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Improving health and healthcare institutions requires understanding of data and creation of interventions at the many levels at which health IT interact and affect the institution. These levels range from the external “world” in which the institution operates down to the specific technologies. Data scientists find that, when they aim at implementing their models in practice, it is the “socio” components that are both novel to them and mission critical to success. At the end of this course, students will be able to make a quick assessment of a health informatics problem—or a proposed solution—and to determine what is missing and what more needs to be learned. Who Is This Class For? Physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and other allied health professionals interested in expanding their understanding of digital health, big data, health information systems, and the unintended consequences of disruptive innovation in the healthcare system. The course is also aimed at those with technical, engineering, or analytics backgrounds who want to understand the nuances of those topics when it comes to healthcare....



Jul 14, 2019

Very good information and the teaching material is easy to process and understand. I think the stack is a brilliant method to assess and to learn it is one of the important aspects of informatics.


Jul 08, 2019

This course is great for beginners in the field of Health Informatics. I really enjoyed it and learnt some new fundamentals concepts and models. Thanks for the effort put in this course

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von Elimane N

Nov 28, 2019

Great and very suseful course!

von Prince O A

Jul 11, 2020

Fantastic course


Jan 22, 2020

very interesting

von Diana P S

May 16, 2020

Excelente curso

von �ADITI P

Jul 21, 2020

great course

von Ranjeet S M

Jun 07, 2020


von Silvana V A

Jan 14, 2020


von KHAN M J

Jun 16, 2020

After taking this course i clearly understand the social and technical context of health informatics. In the begining it was a bit hard for me but as the time passed by i slowly understand the core idea of this corse and was able to analyse my project. and this corse really helps me to know more about the challanges in the field of health informatics.

von Alycia E

Jul 04, 2020

This course was very informative; having to complete the peer-graded assignment at the end of the last module helped tested all the concept you learn throughout this course. I would definitely recommend those who have a healthcare administration background to take this course, otherwise the vocabulary and theories may confuse you.

von Martin V P

Jun 08, 2020

Course does a good job of building on knowledge and foundation that is built from early on in the course; enjoyed all the data visualization provided and the lectures. Would like if there was more access to other materials as some of the topics covered weren't gone into detail.

von Natschja R

May 15, 2020

Good lectures, but the quizzes and assignments were a bit off. As in, the quizzes would make clearly correct answers as correct, and the final assignment was not that helpful in synthesizing my learning.

von Pablo A G

Jun 24, 2020

Es un gran curso! El concepto principal "The Stack" que se aprende es una herramienta fantástica para tener una mirada integral de un proyecto en el área de sistemas de información en salud.

von Gugulami B

Apr 22, 2020

As a healthcare worker, I did not pay much attention to health informations systems, this course has integrated and expanded my worldview

von Surbhi A

Apr 02, 2020

I liked this course. The peer-graded assignment was interesting and helped me evaluate myself on the understanding of this course.

von Yasmin D

Jul 10, 2020

I wish he did not use a video of himself, rather should have narrated the slides. It was too distracting

von Ravil B

Jul 02, 2020

It;s a very interesting course overall. More practical exercises could be more useful instead of tests.

von Jason T C H

May 30, 2020

Quiz answers may be too specific to what was said or written. Answers could be confusing.

von Kate J

Apr 16, 2020

Good course. A practical framework to follow.

von Gabriel S

Dec 19, 2019

Hard finding peers

von Tarun R

Jun 11, 2020

There were no prerequisites required for this course. Being from a non-technical background I faced difficulties while comprehending the content, The instructor could have made it student-friendly and besides it was all restricted to the stack, social aspects were only illustrated in examples, could have added more. That's all from my side, I elaborated what I felt over here.

von Chandan Y

Dec 11, 2019

More interactive quizzes and discussions would be helpful as just plain lectures and quizzes. Course 2 is a great example to follow that is more engaging.

von Alphious K

Mar 03, 2020

Useful concepts but Too US-focused

von Hal S

Mar 23, 2020

I found the information to be of low level learning quality.

von Maaz S

Jul 11, 2020

Horrible! Absolute disaster. Please do not waste your money here. The instructor has his eyes closed half the course, mumbles in this annoying tone here and there, slides extremely detailed and does not even bother to go through what is mentioned, seems completely uninterested with a bit of burping and nose picking which is extremely unprofessional. With 15-20 min useless lectures, you can do so much more on YouTube believe me. I took this course as a Master student hoping to learn a skill during covid-19, and was confident because of the 4 star rating. All I can say is consider me as "the sacrifice". Happy life to you!

von Oscar E Z

Dec 25, 2019

I think this course is very U.S. oriented. This should be highlighted on the course when they offer it through the portal. Also, the course is 100 about the Stack tool developed by the main professor. Other methodologies should be teached. I did not find this tool useful at all and perhaps the professor is a bit bias towards the use of it.