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In this course you will learn three key website programming and design languages: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You will create a web page using basic elements to control layout and style. Additionally, your web page will support interactivity. At the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Define the purpose of HTML, CSS and JavaScript 2. Make a simple web page using HTML 3. Use CSS to control text styles and layout 4. Use CSS libraries such as Bootstrap to create responsive layouts 5. Use JavaScript variables and functions 6. Manipulate web page content using JavaScript 7. Respond to user input using JavaScript In this course, you will complete: 2 assignments writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript, each taking ~1 hour to complete 4 quizzes, each taking ~20 minutes to complete 1 programming exercise~30 minutes to complete multiple practice quizzes, each taking ~5 minutes to complete Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes....



May 27, 2018

This is an excellent course for the basics in html, css and js I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wanted to build a simple but interactive website using one of the many frameworks available


Oct 11, 2017

Thought the course did a great job of teaching the basics without getting too ahead of itself. All of the sample code was well commented out to explain exactly what the code did which was very helpful

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von Mark G

Nov 07, 2015

There was a lot of questions on the tests that were never covered in the videos.

von Sidharth S

Feb 07, 2016

Leaves out so much of basic stuff. I think this course is for 4th graders.

von Bryan M

Apr 04, 2017

University of Michigan is the way to go, This course is very out of date

von Giannis P

May 16, 2016

It consists mostly of video lectures there is a lack of coding exercises

von Fazla R M

Dec 31, 2015

almost it a frustating after one week.not details.

von Lucio O d O J

Apr 12, 2017

Absolutely too perfunctory. Just a very slight notion of the subject.

von kexin

Jan 25, 2016

really basic course. The second lecturer is disappointing.....

von Jairo J O

Oct 15, 2015

It can be better! However I learnt useful tips!

von Andrea L

Sep 18, 2015

Very easy. Not worth the money it requests.

von Ingrid H T H A

May 09, 2016

It can improve a lot.

von Monica J

Nov 26, 2015

Good for beginners.

von Ignacio N

Sep 13, 2017

Very basic

von louni m a

Jan 17, 2019

to easy

von Amy B

Oct 15, 2016

The concept of the course is excellent--short videos, quizzes, activity. The execution is extremely poor--the short quizzes often do not emphasize the elements focused upon in the video OR ask questions addressed in the next video (not the one just viewed) OR address issues that are not raised at all in this particular course (but issues from other courses in the specialization). One is penalized for being late with assignments and must shift to a new session if one is late. The weekly tests are absolutely ridiculous--they ask questions requiring the application of concepts which were barely covered, concepts which were not reviewed, or which require real world knowledge which cannot be assumed for someone who has no experience in this field.

von Antonio S J

Mar 02, 2019

Não gostei do curso por isso abandonei e continuam a me cobrar o valor de 43 Euros, ou seja paguei duas vezes por algo que nao gostei e que claramente nao uso mais, peço a gentileza que devolvam a ultima parcela indevidamente cobrada e que nao voltem mais a cobrar, pois mando varios emails e nao respondem em meu auxilio nesta questao. Obs: Este curso nao condiz com a grandeza desta Universidade de Londres e nem aos seus doutores, pois tem pedagogia fraca e metodo de estudo q deixa muito a desejar, onde os proprios estudantes iniciantes devem corrigir os trabalhos de outros iniciantes, lamentável. I want my money back , please! Stop sending this bill regarding course that i am not doing ! Antonio Sergio

von Jamie N

Mar 02, 2016

Only shows a bit of javascript, css, and html snippets. If you expect to learn from this course, dont bother they mostly refer you to They assume everyone knows how to code in html, javascript and css. At one point in the course the teacher says, if you don't know: Google, Yahoo,etc., but if you are going to have to google 99% of things, it's pointless taking this course.

von eli b n

Dec 30, 2015

Very low level , im sorry but this cant be even considered a good intro to HTML,CSS im going to stop wasting my time watching this.

no chllange in the assignments or questions , + more of an overview of the basics then the basics ..

von Assaf M

Aug 17, 2017

The course is very shallow both in terms of what it covers and its explanations. The organization is also poorly done. I ended up taking html, css and javascript for web developers which is much better in every single account.

von Mohamed R

May 01, 2016

It's really not good this course told us a very basic things never give us deep detail and in most of course it shows us the code and you should write like this but there is no deep understand what is it

von Deleted A

Dec 17, 2015

so i will give one star because the title is misleading. I was expecting a course about responsive UI for website. But is yet again a basic introduction to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

von Guilhem

Sep 22, 2017

Very easy. Don't expect beeing anything close to a web developer after this course. This is more a course to discover quickly the job.

von Ming Y

Jan 30, 2016

Course content is way too easy and inadequate to do any useful work.

von Marina K

Jan 02, 2017

Great title of lection but their content's scarce

von Abdul R

Jun 28, 2017

Couldn't explain JavaScript properly.

von Haidy S

Sep 10, 2019

the course is very poor in content