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This course addresses recorded vocal performances and the technologies used to highlight and support them in modern record production and mixes. Most of us know that vocals serve as the focal point of modern recordings but many do not know the tools used or when the tools are used best in modern record production. The course begins with simple vocal placement in a mix, where you will also learn the fundamentals of compression and equalization. You’ll further study delays and reverbs before moving to advanced concepts in audio editing, synthetic processing, automatic & graphic pitch correction, time compression, time expansion, flex and elastic audio. Through analysis and/or hands on projects that the students will post for peer review, the student will gain an understanding of the many choices available to modern record producers as they record and mix with a modern tool set. You’ll see, in action, the Vocoder, Auto-Tune, Melodyne, Elastic Audio, Flex Time, VocAlign, tempo based editing and a host of other file modification protocols that are readily available on most Digital Audio Workstations. This course gives students a thorough look at the expanded choices that have risen in the art of vocal production as a result of these modern tools. The goal of the course is to help interested novices understand the recordings they are listening to, performers find an expanded language for their recorded voices and for vocal producers to be able to create musically artistic visualizations using singers as their paintbrushes....



26. Nov. 2018

This course was really fun, I have learned so much. And I am glad I took the time to complete it. I work with vocals all the time. And now I feel much more confident now. Thank you Mr Prince.


7. Sep. 2021

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was so clearly explained and the information presented has improved my knowledge and ability in music production. Thank you very much!

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von Milena P

10. Juni 2019

Requires a little bit of knowledge about DAWs, especially Pro Tools.

If I hadn't taken classes on Pro Tools before I would have a hard time understanding and following what's being done during the course in order to achieve the concepts explained.

von Shervon F

28. Mai 2021

this course was insightful and have help me observed the errors i have been making in the area of vocal production, it was easy to follow and learn i just love the aspect

von Bruno A

3. Juli 2017

It is a good course but the videos made it kind of boring. It misses some practical exercises.

von Premdas

30. Sep. 2017

Real Good. Very helpful to get a overall idea of the Vocal Production industry!

von Olivier J

3. Juli 2017

Really interesting topics. Very helpfull for vocal mixing and production !

von Abbate N

1. Aug. 2017

Well explained basic concepts about vocal production. Worth it!

von Steveson

6. Apr. 2019

A must for beginners, Thanks to you sir and coursera.

von Ali A

3. Aug. 2017

Really great course,

awesome techniques

von Ziqi F

5. Aug. 2019

Good course!

von Ishan k

30. Juni 2020

nice course

von Joshua M

10. Sep. 2019

Fairly old program which shouldn't be included in the specialisation course as all the information is available free anyway. The quizzes aren't all that hard and don't challenge the student much. No in-video questions and no resources helping out.

The teacher is great and explains the topics wonderfully.

von Maíra d S J

28. März 2020

The course was very good, but I'm disappointed that I can't have a certificate for this course. I have no interest on completing all the courses of the specialization. That was very bad. I suggest that each course of the specialization could offer a certificate separately.

von Jordan S W

13. Okt. 2017

I didnt really like this course, maybe I just picked the wrong course or it was just to much of an intro course or something, seemed very repetitive, some people may find the info in it insightful.

von Pablo M C

17. Mai 2020

The format of this course is really poor. It would have been nice to have a better step by step on how to use the plugins, have different performances. For me, it was the worst of the courses on the Electronic Music Production Specialization.

von Candy W

22. Apr. 2020

I really didn't like this course, and I'd like to withdraw from it. How do I do that?

von Théo M

8. Sep. 2019

Really Basic course not a lot of important and Artistic Uses.

von rick v

27. Dez. 2016