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In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life. THE SCIENCE OF WELL BEING WAS PRODUCED IN PART DUE TO THE GENEROUS FUNDING OF THE DAVID F. SWENSEN FUND FOR INNOVATION IN TEACHING....



27. Aug. 2020

This is an outstanding course! I was able to change into a more positive and productive mindset as taught in this course. I highly recommend it to everyone regardless of your profession or background.


30. Mai 2019

I absolutely enjoyed and learned a lot about happiness from this course. I will definitely recommend it to my peers, as it gets me to the core from my misconceptions to developing the right practices.

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von Kaycee M

14. Juni 2020

This course has been very engaging and useful. It's made me aware of misconceptions about happiness and features of my mind that make it hard to be happy. The most useful part of the course for me has been learning about strategies that have been proven to increase happiness and putting them into practice through the rewirements. I think this course is so valuable as it gives you a greater awareness about what can impact your happiness and wellbeing and because it helps you build habits that can lead to a more happy and fulfilling life. I would recommend it anyone - I think there is something for everyone to learn and get out of it.

von T.

29. Juni 2020

I found this course through a YouTube video, when I was struggling with all of my negativity. To be honest, I have come across these concepts somewhere on the internet while I was searching for positivity on my own. Still, hearing it from esteemed researchers give me great comfort. I really like the professor, because she seems to truly care, and the way she spoke comforts me somehow. I also learned about critical thinking through the extra questions posed by the students. The course provided materials for extensive reading, I really appreciate it. I'm trying hard to implement what I've learnt. "Knowing is not half the battle".

von Paul H

20. Juni 2020

This course was excellent. Professor Santos was kind, engaging and brilliant. I enjoyed the data driven, scientific foundation of the lectures. The collateral materials, especially a couple of the earlier TED Talks with Seligman and Gilbert were great. I also found the application of the science to my daily life in the rewirement challenge to be extremely illuminating about the underlying principles and learnings in the course. I am very grateful for: (1) the learnings from this course; (2) my rewirement successes to date; and (3) the growth mindset driven motivation to strive for more rewiring and happiness in the future.

von Dimo D

4. Juni 2020

This course is really wonderful. It gives a new perspective to things. It is amazing how simple steps are needed for one to be happy. Yes, in theory they are very simple, but in pracitce they are certainly not. The good things about the course is that it pushes you to go outside your comfort zone by giving you rewirement challenges and making you give a feedback. In this way it is much easier to be persistent with the new practices and also it helps you create new habits. I would definitely recommend this course for everyone who is trying to create a better version of himself/herself! Well done professor, you are truly amazing!

von Teresa J W

30. Juni 2020

Dr Laurie Santos' course is packed with unexpected information on what makes us happy. She has a clear sense of how to present the material in a manner that makes i clear and easily understood. The articles she cites are fascinating. I feel as if I have taken the course in person due to her easy manner and kind comments. Thank you so very much Dr. Santos, for this wonderful course that can be a springboard for improving our perceptions of what we want and even further growth. I am grateful to have found this course, especially in these strange times and to be able to study these very interesting subjects with Dr. Santos.

von Stephanie S L

14. Juni 2018

This course has giving me the chance to see how I have been living my life all along, even when it is still focused for Yale students, you Coursera and Dr. Lauren, can´t imagine how helpful this is for my life, I recently was left alone, my husband left without a logical and apparent reason, and I thought I never could stop feeling sad. With some of the tactis seen here, I have learned how to make myself a little happier each day and along the road help others. For me is much more than a simple online class, I really hope to have the chance to hear that this life-class is applied in my country Colombia, to help others like me.

von Julya M

27. Mai 2020

Overall, this was a delightful experience. The content of the course was immediately applicable and easily sharable. While some of the information was familiar to me, the reminders and recommendations were timely and supported me through a challenging time. I appreciated the pace with which thee rewirements were presented. Having a week to focus on each one provided valuable insight and personal learning. The 4-week challenge was helpful to solidify the integration of at least one of the rewirements within my daily workflow. The additional resources were very meaningful. Thank you, Dr. Laurie Santos, for your dedication

von Ana M P

28. Mai 2020

I want to Thank Professor Santos for offering such a great course which really helped me and I'm sure so many other people and students. Especially students, I hope they put it into practice "The Science of Well-Being" because we need good, compassionate Leaders in the near future. Even for us over 60+ who needed it to re-inject our experiences with so many great tools we can put into practice. The best part for me besides the learning, it was sharing with the international community. We all humans, who have so much in common, wanted to be "Happy" than being different. Thanks again Professor Santos. Continue success.

von sanjana s

23. Apr. 2021

The course has really helped me think about a lot of important things differently. It has guided me to understand what is actually important and the reasons behind it. The rewirements pushed me to create an environment of growth around me so that I could successfully complete what I aimed for. Some of the methods and techniques which I have learnt in this course have helped me bring about changes holistically. It has boosted my ability to be more grateful, to connect better, to mediate, to savour, to be kind, to exercise. It has brought about a change in day to day life and I am on a journey to make this change permanent.

von Kalman R

1. Sep. 2020

Amazing course providing a conceptual framework of "Positive Psychology", a wealth of fact based evidence and weekly "rewirements" designed to assist the students learn and practice effective tools of improving your effectiveness as a person and improving your emotional well-being in the long run. The structure of the course is very clear, the delivery of lectures and interactive discussions with students and a number of other components of a well-designed on-line delivery architecture are superb. Professor Santos communicates clearly, directly, with kindness and humility that adds up to a wonderful experience. Thank you!


1. Juni 2020

This course helped me to see clearly my strengths and also those of those around me. It gave me skills to generate new habits, all based on scientific research. It is a key to open a thousand doors of knowledge. My quarantine has been great thanks to The Science of Well-Being. Thanks Laurie Santos !!

Este curso me ayudo a ver claramente mis fortalezas y también las de los que me rodean. Me brindó habilidades para generar nuevos hábitos, todo basado en investigaciones científicas. Es una llave para abrir mil puertas de conocimiento. Mi cuarentena ha sido grandiosa gracias a The Science of Well-Being. Gracias Laurie Santos!!

von Noreen S

17. Nov. 2021

T​he Science of well - being is an enlightening course. It provides you with some tools that lead you towards a more satisfying happy life. It offers a place to start and a method by which to achieve

y​our goal. Professor Santos is both enlightening and informative in her presentations. Her voice in the videos is calm, matter of fact , melodic and inspiring.

I​ appreciated her encouragement and positiveness. This course was well set - out, well - organized and easy to follow with many scientific studies quoted in the process to back the information she shares.

A​ wonderful experience and encouragement for the future.

von Kyra

28. Mai 2020

At first, I took this class because like many other’s I was bored in quarantine. I read about this course in a Buzzfeed article, and decided “Hey that would be cool to say I took a class at Yale while in quarantine”. I quickly discovered after taking the PERMAHNLO survey, that maybe I wasn’t as happy as I thought I was. Week after week, I begin to think about what Laurie was saying in my everyday life. I began telling my friends and family how amazing this class was that I was taking. I realized there were things about my life I was unhappy with, and wanted to change. Thanks to Laurie, I was able to accomplish just that!

von Deanna J

25. Mai 2020

I loved this course. Professor Santos is not only an excellent academic instructor but relatable to students of all ages. I chose to take this class because the world was at the beginning of a pandemic. I needed something to not only keep my mind active but a focus on something else besides what was happening. I am grateful for all that I learned especially the strategies that will help me to be happy no matter what situation I find myself in. I now have the tools to not only cope but to be a happier person overall. Thank you to the professor, Yale University and coursera for the wonderful opportunity to take this class.

von Deleted A

15. Mai 2020

I love this class, and Dr. Laurie Santos! I signed up for this course, because I kept having a lot of negative emotions, I was internally beating myself up, and talking down to myself, especially during the first two months of COVID. This class has definitely made me happier, and less stressed/anxious. I'm currently working on goal setting, and WOOP, which is hard at first to get in that mindset of actually practicing it, but it really helps, in whatever you want to do!! I'm very glad that I took this class!!! Dr. Laurie Santos is a great professor, who is very relatable! I learned, and am still learning a lot from her!!

von Queenie M

22. Apr. 2020

Excellent course! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn about why our minds think the way they do and methods on how to improve your well-being/happiness. I noticed that my mood has improved and I feel a lot better about myself from being more aware about how my brain works and by implementing some of the techniques mentioned into my daily life.

The course was very informative and interesting the entire time. The professor was friendly, well-spoken and engaging. The slides were put together very well. It provided a good overview of concepts and references to additional material you can read on your own time.

von Linda G

3. Juni 2021

The course, The Science of Well-Being, was an opportunity that showed up in my life at exactly the right time. The experience was outstanding for me. The course was beautifully organized and presented. It required me to make a strong commitment both in thought and in time. The course inspired me to contribute to a meaningful community project. I gained tools and confidence to soar. Our professor, Dr. Laurie Renee Santos, is an outstanding professor and scientist. I am appreciative and grateful to have had the opportunity to take a course with Yale, free, which has made a tremendous impact on more than 3 million people. 

von Megan M W

9. Juli 2020

This course really changed how I think about happiness. It made me realize that happiness doesn't have to be something I need to wait for, and it doesn't require being rich or having the best house and car. Happiness is something I can have right now, just by "rewiring" my behavior and perspective. I am so glad I took this course, and so grateful that it was offered for free! It has had a very positive effect on my life and I will continue to use the information and strategies I learned to increase my happiness, and hopefully bring happiness and positivity to my family, friends and acquaintances as much as possible.

von Philamer T

5. Aug. 2020

I liked the flexibility of this online class. When I first started, I had lots of time on my hands. Then I started teleworking and I was too busy to maintain my regular study time. After extending my deadline, I was able to complete the course. I found it very interesting and I started listening to The Happiness Lab podcast, which I found to be informative as well as entertaining. The podcast helped me understand the course by reinforcing the key elements of the weekly topics. I highly recommend this course because the price was right and since I successfully passed, I can wear my Yale t-shirt with pride. Go Bulldogs!

von Lisa D

3. Okt. 2020

This course was fun and packed with research and practical learning experiences to practice what was learned. The lectures were easy to listen to and the discussion forum was helpful to get others ideas to support my work on my Rewirement for improving sleep habits. The lectures on learning the Annoying Features of the mind were eye opening, and the practical learning to combat the faults of the mind set up for success with the Rewirement project. I recommend this class for young adults and people of all ages. Engaging with students from 18 to the far end of age range was fantastic. Life long learning is important!

von Tim B

3. Juli 2020

This is the best Coursera course I have ever done. I started it because, while in lockdown due to Covid-19, the title caught my eye. The instructor is brilliant and has put together an extremely well thought out course. The format is varied and engaging. It gives a fascinating insight into the science behind what makes us happy and why we don't necessarily wish for the right things. But what really makes it is the great advice for putting this into practice and making changes to improve your wellbeing. The rewirement exercise has made a massive and long-lasting change to my life. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

von Monika W

29. Juni 2020

I never thought well-being and happiness can be scientifically taught. When I recited the title of the course to friends their amazement was just like mine. They couldn't believe it. I generally don't care for statistics, but for the first time in my life I enjoyed all statistics presented in this course. It strengthened my intuition on beliefs I had, and gave me enough time to process the information which was given. Strategies, and tools on how to attain, and maintain well-being given were packaged in one course. Just amazing!!!! This course was proof that just knowing things is not enough. One has to practice them.

von Natasha P

1. Aug. 2022

T​his course came highly recommended during a very stressful time in my life. Professor Santos has developed a wonderful and engaging course. The subject matter greatly helped my personal well being, and further extended my knowledge of positive psychology. Her lectures and readings are comprehensive, her assessments and activities are appropriate and aid in not only retention of the material, but also in improving your own well being. I liked seing her lecture to students where you hear their questionss and discussions. The interview with experts in the latter part of the course were also informative and memorable.

von Deleted A

3. Sep. 2020

It changes my habits, my negative and anxiety levels decrease substantially, I feel energized and more happy about me, and my decisions. I highly recommend this course, it has been something amazing for me. WOOP tool, ReWi app is amazing. my financial goal set up to 6.5K above this will give me hedonic adaptation and best of all, I have the ingredients for happiness: 1. Kindness, 2. Savoring 3. Gratitude 4. Social connections 5. Time affluence and finally and more important 6. healthier practices such as meditation and sports. The best act suited for me is social connections, acts of kindness, and healthier habits.

von Andra C

31. Mai 2020

I am deeply grateful for having found this course and deciding to enrol!

The application on Positive Psychology is presented in such a way that is easy to be shared with others, so they can actually put it into practice in their lives, if they want to.

Having studies Positive Psychology at Masters level, I sometimes found the theory too academical to introduce it to my clients. This course has filled in those gaps for me and given me the bite-sized sciency info I can take to my clients, so they can start making positive changes in their lives.

Prof Laurie Santos is amazing!

Thank you!!!

Andra - wellbeing geek 🤓 :)