything becomes clear. Quality material and challenging tasks, just what I like!

von Nicola R

6. Dez. 2017

Alexey is extremally charismatic. A real pleasure to watch.

The tasks are rather challenging and take a lot of time but I am waiting for the next ones! The feeling of doing something really special is undescribable.

Thanks for this experience. 5 stars!

von Stamatis S

12. Apr. 2018

I would love to meet Mr.Kapterev in real to ask him a few more relevant uestions or even invite him to one of my presentations, because he is so professional. This course is super simple but so smart. Thank you a lot for this great opportunity!

von Mary N

12. März 2018

The course presents modern methods of presentation skills but in a way you can incorporate your own creativity. I especially loved the study cases as I was able to understand concepts better.

I left better than I came in-way better!

von Oksana G

5. Aug. 2020

A very useful course with huge amount of extensive material to work with. It's worth doing. It provides both theoretical and practical insights and it is definitely worth doing. Thank the author for the course!

von Zhang J

9. Mai 2020

Thank you, Prof.Kapterev , I am totally attracted by your excellent teaching style, absolutely, I have benefitted a lot and I hope I could learn with you in the next 3 series. THANK YOU!!!

von Khanh H P

11. Sep. 2018

This course helps me a lot not only presentation but also how to organize the ideas.

I highly recommend learners who want have a great presentations to take part in this course.

von Louis S

2. Apr. 2018

The conception of the story is quite new to me but I took to it quite fast. It's simple yet effective. I like the course so far, hopefully my opinion won't change.

von Galina P

26. Nov. 2019

Amazing course! Very well structured, had gread examples. Findings are suported by research. Really taught me storytelling in presentations.

Highly recommended!

von Davide P

18. Jan. 2021

It's so great the value this course gives you compared to the time spent. Also the examples are really effective and the style of the course is really enjoyable

von Bernard D V

17. Apr. 2019

Excellent course about speech writing and presentation. The teacher is skilled and know how to share is experience. Besides, it can be really fun :)

von Надежда О

27. März 2018

All is good, no complaints. It was a happy experience for me I liked it. The price is also reasonable, so it wasn't a waste. Thanks to creators!

von Belén M S

7. Mai 2018

Me encanta aprender con este curso, las tareas son difíciles pero el contenido está muy bien organizado para ir avanzando de manera progresiva.

von KAVI K J

28. Aug. 2020

No one is Born with presentation skills. But if you take this course, definitely you will challenge those Legends of Presentation skills.

von Irina G

16. März 2018

I like everything about this course, very fundamental knowledge became a tool for creating nice presentations. Thanks to the creators!