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Ever wondered why some things become popular, and other don't? Why some products become hits while others flop? Why some ideas take off while others languish? What are the key ideas behind viral marketing? This course explains how things catch on and helps you apply these ideas to be more effective at marketing your ideas, brands, or products. You'll learn how to make ideas stick, how to increase your influence, how to generate more word of mouth, and how to use the power of social networks to spread information and influence. Drawing on principles from his best-selling book, "Contagious: Why Things Catch On," Professor Jonah Berger illustrates successful strategies for you to use buzz to create virality so that your campaigns become more shareable on social media and elsewhere. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of how to craft contagious content, build stickier messages, and get any product, idea, or behavior to catch on....



25. Juli 2020

Educational and eye opening, the instructor offered amazing content with examples and links to further look into the topics mentioned. A great tool to have for anyone in business, sales, or marketing.


4. Apr. 2020

The course is very helpful and informative. I enjoy all the examples and materials of it. Totally recommend this course to people who want to further improve their influence as an effective marketer!

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