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In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life. THE SCIENCE OF WELL BEING WAS PRODUCED IN PART DUE TO THE GENEROUS FUNDING OF THE DAVID F. SWENSEN FUND FOR INNOVATION IN TEACHING....


5. Juni 2020

I couldn't have asked for a better class to be offered during this time. Got to learn a lot about myself and why I think or do certain things without even thinking about it. Thank you for this course!

12. Jan. 2021

This course really helped me a lot, I am grateful with Laurie Santos and her team, the people involved into this great project. The oriented me into understanding valuable states of being and actions.

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von Jan M

27. Juni 2019

This was a great course. I honestly lived this course every day, and it worked. It was good fun too, and not too taxing. The professor was fun, and if you want this certificate, you'll get it. It was fun, not challenging, but the strategies rubbed off. It is a perfect course for a beginner, or someone who has been doing the more difficult courses on Coursera, and needs a light-hearted break, for a few weeks. Real life strategies, ppl, real life strategies! There is a mass of references in this course, so if you want to get into psychology, and you want access to primo readings, I recommend. I didn't think it could be possible but Laurie is the coolest professor out. Loved the course!!! Go and do it, ppl!!!

von Chairman M

9. Okt. 2020

To start with the lecturer is just one of the best ; Dr Laurie Santos knows how to powerfully and effectively involve her students at Yale as well as the audience on coursera ,thank you soo much for taking your time to make sure we understand the many concepts very properly in this course. This has been such a great course that has taught me on how things that we do daily like experiences and time affluence highly bring happiness to our lives .It has also taught me that things like having more pay ,better grades ,relationships amongst others may not necessarily give us make us more happy . i highly advice anyone keen on understanding about their life and why some things happen to take this great course .

von Ewelina M

21. Feb. 2021

So far, as an adult professional, I've attended many courses both privately, as well as thanks to my employers. This course was/is the best experience I've had as its impact is so positive on me and my life. Maybe I am mature enough to really make it work, and continue developing myself, however there are special components of this course that really motivated me. The content is amazing and with all additional books, reference materials I can easily spend months/even years :) digging more about what is interesting for me, and the practice part was so important for me. Thank you Professor Laurie Santos for your passion, wisdom, credibility, and for being yourself during the entire journey. Kind regards!

von DiAnne P

12. Juni 2020

Excellent class. I believe I have a much better understanding of well-being as a result of taking this class. I really appreciated the manner in which concepts were introduced and supported by relevant research. As a result of taking this course, I have (a) learned a number of strategies to enhance inner peace and well-being, (b) gained an awareness of many myths regarding what brings happiness, and (c) developed a deep appreciation for the importance of approaching life with a growth mindset. My greatest take away from the course is that when I live in a manner that is consistent with my character strengths, I feel that I am "in the flow," living joyfully, and my sense of well-being is at its best!

von Pamela C P

2. Juni 2020

The course was divided into short segments that made it easy to complete amidst a busy schedule and provided time to ‘digest’ the information.

The lectures were entertaining and easy to follow. Links to articles, TED talks and books relevant to the course material were very valuable. I used many of them to expand my studies in particular areas of interest.

The course content was enlightening and the focus on helping students actually implement changes to improve their happiness was invaluable.

I have a bachelors degree, two masters degrees and a medical degree. Out of all of my classes in all of those years of school, this has been by far one of the most enjoyable! I give it my highest recommendation!

von Denise B

19. Juli 2020

I have learned that a good deal more of `my happiness `is under `my own direct control` than I had previously thought. This course has provided me with research data on `What makes humans happy` and has taught me specific strategies to create new habits in my life which in turn increase my happiness levels . I am now using a growth mindset in place of my long held `fixed mindset` . I am delighted to be exploring the new theory that Happiness grows with focus and willingness to practice new habits . I love the experiential aspect of this course where I actually experienced the results of my own practice for 4 weeks and proved the theories for myself. Thank you for this wonderful course.

von Khalisah S

28. Juni 2020

I love the casual and personal vibe Dr. Laurie Santos created around this learning experience. This is a really helpful course, especially when you're in quarantine and struggling to feel happy with your circumstances. This course set me on a path of gratitude and self-awareness. I thought I knew most of the concepts this course covered, but the way it's structured made it more compelling, and I did end up learning and practicing a lot of new things too. A bit of a slow burn if you're used to mindlessly scrolling through Social Media as a habit to numb your sadness, but if you put those collective social media hours into this course, you'll have completed it in no time and come out a lot happier!

von Jeanine P

17. Sep. 2020

I loved the flexibility of this online course. I ended up taking a break midway thru due to work obligations and I appreciated the email follow up on my status. That email prompted me to jump back in! Laurie's presentations were easy to listen to and I liked the occasional pop up questions. The resources provided enabled me to dig deeper into topics that I wanted to explore more on. The final rewirement was easy to commit to and easy to assess. I must admit I was afraid the requirement would be to write an essay or "term" paper! The prompts were great and I enjoyed doing the peer reviews as well. My overall happiness scores went up and I find I use some of the strategies in my personal and work

von Kay B

2. Juni 2020

Dr. Santos is a wonderful instructor. She is intelligent, calm and honest. She expresses how some of these things are hard to incorporate into her life, too, even though she knows and teaches the science. Her manner is welcoming and nonjudgmental. She introduced many knowledgeable lecturers, who added dimension to the course. I enjoyed this course. There are many different items/theories to learn. She presented in a thoughtful and logical manner. She is engaging and empathetic

Sometimes, it was a bit difficult to navigate the technology of the course. It took a while to understand how to respond to the final project and other items. Clearer instructions and navigation would be helpful

von Fabiola R

10. Juni 2020

Realmente este curso me ha ayudado a ver las cosas desde otra perspectiva. Al comienzo de este, me sentía un poco deprimida, perdida y aunque hay mucho camino por recorrer aun debo admitir que mi estado de ánimo y autoestima han mejorado significativamente. Cree un plan e implemente la mayoría de los temas discutidos en clase y debo admitir que hubo gran cambio. Exhorto a que todos tengan la oportunidad de inscribirse en este curso para que abran nuevos caminos de conocimientos que realmente van a poder aplicar en su vida cotidiana. Este curso fue de mucha ayuda, además, ya que en la situación mundial que enfrentamos del coronavirus me hizo olvidar todos esos problemas por un rato. Excelente.

von Joe M

31. Mai 2020

This class was extremely hard not so much the learning aspect but the work you need to put in. To find out in oneself that you are ungrateful was a big reality check for me,yes it hurt but truth does. Finding kindness for me mended,fixed,and rewired my heart which made me a better person. I enjoyed all the classmates, their real input made it much easier to go through a struggle or obstacle you can't seem to get the answer for yourself. Professor Santos was amazing and brilliant, she always came from a different side of things making you use your creative mindset. I never had Teacher/Professor so unique. Great course, mindful thinking has greatly improved my well being. Thank You to everyone.

von Vivek C

17. Nov. 2020

This is an excellent course that I found well worth my time. The professor, Laurie Santos, has designed a thoughtful program that (1) examines our preconceptions about happiness, (2) lays out the science behind what actually has an impact on our well-being (in an accessible way), and (3) sets you up with useful tools for actual behavioral modification. This way, you are not just absorbing information, but also making real-life changes in a way that is both effective and on your own terms. Dr. Santos is a charming, lively, and engaging speaker. The course is done with the participation of a dozen or so undergrad students, so you it almost feels like you're really in a classroom at Yale.

von Mark A

15. März 2021

A truly fantastic and life-changing course. I found the pacing to be perfect, as well as the way material was staggered week by week. I looked forward to the lectures every week and loved implementing each piece into my daily life. I was actually kind of bummed out when we had a couple of weeks off to practicethat didn't have lectures (it might be because my key strength of Curiosity was one of my major practice points in this program and I loved hearing the great teacher present more). I've taken lots of notes and am really going to enjoy implementing more and more of these learnings into my personal and professional life, as I've already been doing. Whole-heartedly recommended!

von Stephanie R

4. Juni 2020

This course was AMAZING!! So accessible, so full of resources that you could pick and choose from. In addition to the informative lectures, there were interviews, TED talks, articles and scientific studies provided for students to peruse at their own pace. I loved the design of the course, setting up the ways in which our minds hijack us and then slowly digging into how we can rewire.

The course does a great job of combining helpful tips and tricks to change practice--I'm looking at you, WOOP method--as well as the science behind the impact and benefit from those practices.

This course--and of definitely, Dr. Santos--were the perfect balm in the time of corona confinement.

von Dawn S

13. Juni 2020

I truly enjoyed this course I would take it again if I could. Professor Santos was a great professor. Several of terms that I have learned from class have stayed with me. The rewirements have especially stayed with me and I plan to work on implementing daily exercise for the next four weeks because of the health benefits and I want to see if I can use what learned from this class to help me stick with this rewirement. I know there will be challenges but I also know that there will be a great success as well and I believe that I can do it not for the surface reasons that I have learned from this class that are not truly important but for myself and for my growth as a person.

von Krisstyn L

1. Apr. 2021

Dr. Laurie Santos is very engaging, informative, and down-to-earth in her videos. This class teaches you excellent skills to help you improve your life and continue to enjoy each moment while explaining why each tool is important and what we all seek in life that may not be helping us attain our best life. This is a longer course allowing you to fully integrate the principles into your life for future use. I didn't want this course to end. I had heard excellent things about this course a few years ago when it was started at Yale. This course was as excellent as advertised and I will continue to implement what I learned while sharing the information with others. Thank you!!

von Binh L

29. Apr. 2020

The course is well established and very engaging thanks to Prof. Laurie's friendliness and good sense of humour. The scientific contents are just of the right levels, without being too technical; informative, and very interesting as some research findings are completely opposite to what we normally perceive. The rewirements accompanying the lectures are a plus as they can be put into practice directly. In other words, positive effects on well-being can be seen as you are learning. I would highly recommend this course to anyone regardless of how one thinks about their state of well-being. This course could, in any way, bring about improvements to your health and happiness.

von Kerstin

5. Aug. 2018

This is by far the best and most helpful course I've ever completed online, probably even in person. Laurie Santos is an absolute pleasure to watch on camera, something where many other courses, despite being informative, really fall behind. The material is presented in a really interesting and informative way and it set me up with the necessary tools to fall out of a deep hole I wasn't able to get out of. I didn't know why I was unhappy but this course helped me to realise that I was chasing the wrong things, how to find out what I really wanted and reminded me of some tools I can use now and in the future to prevent this from happening. I haven't been happier since.

von Hilla B

9. Juli 2020

My overall experience of the course is excellent. I have greatly improved my positive psychology knowledge. During this time many people talks about happiness, resilience and positive psychology. Since I learned this course, I’m so passionate to discuss with others & I really proud and happy with my level of knowledge I gained throughout the course. In addition, although we are in a very challenging period, thanks to the knowledge and my practice, my happiness score improved. I had a very important improvement in understanding my purpose and meaning in life. That gives me great strength to overcome this challenging time. Big thanks to all behind this amazing course!!

von Corinne S

30. Mai 2020

Incredible to do this class during COVID-19. It was a helpful tool in dealing with so much uncertainty during this time. This class helped me understand my own triggers for happiness, and they weren't necessarily the things I thought they were. After understanding the science of what makes us TRULY happy, I feel I'm in a surer place to choose what I absolutely know DOES contribute to my wellness and positive state of mind - even under incredibly challenging circumstances. The additional resources (books, readings and Tedtalks) were exceptionally helpful and fascinating. Lori is a great guide in sharing and presenting information. So grateful I discovered this class!!

von Kyriaki S

19. Apr. 2020

Dr. Santos, I am a SEN teacher, speciality in autism. This course has been extraordinarily helpful because I have my health, my family and its very nature a time of life that can be difficult. I am fortunate to be an active yoga devotee. I was prompted to take this course by the difficult mental health stress that I have passed earlier.

I wanted to pass on to you that this course has helped me recenter and to feel that there are things that I can do to enjoy living without perseverating about the negatives. I have read Thanks and Mindfulness for Beginners. And I have become an advocate of the course, sharing details with friends I hope will take it.

Thank you,


von Yolande M

8. Juni 2020

The course was structured very well, and I really loved the videos. Laurie presented very warmly and engaging. The resources are great, and I read/ listened to most of it. The course confirmed the elements of well-being which I always suspected to be true of well-being, so I was happy that this is an overal truth in life, even at Yale. I am confident now that I am on the right path, and feel much happier that my gut feelings can be trusted and that I can follow my heart. I can pursue the other things that don't produce well-being necessarily as well, but with a well-being perspective at least. It also made me aware of how to better treat my family and friends.

von Racquel S

21. Aug. 2020

This course has been a life-changer. It helped me understand my self even better and motivated me to reach to form my habits and reach my goals.

Everyone, no matter what career or status they are in their life should consider taking this course.

Professor Laurie Santos is very engaging and clear in her communication, so it's easy to digest and understand the somestimes complex knowledge she's sharing.

I truly believe that I am leading towards that good life and all thanks to this course, for arming me with the knowledge and strategies to keep going and never give up!

Thank you Coursera. Thank you Yale. Thank you Dr. Laurie Santos. So grateful for this free knowledge!

von MARA L S P

6. Sep. 2020

Hola Laurie! Ha sido gratificante encontrar que detrás de lo que creemos son acciones de sentido común, hay estudios e investigaciones que las respaldan.

Por estar ocupados "viviendo" nuestro día a día, olvidamos objetivos y metas que nos pueden hacer más feliz nuestra existencia y la de los demás.

Para mí ha sido una confrontación y me ha ayudado a parar (ayudada por la cuarentena) y reevaluar mis metas, objetivos y lo que quiero para mí.

Además, lo aprendido me ha ayudado en mi trabajo a impulsar a otras personas, por lo que me siento doblemente agradecida.

Es bueno dedicar tiempo a pensar en lo importante y este curso me ha hablado de ello.

De nuevo, gracias.