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What makes for a great user experience? How can you consistently design experiences that work well, are easy to use and people want to use? This course will teach you the core process of experience design and how to effectively evaluate your work with the people for whom you are designing. You'll learn fundamental methods of design research that will enable you to effectively understand people, the sequences of their actions, and the context in which they work. Through the assignments, you’ll learn practical techniques for making sense of what you see and transform your observations into meaningful actionable insights and unique opportunity areas for design. You’ll also explore how to generate ideas in response to the opportunities identified and learn methods for making your ideas tangible. By answering specific questions and refining your concepts, you’ll move closer to making your ideas real. We’ll use cases from a variety of industries including health, education, transportation, finance, and beyond to illustrate how these methods work across different domains. Good luck and we hope you enjoy the course!...



Feb 27, 2016

Really good course.\n\nHelped me understand the importance of interviews in making a product\n\nHelped me come up with many ideas for a single problem\n\ngave me a 260 degree view of user experience


Mar 25, 2019

One of the greatest course on the whole specialisation. Very well written assignments and guidelines. The rest of specialisation should be like that!

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von Elizabeth B

Oct 22, 2017

Assignments weren't as straightforward as I would have liked them to be.

von Francisco G H

Aug 02, 2017

The content was too superficial, no detail at all. We saw more and better examples of ideation and prototyping in previous courses. Some weeks only had one 10min video and one link to an outdated article from like 2009..... come on, really? Im sure things have changed slightly in the digital world in the last 8 to 10 years.... aren't you? This whole unit needs some MAJOR updating.

von Hannah B

Dec 14, 2015

Unfortunately I found this course to be the least enjoyable so far in the specialization. I'm not sure if I was just jarred by the change in instructor, but I found her manner of lecture to be almost belittling. I'm not sure if she's a mother or not, but that's the way she comes across--like she's trying to squeeze massive and advanced theory into a pill designed for ten year-olds.

A majority of this class simply glossed over things we already learned in the intro class, and she would often list things she was going to talk about, and then ignore one of those items entirely. In fact, one of the most challenging assignments in this course was building a journey map, something that was mentioned in the lectures, but not gone into in depth at all. I tackled this challenge by sort of haphazardly googling journey maps and praying my submission would come across as somewhat logical.

Ultimately I'm very disappointed with this part of the specialization. I don't feel like it was worth my $39, and would love to see this class completely redesigned for future learners. Research and prototyping is arguably one of the most important things for a burgeoning UX designer to learn, and this class could stand to be a lot more in depth.

von Fernando B G

Nov 13, 2017

Classes are not fluid, did not learn much at all, very different in relation to Scott classes. Assignments were a pain, not well explained and not useful for learning.

von Andrew J

May 09, 2016

A good instructor and interesting assignments, but the information presented was quite shallow. I don't feel that I learned much from this course.

von Sathish K A R

Feb 12, 2019


von Jared G

Feb 14, 2019

My favorite so far. Really focused on the heart of what I came for, UX. Covers personas, journey maps, generating ideas, etc. Great professor.

von Gytis M

Mar 25, 2019

One of the greatest course on the whole specialisation. Very well written assignments and guidelines. The rest of specialisation should be like that!

von Mariana G

Feb 19, 2019


von Garoli

Nov 13, 2017

I like very much this course ! Practical and functional !

von Leonardo F

May 24, 2017

O curso oferece um amplo aprendizado sobre geração de ideias, pesquisa e desenvolvimento de protótipos.

von SeungHo J

Jul 25, 2017

This course gives a number of practices for a true understanding of lecture.

From my point of view, that part is the greatest thing in here. Love it!

von Ymmannuelle V

Jul 13, 2017

Enjoyed this course! I loved how short the videos were and that it was done with many examples.

von Ron A

Apr 26, 2018

Good high level intro course. This will give you access to basic jargon and exposure to some of the working methods behind research. If you're interested in this area, this course is a great way to get your feet wet without jumping in the deep end. As for completing the course, it's only 3 assignments, and the heavy course work is front loaded the first week. Examples can be limited within the course, so I'd highly suggest doing additional Google searches for Stakeholder maps etc. With that, you'll be great.

von Elsa B

Mar 04, 2016

This course is well structured and engaging. I have learned a lot and the assignments were a great opportunity for me to put this new knowledge into practice - although it was a real challenge to complete the assignments beside my job. Now looking forward to the next chapter!

von Prakriti M

Mar 28, 2017

Each Module of this course is about the actual work that is done in this field. If you enjoy being challenged this is the course for you.

von Thomas L

Jul 11, 2017

This is a great course!

von ChiChin C

Nov 03, 2016

very nice and detail course.

von Nicolas D G N

Jul 19, 2017


von Soyeon S

Feb 04, 2018

Such a wonderful experience do interviewing people and write ideas.

von harshitha

Feb 27, 2016

Really good course.

Helped me understand the importance of interviews in making a product

Helped me come up with many ideas for a single problem

gave me a 260 degree view of user experience

von Tetiana T

Apr 23, 2018

Really useful course!

von Ana C J

Aug 09, 2016

Muy util !! me encanto

von Abhyuday D

Dec 14, 2016

Very informative Course. Clear value addition.

von Muhammad R H

Nov 20, 2017

very much engaging !