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Untertitel: Englisch
Zertifikat zur Vorlage
Erhalten Sie nach Abschluss ein Zertifikat
100 % online
Beginnen Sie sofort und lernen Sie in Ihrem eigenen Tempo.
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Stufe „Mittel“
Ca. 34 Stunden zum Abschließen
Untertitel: Englisch


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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Beginnen Sie damit, auf Ihren Master-Abschluss hinzuarbeiten.

Dieses Kurs ist Teil des reinen Onlineabschlusses Master of Science in Accountancy (iMSA) von University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Wenn Sie in das komplette Programm aufgenommen werden, werden Ihre Kurse auf Ihren Abschluss angerechnet.

Lehrplan - Was Sie in diesem Kurs lernen werden


Woche 1

1 Stunde zum Abschließen

Introduction to Course

1 Stunde zum Abschließen
2 Videos (Gesamt 7 min), 4 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
2 Videos
About Prof Donohoe2m
4 Lektüren
About the Discussion Forums10m
Update Your Profile10m
Build a Learning Community with Social Media10m
1 praktische Übung
Orientation Quiz30m
6 Stunden zum Abschließen

Module 1 Partnership Formation

6 Stunden zum Abschließen
17 Videos (Gesamt 61 min), 1 Lektüre, 11 Quiz
17 Videos
Lesson 1.1.1 Partnerships4m
Lesson 1.1.2 Legal Framework2m
Lesson 1.1.3 Special Basis Concepts2m
Lesson 1.1.4 Other Issues4m
Lesson 1.2.1 Nonrecognition Provision: Concepts3m
Lesson 1.2.2 Nonrecognition Provision: Applications2m
Lesson 1.3.1 Basis Determination & Holding Period: Concepts4m
Lesson 1.3.2 Basis Determination & Holding Period: Applications8m
Lesson 1.4.1 Nonrecognition Exceptions: Concepts4m
Lesson 1.4.2 Nonrecognition Exceptions: Applications3m
Lesson 1.4.3 Other Issues1m
Lesson 1.5.1 Initial Costs4m
Lesson 1.5.2 Accounting Methods2m
Lesson 1.5.3 Tax Year3m
Lesson 1.5.4 Applications6m
Module 1 Wrap-Up46
1 Lektüre
Module 1 Overview and Resources10m
11 praktische Übungen
Lesson 1.1.1 Knowledge Check8m
Lesson 1.1.2 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 1.1.4 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 1.2.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 1.3.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 1.4.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 1.4.3 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 1.5.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 1.5.2 Knowledge Check8m
Lesson 1.5.3 Knowledge Check30m
Module 1 Quiz30m

Woche 2

4 Stunden zum Abschließen

Module 2 Partnership Operations

4 Stunden zum Abschließen
13 Videos (Gesamt 58 min), 1 Lektüre, 6 Quiz
13 Videos
Lesson 2.1.1 Income Measurement & Reporting: Concepts4m
Lesson 2.1.2 Income Measurement & Reporting: Applications3m
Lesson 2.2.1 Partner’s Distributive Share: Concepts5m
Lesson 2.2.2 Partner’s Distributive Share: Applications3m
Lesson 2.3.1 Outside Basis Adjustments: Concepts5m
Lesson 2.3.2 Outside Basis Adjustments: Applications7m
Lesson 2.4 Partners' Deduction for Qualified Business Income9m
Lesson 2.5.1 Partner Loss Limitations: Concepts4m
Lesson 2.5.2 Partner Loss Limitations: Applications5m
Lesson 2.6.1 Related Transactions: Concepts2m
Lesson 2.6.2 Related Transactions: Applications3m
Module 2 Wrap-Up56
1 Lektüre
Module 2 Overview and Resources10m
6 praktische Übungen
Lesson 2.1.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 2.2.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 2.3.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 2.5.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 2.6.1 Knowledge Check30m
Module 2 Quiz30m

Woche 3

5 Stunden zum Abschließen

Module 3 Partnership Distributions

5 Stunden zum Abschließen
18 Videos (Gesamt 76 min), 1 Lektüre, 8 Quiz
18 Videos
Lesson 3.1.1 Concepts I8m
Lesson 3.1.2 Applications I2m
Lesson 3.1.3 Concepts II3m
Lesson 3.1.4 Applications II7m
Lesson 3.2.1 Concepts I5m
Lesson 3.2.2 Applications I2m
Lesson 3.2.3 Concepts II2m
Lesson 3.2.4 Applications II2m
Lesson 3.2.5 Concepts III1m
Lesson 3.2.6 Applications III8m
Lesson 3.2.7 Concepts IV2m
Lesson 3.2.8 Applications IV11m
Lesson 3.2.9 Concepts V57
Lesson 3.2.10 Applications V6m
Lesson 3.3.1 Disproportionate Distributions: Concepts2m
Lesson 3.3.2 Disproportionate Distributions: Applications2m
Module 3 Wrap-Up1m
1 Lektüre
Module 3 Overview and Resources10m
8 praktische Übungen
Lesson 3.1.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 3.1.3 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 3.2.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 3.2.3 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 3.2.5 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 3.2.7 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 3.3 Knowledge Check30m
Module 3 Quiz30m

Woche 4

3 Stunden zum Abschließen

Module 4 Partnership Sales and Terminations

3 Stunden zum Abschließen
13 Videos (Gesamt 39 min), 1 Lektüre, 6 Quiz
13 Videos
Introduction to Sale of Partnership Interest2m
Lesson 4.1.1 Seller Concepts2m
Lesson 4.1.2 Seller Applications4m
Lesson 4.1.3 Buyer Concepts1m
Lesson 4.1.4 Buyer Applications2m
Lesson 4.2.1 Special Basis Adjustment: Concepts6m
Lesson 4.2.2 Special Basis Adjustment: Applications3m
Lesson 4.3.1 Other Dispositions: Concepts4m
Lesson 4.3.2 Other Dispositions: Applications1m
Lesson 4.4.1 Partnership Termination: Concepts5m
Lesson 4.4.2 Partnership Termination: Applications1m
Module 4 Wrap-Up1m
1 Lektüre
Module 4 Overview and Resources10m
6 praktische Übungen
Lesson 4.1.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 4.1.3 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 4.2.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 4.3.1 Knowledge Check30m
Lesson 4.4.1 Knowledge Check8m
Module 4 Quiz12m



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This Specialization introduces the U.S. federal tax system via conceptual and applied material. Learners will be able to apply basic principles to settings involving individuals, corporations, and other business entities, complete key components of major, individual U.S. federal tax returns, and identify tax-related strategies and implications of structuring transactions and organizations....
U.S. Federal Taxation

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