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In the final Capstone Project, you will apply the skills you learned by doing practice teaching. You will build on your assignments from the previous courses to refine your lesson plans and video-tape yourself presenting the lesson. You will submit a total of ten videos. If you have completed Teach English Now! Part 1 and Teach English Now! Part 2, you will submit your work for expert review to receive your ASU 150-hour TESOL Certificate from ASU, in addition to your Coursera certificates....



1. März 2021

I gained a memorable experience with this course and will always treasure it. Thank you so much to all those who took part in this course creation. I hope you'll inspire other people to teach as well.


27. Apr. 2020

Without a doubt the best TESOL course online. The content has been put together by the best in their field and I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to enter or re-train the TESOL community.

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von Анастасия Я

20. Okt. 2021

I'm desperate. The course has a peer review policy. One of my works has not been checked for more than two months. I posted a link twice with a request to check on the forum. I checked more than a dozen other works and in the review I left a link to my work with a request to check in response. I wrote to support. And nothing happened. At the moment, I don't have a single grade for this work, while three are needed to complete the course.

I deliberately completed all the course assignments by the beginning of August in order to be able to attach a certificate to my CV and look for a job by the beginning of the academic year. But I haven't been able to get a certificate for two months now, and I've missed all the opportunities. It's awful! After all, I paid the money!

von PAUL A M

2. März 2021

I gained a memorable experience with this course and will always treasure it. Thank you so much to all those who took part in this course creation. I hope you'll inspire other people to teach as well.

von Gibson S W

28. Apr. 2020

Without a doubt the best TESOL course online. The content has been put together by the best in their field and I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to enter or re-train the TESOL community.

von Cynthia A F

23. Jan. 2022

I​ liked the instructors at ASU but it was so frustrating not having any access to the instructors and relying on perr reviews which were mostlyvunhelpful. Coursera was absolutely horrible.

von تعليم ا ا

13. Dez. 2021

very bad experience even paid money to update my grade they didn't refund it they said they don't know how to refund it

von Nancy A

10. Mai 2021

Instructors unreachable

von Нина Г

22. Aug. 2021

It's been such an incredible journey! Absolute pleasure! Overall, it took me 6.5 month to complete both Specialization 1 and 2.

Huge THANK YOU - ASU for this course and for a chance to become an ESL Teacher! Thank you Jessica Cinco, Dr. Shane Dixon, Dr. Justin Shewell! You are the role-models of teachers for me now and forever! And I've just recieved feedback to my Teacher Portfolio! Thank you, Joseph Axel for your review! Guys, the course is just amazing! Don't hesitate to take it. The teachers are great - true professionals. And I liked the way they teach - actually they show everything, give examples, use MUD (if you know what I mean :) Assignments aren't eazy, and they aren't supposed to be such! But, you know, when you complete the assignments, you can be proud of yourself! Each time you'll learn smth new. And it's so fun to explore this course both as a student and a teacher! I gained much experience throughout Teach English Now!

von Aya N

14. Juli 2021

Teach English Now! Capstone Project 2 is a place where you use all the techniques and strategies you have learned throughout the program, create your own lesson plans, and show how you teach. It requires you a lot of time and effort, but the deadline is set reasonably, and the whole program will have trained you to do it effectively by the time you are working on Capstone Project 2. This program has given me more than just a certificate, it helped me grow as a person. Now, I am confident in my skills “outside the classroom”, such as effective communication and various techniques in the English language, all thanks to this program. I would like to thank Dr. Dixon, Dr. Shewell, Ms. Cinco, Dr. Axel and ASU Global Launch Team for making this program possible for all the learners worldwide.

von Orrathip G

20. Nov. 2018

This course encourages me to exhibit the teaching skills through the assigned projects such as micro teaching projects and teaching tool boxes. This course also empowers me to synthesize what is my teaching philosophy including teaching styles and teaching techniques as well as learn to promote my achievements by means of creating the personal site provided the details and teaching work of mine for the experts to review and for peer-review. Additionally, I obtain the good relationship and assistance from friends in class even we have never seen each others before, besides the worthless knowledge I got form this course. I'd like to say Thank you many times to the lectures. I do so enjoy and happy with this course.

von Arlene A M

8. Aug. 2021

Dr. Shane Dixon /Ms. Jessica Cinco:

I am so very humble for successfully completing Teach English Now! Capstone Project 2.

Please know that even though this was a very tedious journey, I feel that ASU has prepared me with the tools necessary for venturing out on furthering my studies in TESOL Certification. Your professionalism, knowledge, and presentation displayed toward this course, has helped broden and enriched my horizons.

Thank you for the preparedness and welcoming atmosphere that you compiled during this journey. Your presentation videos were what inspired me more than anything.


Arlene M.

von Adalto F d G

6. Apr. 2017

This is one of the best course I have done. The high level of teaching, the quality of the material and the structure made this course so good and of higher level than many others done at schools. The ability of the teachers to make every class so especial, made this course more relevant than it seems to be. The techniques taught can be used everywhere.

I highly recommend the course for those who wants to become a teacher, not just an english teacher, but a teacher in any course. Better teacher produces better professionals, and this is how a student can get more from one course.

von Marina e h

2. Nov. 2021

W​hat can I say? how can I express my gratitude? Inspiring, Motivating, Engaging, Flawless. There is a myriad of words that can describe this Specialization. The knowledge acquired is complex yet meaningful in every aspect of Teaching; the more difficult tasks became, the more engaging it got. Furthermore, I had the best teachers in the entire world; funny, smart, kind, warm-hearted, and interactive. I'm honored for being part of the Teach English Now Family. I can't wait to start inspiring others the way I was during this whole year! Best Luck fellows.

von Hina M

13. Juni 2022

What a brilliant course this is!! My heartfelt thanks to the entire ASU team for their wonderful teaching, superb videos and the invaluable sharings in each of the lessons. I have learnt so much from these courses. Though I have had quite a lot of experience teaching English, I had sooo much to gain from the 8 courses that are part of Capstone 1 and 2. The assignments were really challenging, meant to make a learner think and bring out their best potential. One more time, a huge thank you for ASU and Coursera for such great purposeful learning!!

von Sara C M

20. Aug. 2020

if it wasn't for this course, my teaching abilities would have remained in the dark ages. I feel all teachers, English language teachers, should take this certification. The technology aspect of this course brings teachers up to date and aligns teaching with the current demands and needs. This course provided me with a fountain of teaching ideas and added to my professionalism and effectiveness, teaching ability and credibility. Thank you to all the professors, amazing teaching abilities!

von Valentina L

19. Okt. 2020

It has been 2 years since I passed my last assignment, but I still remember a lot from the lessons I learned here. It was a very inspirational journey that I would like to take again. That is why I keep reviewing the assignments of other learners as a volunteer.

A lot of my lesson plans today are based on the philosophy of teaching and the lessons I learned here a few years ago. Cudos to the ASU team!!! They created a unique learning environment here!

von Beyers S

20. März 2018

I stand in awe about the innovative way in which this Capstone 2 course (and all the others) have been presented, the quality of materials, the ease of flow in using the learning platform!

Simply wonderful 21st-century style learning that will be very hard to match by anyone in the TESOL arena. Thanks to all my instructors, Dr Shane Dixon, Jessica Cinco, Dr Justin Sewell and colleagues who contributed.

Fare thee well, "Language is Cake" compatriots!

von Fatai J

20. März 2019

This course and all other courses in the ASU Teach English Now specializations are fantastic courses! The instructors are professionals in the field of ELT and the instructional materials are absolutely relevant, making it very easy to understand. The knowledge from the courses have added great value to my career in ELT! It's highly recommended for everyone who wants to start or advance their career in English Language Teaching!

von Andy A

13. Juli 2021

This Capstone project 2 course is such an amazing course as it provides learners with a full teaching portfolio that will aid them in their employment process. Fantastic! The workload is a lot, to be honest, but it is not impossible, and certainly my experience in preparing the lesson plan has increased a lot. Thank you ASU Global Launch for having created such a wonderful and meaningful course!

von Eugenia V

8. Jan. 2017

The Capstone Project 2 was intense and challenging. It's not only the work load that makes it challenging. It is rather the process of reviewing your own work and deciding if it is good enough to be submitted for the final review by somebody from the ASU. It was funny and eye-opening to get back to the videos made six years ago for the previous courses and realize how much I learned since then.

von Татьяна К

11. Mai 2022

The course is not only professionally prepared but it is also very artistic. The authors invsted a lot of love into it. I am sure it will help young teachers to feel motivated and more confident after it. I also find it useful for experienced teachers who can get a new breath and inspiration out of this course as well as new knowledge and ideas. Thank you for this great work!

von Delphine S D C M

17. Feb. 2020

This entire specialization experience was the best one I have ever had in my lifetime of learning experiences! I love the creativity and different tilt to teaching that Dr. Dixon, Jessica and their support team employed in Teach English Now. Lessons were fun, engaging, interesting and used the best of pedogogy to help make concepts "sticky". :) Superior work!


11. Juli 2017

I am very grateful with Dr Shane Dixon, Dr Justin Shewell and Dr. Jessica Cinco together with Coursera that make possible for me to obtain such a great knowledge about the latest tools techniques strategies and facts about education to be effective in the classroom as the name of the course imply "Teach English Now".

Congratulations and Thank you very much indeed.

von Jesca C

28. Juni 2022

I acquired several skills on Teaching English. The Tutors used sticky instructions and there was a lot of variety.

I enjoyed the use of technology in Teaching. That was great. The video tutorials made the whole program practical.

I enjoyed the journey and also gained valid skills and techniques. I am so grateful to all the Tutors. Thank you for the great work.

von Maryia S

17. Jan. 2022

T​hank you so much for a wonderful opportunity to study TESOL online. I was able to manage both my online classes and job and now i'm waiting for my certificate from ASU. Hard work always pays off! I hope my review will somehow motivate other participants to be responsible and complete the course.

M​any thanks to the team of ASU for your time and effort!

von Ma. E M B

14. Mai 2022

Exceptional in approach and methods of teaching!

I learned so much and improved so much in my lesson planning and teaching! Thank you to Dr. Shane Dixon, Jessica Cinco and Dr. Justin Shewell and to Coursera. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for this opportunity to learn from great English instructors of the Arizona State University.