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The course develops technical writing skills necessary to communicate information gained through a process of technical or experimental work. The course highlights the factors that determine the degree of technicality of the language and concepts involved. You will learn how to write different technical reports, e.g., laboratory reports, research reports, design and feasibility reports, progress reports, consulting reports, etc. The course also approaches several language, structure, style, and content issues that you can encounter while reporting the results of your research....


11. Nov. 2019

This course is a great gateway to the world of technical writing. A good effort by the trainers and curriculum creators at familiarising the learner with the basics, nuances and the requisites.

25. Okt. 2020

Very helpful course! The concepts and items were explained well, and for any knowledge level. There were also lots of points made that I wouldn't have thought about.

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von Digby D

14. Nov. 2017

Do not pay for this course; audit it or better yet, buy a book on technical writing instead.

As it currently stands, I can't recommend this course in good conscience, especially if you're paying for it. The presentation is a bit of a mess right now, to put it mildly. The entire "first week" is background information about the university and instructors, along with a short animation related to technical writing with no commentary that seems like it was made to be inserted into a video but was uploaded alone instead. You can skip straight to Week 2 "Characteristics of Technical Writing" and not be any worse off for it. (The video prior, "What's in a name?", could've easily been combined with the course information in a text document or with "Characteristics of Technical Writing" for a more robust understanding of what technical writers do and how it relates to their writing.) For how much the course tries to impress that technical writing should be clear, concise, and well-presented, it fails in nearly all of those aspects.

It's not unwatchable and there's solid information to be found, but those are only part of what makes a quality educational video. To sum it up (once again): Do not pay for this course. If you want the information in video format, audit it. If you can live with text presentation, find a book.

von Alexander T

19. Dez. 2018

This course contains multiple misspelled words, mispronounced words, and grammatical errors. The overall presentation is confusing, and poorly presented. The video lectures contain multiple "um" moments, text that does not match the verbal presentation; and a distracting oval blur below the orators neck. The orator(s) do not reflect a complete understanding of the English language, or presentation aesthetics. The quiz and test questions are phrased poorly. One of the writing assignments includes submitting a product description. Is a product description an example of marketing or technical writing?


28. Apr. 2020

I really enjoyed taking this Technical Writing course. It will definitely help me in writing reports in my current workplace. Thank you!

von Vishvaa

26. Mai 2020

Hello everyone.. I am an engineering student and was willing to improve my Technical Writing skills. However I could not find the proper guide or the instructor to learn and teach me until I joined this course. This course has really helped me in understanding how to best perform as a Technical Writer and it also provided some very useful resources that add the extra knowledge. I liked this course and would like to recommend it to others as it gives practical based knowledge for industrial development. Thank you very much!


31. Jan. 2020

To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank you so much for this wonderful course.I really appreciate the contents of all modules and sections,it is well structured and organized and contains a lot of useful information that gives a large vision. It allows also the trainee to have the big picture and a deep understanding of the job.I'm a technical writer who was hired two weeks ago to work for the account of a software solution company in the insurance field of interest and I really now can see things more clearly than the first day at work.

I'm extremely grateful for this treasure and I strongly believe that your contributions through this course have changed my work life for the better.

von Indunil M B H

26. Juli 2017

This course was a great opportunity to learn the pros and cons of technical writing. It was such an informative, interesting and enlightening learning experience.

von Pallavi

11. Feb. 2018

I enjoyed learning technical writing course from Coursera. Thank you for introducing such a complicated topic in the simplest possible way.

von Dilshod N

1. Nov. 2018

Learned so many things. Good course.

von Lisa C

1. Nov. 2020

I would highly recommend this course if you are looking to expand your skill set of writing. The videos are great and the tests are challenging. The assignments helped to clarify what technical writing involves. I feel confident I could apply for a technical writer position and succeed. My advice is to stay ahead in the course because 5 weeks time goes by quickly and you may need extra time to pass some of the tests or finish assignments. I'm excited to add this piece of learning to my resume. Thank you for a great class! Lisa A. Carlson

von Arya H

11. Aug. 2020

I was new to this and the teachers have done an incredible job explaining the topics and with the materials also. The extra readings are very helpful to understand more. I got an internship after I finished my course and I can implement so much after this course. A must for a beginner I would say.

von Jayadevan P C

27. Mai 2020

It's a useful course for every professional, especially for those English is not their mother tongue.

Usually these kind of courses a sleeping pill for me but it is organized elegantly and the classes/ videos are of short duration. This helped me to attend the classes.

Thanks for the team.

von Akash N T V

3. Juni 2020

I have learned more in this course in matter of weeks then ever in my life by college. The information they are imparting is priceless. It will help me in every project and report I will create as an Engineer. Thank you ma'am for such a wonderfull course.

von Bhushan S M

5. Juni 2019

This course is very helpful for developing technical writing skill. I learned so many things such as audience adaptation, format organization, styles of writing, etc. Thank you Coursera community for providing this course!

von Esther P

12. Nov. 2019

This course is a great gateway to the world of technical writing. A good effort by the trainers and curriculum creators at familiarising the learner with the basics, nuances and the requisites.

von Binha

30. März 2018

It's an amazing begin for peoples that need to have a first contact with the technical writing. The activities and lessons permit an engagement with other participants.

von Mickey F

26. Okt. 2020

Very helpful course! The concepts and items were explained well, and for any knowledge level. There were also lots of points made that I wouldn't have thought about.

von Ranjit K

29. Apr. 2020

This course clarifies the doubt I had before. There are amazing facts and elaboration of writing aspects. Will recommend this course.

von Rejimon R

20. Nov. 2020

good experience. i learned too many things about technical writing. While working also it will helpful to recall the technical terms


7. Mai 2020

excellent study material. very good explanation. easy to understand. highly knowledgeable instructor. I love this course. thank you

von Kimberly J S

9. Juni 2020

The course raised my writing skills a notch or more higher. Thank you Coursera. I am looking forward on taking other courses.


6. Jan. 2019

Very informative and easy to understand. This online course is very useful especially for technical people/engineers at DEWA

von Aditya S C

11. Nov. 2019

The course was very well structured... a perfect balance between theoretical and practical aspects of Technical Writing.


9. Juli 2020

A very good course on Technical writing. Those who want to work in this field this is the right course to be taken.


22. Aug. 2020

Gives an good understanding about the technical aspects required in writing papers,reports,reviewing other's work

von Gisela A

6. Okt. 2019

This course is a very good start for those willing to start a career in technical writing/communication.