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Introduction to Swift Programming is the first course in a four part specialization series that will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to develop an iOS App from scratch. By the end of this first course you will be able to demonstrate intermediate application of programming in Swift, the powerful new programming language for iOS. Guided by best practices you will become proficient with syntax, object oriented principles, memory management, functional concepts and more in programming with Swift. This course is unique in its dedication to teaching Swift programming. With new features and capabilities you will be at the forefront of writing iOS apps. Currently this course is taught using Swift 2. The team is aware of the release of Swift 3 and will be making edits to the course in time. Please be aware that at this time the instruction is entirely with Swift 2. Please note that to take part in this course (and the full specialization) it is required to have a Mac computer and, though not required, ideally an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad. NOTE: This course has been designed and tested (and content delivered) on a Mac. While we are aware of hacks and workarounds for running Mac in a virtual machine on windows we do not recommended a PC. We hope you have fun on this new adventure....



Jan 14, 2016

The course seemed to be very easy, I'd say even disappointingly easy, but then, when I started the final assignment, I realized that I was wrong. And it was so much fun developing filters.


Jan 31, 2016

This course, specifically the last week, really helps in gaining understanding of how the digital images are being processed on the back of a applications. Nice job tutors!

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von Sergey P

Oct 29, 2015

Quality and length of material is mediocre.

von Yvan B

Mar 09, 2016

The initial lessons were rather chaotic. The idea was good, but the execution was not really good.

The significantly improved the quality for the second course so I assume that for a new iteration, the it will be better too.

von Jeremy A

Sep 20, 2015

It felt like amateur course. the volume was very low and was missing videos

von Igor K

Nov 09, 2015

poorly planned, irrelevant to the subject test questions.

von Hiram P V

Jun 24, 2016

The course was not prepared at all, badly improvised and with no structure. I wish I could have my money back.

von Orangel

Oct 04, 2015

It seems the instructor Jack Wu didn't prepare the course material.

von Mike C

Dec 08, 2015

Course was the worst I have taken on Coursera. I wish I could have received a refund. The professors were hard to follow, laughed through mistakes and did not do a good job of walking through the course content. I would not recommend this course to anyone.

von Tante K

Jan 08, 2017

It is a very small introduction to swift, while the last assignment expects you to be rather fluent in programming using swift. A lot of self study using the guides provided by apple and other sources is needed to successfully complete this course.

Furthermore the video's indicate a lack of preparedness on part of the instructors as a lot of sentences are cut of halfway , then started a new with a new goal. All of which makes this course very hard to understand. For free it is passable, but had I payed I would sincerely regret it

Part 2 is better, but still changing thoughts midway in a sentence

von Manfred W

May 14, 2016

Worst course I took on Coursera so far! It was my first course I actually paid for and it turned out to be the least useful one. The small number of exercises and videos does not justify the high price of the course. It might have been ok if they had included the iOS parts also, but charging 70 EUR for the first part alone is grossly overpriced.

von Christian M

Jan 13, 2016

Huge gap between videos and final assignment.

Videos should be edited, we are not interested in trials and errors of the instructors.

von Javier F

Oct 22, 2015

No stars for this course, 3 modules I did, and I think is not a valuable course, gives a bad introduction to the language, there are inconsistencies in the theory and knowledge of the language. The preparation of the course is poor, there is no direction, a lot of errors using playground and the instructors hesitate and doubt all the time during the recording of the screen. That's not good point for the prestigious University of Toronto and Coursera. One star for the review is too much, no preparation, lack of security, bad quality.

von Michalina S

Mar 14, 2016

It's not a university standard course. It's more like introduction to introduction DIY Swift. The videos are chaotic and lack explications, examples, exercises and practical assignments. Much better intro to Swift can be found on many youtube channels or just on swift documentation website.

von Kevin K

May 11, 2016

Although Parham Aarabi is listed as the professor throughout this specialization, it's a bit of a bait-and-switch. Prof Aarabi is an award-winning professor at U of Toronto, but it turns out he knows little about iOS and has Jack Wu teach most of the material. Jack Wu is probably a heck of a developer but he's a terrible instructor.

I previously took the Android Specialization, which was excellent, so I was shocked at how bad this course was.

von Patrick F

Aug 28, 2016

Course content: some Swift specific topics are shortly covered in the videos. Overall, the teaching material is very short. In the first week, students basically learn how to start Xcode. Week four contains a 15 minutes video on image processing, that's basically it for the week.

Follow-up readings for week two just provide a link to Apple's iOS Developer site. That's clearly not enough for a course. Students can google for tutorials by themselves.

Project: The projects mentions classes, which are not covered in the course. It was then also my impression from the peer reviews, that some students without prior knowledge were just lost.

There are many great tutorials on the web which offer more insights and give students a much more fundamental knowledge than this course.

von zysuper

Mar 21, 2016

Very bad course.

von Mustafa A

Nov 05, 2018

Not for absolute beginners in programming, and very poor content.

von Hitesh P

Jun 04, 2019

Not updated. Does not work with new mac versions

von Paul P

Aug 07, 2019

I'm a professional iOS developer now but I remember a few years ago taking this as my first iOS course and it was a TERRIBLE experience. These clowns literally did not teach a single thing other than messing around with image customization in playground. They will not teach you any basic Swift fundamentals (which they tried to do in 1 video in like 10 minutes which was also terrible). They should be ashamed because the material is very weak and the instructors are not even remotely motivated based on their monotonous tone. Don't waste your time and go to Udemy and take Angela Yu's course instead of this nonsense.

von George A

Sep 28, 2019

The swift version is very old and needs to be updated. It is making it difficult for me to finish the course

von Olli W G

Oct 08, 2019

Stuck on Swift 2, in a long dead version of Xcode - would be great if they could update the course - especially if they expect people to pay for it.

von Fabrizio F

Oct 13, 2019

Very old, I don't get why still is on Coursera...impossible to find people reviewing your assignment...this will lead to a not completion of the course. Material not sufficiently explained and poor.

What you will learn out of this course is a copy paste of exercises you will do during the weeks...very unsatisfying.