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Who is this course for? This course is designed for students, business analysts, and data scientists who want to apply statistical knowledge and techniques to business contexts. For example, it may be suited to experienced statisticians, analysts, engineers who want to move more into a business role. You will find this course exciting and rewarding if you already have a background in statistics, can use R or another programming language and are familiar with databases and data analysis techniques such as regression, classification, and clustering. However, it contains a number of recitals and R Studio tutorials which will consolidate your competences, enable you to play more freely with data and explore new features and statistical functions in R. With this course, you’ll have a first overview on Strategic Business Analytics topics. We’ll discuss a wide variety of applications of Business Analytics. From Marketing to Supply Chain or Credit Scoring and HR Analytics, etc. We’ll cover many different data analytics techniques, each time explaining how to be relevant for your business. We’ll pay special attention to how you can produce convincing, actionable, and efficient insights. We'll also present you with different data analytics tools to be applied to different types of issues. By doing so, we’ll help you develop four sets of skills needed to leverage value from data: Analytics, IT, Business and Communication. By the end of this MOOC, you should be able to approach a business issue using Analytics by (1) qualifying the issue at hand in quantitative terms, (2) conducting relevant data analyses, and (3) presenting your conclusions and recommendations in a business-oriented, actionable and efficient way. Prerequisites : 1/ Be able to use R or to program 2/ To know the fundamentals of databases, data analysis (regression, classification, clustering) We give credit to Pauline Glikman, Albane Gaubert, Elias Abou Khalil-Lanvin (Students at ESSEC BUSINESS SCHOOL) for their contribution to this course design....



12. Okt. 2015

This course is excellent when it provides the citations very fit to theory. And I learned it in well organized structure of knowledge. Thank Prof. Glady and his team very much.


30. Apr. 2020

The course contains the in-depth knowledge which helps to learn more about the business analytics. The assignments will test your presentation skills and creativity skills

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von William K

2. Dez. 2015

Wonderful course.

von Sarojkant S

4. Sep. 2020

Excellent course

von Ali N

26. Sep. 2016

Really worth it.

von Manoj K

8. Feb. 2016

Awesome course.

von Navin K

31. Mai 2022

Very effective

von Alicia A M G

20. Sep. 2015

Awesome Course

von Aarti v

20. Apr. 2020

great course

von Marco T

28. Sep. 2015

Really nice

von Carlos E B

8. Mai 2016

Very good!

von Erwan G

28. Juni 2021

Perfect !

von Pedro M

27. Okt. 2015


von Durga B P

14. Aug. 2016

Its OK

von Marcela G

9. Mai 2016


von Affum m s J

11. Nov. 2018


von Nijat

22. Apr. 2020


von Nikos L

7. Dez. 2017


von Christopher A

10. Dez. 2015

I like Professor Glady's style of minimalism in lectures but stressing the end goal of the analytics. IT was an interestingly presented and fairly engaging course. Assignments could be more difficult to encourage deeper learning of the hands-on analytic crunching.

von Guilherme S

2. Okt. 2015

A good course, its just a little bit too short based on the content it wants us to focus. The chapter on presenting our information is funny because the slides presented contain every anti-pattern that they want us to avoid. Apart from that, a great course.

von Fabian S

28. Sep. 2017

Very good course. As a business person interested in analytics, itwas a good overview. However, I would have wished for a link to an R Course you can recommend.

Also, it would be interesting to see the quantile next to my grade.

Thanks a lot

von Medhat S

4. Mai 2022

Very nice and practical course. Really liked how the case-studies are used to explain the ideas rather than just abstract concepts. The only drawback for me is that recitals are only available in R. hoped a Python-option was available.


15. Jan. 2018

Very interesting course. Needs real statistic knowledge to understand and see the potential of this course. I recommand to learn R langage in parallele to complete this training. It's a good base to go ahead in this domain.

von Chinmoy R

5. März 2019

Useful course to get the fundamentals of understanding a business problem right. Coming from a stats/math background, I found it very interesting to see applications of what I had learnt in school!

von CHAN, B K

21. Sep. 2015

Interesting and industry-insightful curriculum, contains some detail technicality like use of R programming language but provides hands-on video guidance to help student catch on the technicality.

von John M

13. Okt. 2015

Good foundations course, some basic working knowledge of R is required so i would recommend that you are able to use the software. Statistical basics is also important to grasp the work.

von Eugene T

28. Nov. 2015

Great course on topic of strategic business analytics. However, it would have been better if there were more readings and examples shown to understand the concepts better.