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This is the sixth course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. You’ll learn how to visualize and present your data findings as you complete the data analysis process. This course will show you how data visualizations, such as visual dashboards, can help bring your data to life. You’ll also explore Tableau, a data visualization platform that will help you create effective visualizations for your presentations. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Examine the importance of data visualization. - Learn how to form a compelling narrative through data stories. - Gain an understanding of how to use Tableau to create dashboards and dashboard filters. - Discover how to use Tableau to create effective visualizations. - Explore the principles and practices involved with effective presentations. - Learn how to consider potential limitations associated with the data in your presentations. - Understand how to apply best practices to a Q&A with your audience....



11. Dez. 2021

This course taught me a lot about data visualisations, dashboarding and presenting to an audience in an extremely insightful way. I was well presented and well worth the time and effort I put into it.


25. Nov. 2021

A comprehensive course with various techniques of visualizations and presentation. It introduced me to the world of Tableau, and its possibilities to prepare interactive visualizations and dashboards.

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von shashank k

12. Dez. 2021


von Dennis P

13. Juli 2022


von Giacomo P

9. Jan. 2022


von Ahmed E

2. Jan. 2022


von Ajinkya M

26. Dez. 2021


von mayur c

29. Okt. 2021


von Keen C

20. Juni 2021


von Anupama R

27. Mai 2021


von Juney C J Y

17. Juli 2021

von Sergey M

31. Aug. 2021

T​he worst out of all so far. Love the series of courses, thank you Google for creating it, but data visualization course is poorly designed in my opinion. Too much effort is made on linguistics instead of substance and by that I mean not effective communication techniques, but learning the preferred terms to call certain things. Certain quizes will literally give me synonyms for words meaning the same thing, but only one is correct. How does that make me a better visual designer in data analysis?

Also, maybe I am bias because I really do not like Tableau and I do not understand why after learning SQL we go straight into the software that is designed to use visual queries instead of SQL so that people who don't know SQL will have easier time using it... Redash and Metabase might be tricky to deploy, but at least with them you use actual SQL to build visualizations, not GUI.

von antoinette

17. Apr. 2022

There was a great deal of material on presentation skills and how to apply the basics for a good data visualization and I am very greatful for that. It did allow me to learn more and I am sure that my future presentations will improve significantly.

However, I have to say that there are two specific aspects about this course that could definitely be improved.

First, it seems like the course material could be condensed to get rid of all the repetition! Practice what you preach kind of recommendation!

Second, the sections about Tableau were very confusing. We were supposed to follow along using a different version of Tableau than the one used in the presentation. I had a lot of issues with that and I even decided that I needed another course on Tableau from another resource. That is quite unfortunate. That is the reason why I gave 3 stars.

von Amelia S

14. Juli 2022

I was sort of disappointed with this course. I liked the presenter, and the general outline of it, but I feel a bit shortchanged when it came to Tableau. For one thing, Tableau Public seems to have gotten a bit more limited since this course was created. For another thing, it was a smaller portion of the class than I think it should have been. I wish the course had used a more robust tool and spent more time with it.

The emphasis on soft skills and storytelling is probably necessary for a lot of people who want to get into data analysis, but as a former novelist, the whole concept of "data storytelling" always feels a bit forced to me. I appreciate that they're trying to liven things up, but it's an awkward metaphor that doesn't fit all that well.

von Nevin M

17. Juli 2022

I think this course needs a bit more hands-on activities and visualization building examples. While there are a few basic examples with Tableau and Google Sheets, I would have appreciated a Google Data Studio (or Earth Engine) example or maybe an example demonstrating linking data dynamic data (living in a SQL database, Kaggle, or even GitHub) to visualization software. I would have really enjoyed additional best practice methods or savvy visualization techniques. Overall, I appreciated all the material in this course. However, I felt that the information on presentations and communicating to stakeholders was slightly too surface level, dry, and too lengthy.

von Robert M

17. Feb. 2022

The weakest course in the program. Clearly, Tableau isn't taught over a few 5 minutes videos watching someone clicking here and there. There is a missed opportunity to give more explanation about BI tools in general, and provide a better fondation in Tableau.

Also, this course is definitely different than the other ones in the type of content that is being taught. It's more "artistict" than other sections so it might get boring for people who are more into the "back end" of data. Still, I feel that the course should be more interesting for people who are less into visualization.

von Jana C

6. Sep. 2021

D​ata visualisation is certainly an important topic and all required basic skills are taught in this course. However, the quizzes are unnecessarily hard and miss the point. Although I understood all contents and had no problem to follow the course, I often failed the tests completely. As a non-native English-speaker I had a very hard time to understand the subtleties between the given answers. Moreover, sometimes useless details were ask in quizzes, such as the shape of tableau tools.

von Anthony D

31. Aug. 2021

Este nivel en particular no me pareció lo suficientemente extensivo en cuanto al contenido de Tableu. Considero que debieron explicar con mayor profundidad el uso de esta herramienta tan importante; considero que no explicaron absolutamente nada que no pudiera aprender por mi cuenta en un video de 5 minutos de YouTube.

En cuanto al material que dieron para crear presentaciones y las consideraciones que debes tomar al momento de realizar un gráfico, me pareció excelente y muy completo.

von Kevin

24. Nov. 2021

T​he course provides a solid general overview of Tableau, but there is simply not enough technical content here. A large portion of the 2nd half of the course covers basic public speaking and presentation advice, most of which is common sense and none of which helps you develop technical proficiency with Tableau or any other visualization tool. There is about 1.5 weeks' worth of technical content in this 4-week course. Disappointing.

von Joseph G

20. Juli 2021

All too often the instructor's instructions didn't match with what I was supposed to do. I also thought much of the information was repetitive with a lot of filler. Data sources also didn't convert well in a couple of cases. I thought Tableau was skimmed over to such an extent that I found an online course and have been taking that. It dives into much greater detail. Of the six courses I've completed, this was the weakest by far.

von Jamshyd V

10. Aug. 2022

The instructor was very, very good - speaks clearly + uses good body language and hand gestures while speaking. This course also provides some very good tips on presenting skills. However, it falls short in its explanations of Tableau. It provides minimal info in its videos, and asks you to do a lot of research on your own - doing just the course would not make you comfortable with Tableau. Still, a good course.

von L

4. Juli 2021

If you have a background in graphic design and art, a lot of this is simply rehash or stuff you already know. Also, there is a lot of fluff. What is useful is the practice and run down on using TABLEAU (data viz web app) and the decision tree and application of it in selecting charts and dashboards. Sequential instructions have errors and many tasks and assignments are over-blown and extraneous.

von Tiff

21. Apr. 2021

The pacing and structure between reading and video materials are not as interesting structured as other courses. There is also too much technical information packed in reading materials that I think should be spaced out also as video step-by-steps.

Still a good course but compares to other ones in the series it is leaning towards the dry side... and it is a course specialized in story telling...

von D T

11. Aug. 2021

This review is entirely based on accessibility of the course for people with hearing problem. The sound of the of the tutor is very low and unlike other courses for this one have to use 100% volume to hear it properly. Typical example of accessibility issue. Otherwise the course content and the skill of the tutor are excellent unfortunately the sound let it down hence I only give 3 stars.

von Pablo

27. Mai 2022

W​orst part of the course so far. The tools that were introduced (tableau) required much more time to introduce properly and the quizzes were pretty much just focused on one learning specific terms from the videos without really thinking about the ideas. The section on presentations was useful but far too much time was dedicated to it and not enough to other things.

von Vanessa G

5. Sep. 2021

​This course offered a lot of insight into the use of Tableau and some good techniques for presenting material to audiences. I don't think that - despite the instructor's enthusiasm for David Mcandless; that the instructor taught from his own experiences enough.

M​ore could be improved upon or try to find a different instructor whose teaching method isn't so biased.

von Siroros R

18. Apr. 2021

I dont like the pie chart especially the 3d pie charts. Actually pie chart is not the best practice chart. To use this the course should provide the cautions of using this. Unfortunately, the pie chart was used a lot. What I love about this course is there is the link to Information is beautiful which is every useful for exploring the visualization community