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Have you ever gotten really excited about reading or writing a business plan? You might have started out excited, but I’m going to bet you didn’t stay that way. Let’s be honest- business plans are boring and mostly ignored. The beauty of the one-page Business Model Canvas is that it drives meaningful focus. It helps us organize our ideas and have better discussions by forcing specificity and bringing linkages between key business drivers to the foreground. Innovation requires one hand being very focused on a fundamental need or problem while the other hand quickly tests different solutions. For this, the Business Model Canvas is very innovation friendly: It's a lot easier to tweak the model and try things with something that's sitting on a single page In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia and taught by top-ranked faculty, you’ll learn key tools from the worlds of design thinking and Lean Startup to approach the Canvas with thoughtfulness, focus, and above all a test-driven approach to business model innovation....



28. Juli 2019

An excellent short yet effective course that definitely adds constructive value to all startups and large enterprises those want scientific methods to run an effective & sustainable business strategy.


18. Nov. 2019

Amazing stuff!

It is actually organized in 2 weeks but opens up so many interesting subjects to dig deeper and understand which can help taking your business to the next level.

Thanks Alex!

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von 豆生源

9. Okt. 2020


von Ridho E

5. Okt. 2020


von Chhavi K

3. Juni 2020


von Danny K

27. Jan. 2020

I learned so much from this course and got the benefits of its contents and materials. However to some extent, I still don't understand the relation of the business scope into the business model. And in comparison to my understanding on the Business Model Canvas book, I have a different interpretation. I guess that's how Alex has improvised and improved the BMC into a more actionable items. I do really appreciate, and it expanded my knowledge.

von Rabi J

8. Apr. 2018

Good course, it helped me understand the link between various concepts such as customer focus, design thinking, agile, process improvement, product management and so on, apart from learning how to use the business canvas itself.

von Freddy D

28. Juli 2019

Good tools, well explained ideas and a good well based step by step procedure to set our business idea using the Business Model Canvas in order.

von Joan W

14. Mai 2021

Very well executed, however, i found the course abit complex and i was hoping that the case studies used would be brought nearer home

von Raymond B

4. Okt. 2020

Loved It. Able to use immediately. Week 1 was straight forward whilst Week 2 I found more challenging.


4. Apr. 2020

Very useful, clear and interesting. A few more examples woudl have made it way better.

von Paillard

10. Sep. 2020

Excellent course, clear, very useful but maybe to fast on certain concepts

von Kitano, T T

2. Mai 2018

Good course for someone know about BMC already; but want a different view.

von gianluca a

23. Feb. 2019

Very good . Probably need to extend a bit more the final 2 videos

von Stefan M

9. Feb. 2021

Good course for introduction of business model canvas.

von Rizwan A

24. Juni 2020

need a little more explanation


21. Sep. 2020

Thank you very much!

von Soren G

10. Nov. 2019

Many things were too close to what I am learning in the Agile. Often repetitive. I think week 2 was the most interesting and gave me the most new input.

von Zhou S

23. Nov. 2020

the speed of talking is really not friendly.

the drawing on the video is also too mass.

von Ranganathan P

8. Juni 2019

Short course. May be best suited for beginners

von Cathryn S

6. Nov. 2020

Unfortunately this was the least helpful course I've taken on Coursera. The videos were very high level and fast-paced. I felt like I had missed another related course or that there should have been additional videos to explain further. I don't feel like I got much out of this one.

von Nick M

11. Feb. 2020

Not a fan. Couldn't get myself to complete or continue.

von jayne j

25. Sep. 2020

waste of time. hated every minute of it.

von Cesar S

25. Nov. 2020

Too basic and simple.