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The simple spreadsheet is one of the most powerful data analysis tools that exists, and it’s available to almost anyone. Major corporations and small businesses alike use spreadsheet models to determine where key measures of their success are now, and where they are likely to be in the future. But in order to get the most out of a spreadsheet, you have the know-how to use it. This course is designed to give you an introduction to basic spreadsheet tools and formulas so that you can begin harness the power of spreadsheets to map the data you have now and to predict the data you may have in the future. Through short, easy-to-follow demonstrations, you’ll learn how to use Excel or Sheets so that you can begin to build models and decision trees in future courses in this Specialization. Basic familiarity with, and access to, Excel or Sheets is required....



21. Juni 2017

This course has made me understand cost accounting, has provided a fresh perspective on how to solve some of the challenges i had with management accounting and as a bonus, made me love maths again :)


11. Juni 2020

The course is worth the time , the faculty teaches you about some complicated advance formulae with so much clarity and ease that even beginners can be pro in excel related to business and finance.

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von Blake W

4. Juli 2016

I've only taken 2 classes with Wharton online. This and Intro to financial accounting. Financial accounting is awesome. It taught smoothly and explained things well. This class jumped around and didn't give full explanations and had questions on one quiz that we didn't learn until the next week.

von Lacey J

18. Juli 2018

This course was helpful, however not particularly instructive. A lot of the specifics on how to do things in spreadsheets were quickly glossed over. The course notes were not particularly useful. The exams seemed prone to errors in grading and Coursera was unresponsive in resolving the issues.

von Luis M M d S

29. Apr. 2018

I have expirience using montecarlo and excel statistical functions. Unfortunantly the exams were very confusing and the open questions hard to answear not because of the difficulty but to get the particular answear asked by the teacher.

This module should be developed more deeply

von Mark J F

9. Juli 2022

The question on the quizes are so broad that makes it really difficult to answer the questions, some mistakes I've noticed are the indicated cells on excel on the question are wrongly selected, which makes it more diffficult to figure out what the question is trying to ask.

von Xiaohang W G

1. Apr. 2017

Definitely could be more systematic and clear. Sample spreadsheets could be improved in many ways and any attention to detail would do this course much good. Tests and quizzes also could benefit a lot with a revise-currently plenty of confusion with phrases and wording.

von Jeosiah C

12. Aug. 2019

The lectures were too focused on the examples that are discussed in them. There is little explanation as to why the skill is important. Improvements should also be made in explaining when and how to use the skills and functions being taught throughout the course.

von Ashwin C

24. Sep. 2020

Lectures were great and the professor provided very valuable and applicable examples. The quiz format was made very poorly with no feedback on why the question was marked incorrect. Often times, certain questions in the quiz were not covered during lecture.

von Kishore V R

9. Feb. 2021

THe lecture was quite tedious, with the professor, going into too many trivial details. Week 4, could have been done within 1 video, not sure why they were spread across multiple modules. In fact the whole course could have been compressed into 2 weeks.

von Gabriel A

14. Aug. 2020

Poorly made with very little thought gone into the making of this specific course. Youtube was a great supplementary information hub where many of the topics were discussed in more depth than in this course itself! Overall, a very unhappy experience.

von houman h

15. Aug. 2018

The course was helpful. However, it was not organized and some questions in quizzes where not covered (briefly explained) in the course.

There were unnecessary information in the slides and there was technically no reading material for this course.

von Joanne Z

25. Dez. 2016

I don't feel learning much after the class. Particularly I think the video should be better made to present the spreadsheet content more clearly and i think there should be more emphasis on important points during the lecture session.

von Chris G

31. Juli 2020

Did not sufficiently walk through building models, only showed completed models and formulas. Rushed through model building and fundamental statistics explanation. Would have liked more in-depth model building, formulas, and stats.

von Bryan D

29. Jan. 2017

The slides are not at all helpful. Unfortunately, this is a far less useful course than the companions in the specialization. The quizzes tend to be glitchy, and have a maddening propensity to have users type formulas,

von Olivia E

13. Mai 2020

Poorer quality than other courses. Content was sparse and poorly explained in parts, and quizzes didn't help with learning as well as they could have. The Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling course is much better.

von Michael A

28. Feb. 2018

There were issues with both slides and quiz questions. The team of instructors and TD's may be masters of their material but they lack the ability to create a meaningful and endorsable learning experience.

von Robert S

20. Apr. 2020

Not very helpful or in depth compared to other courses in this specialization. Skimmed the top of topics without really providing much in terms of actually operating the tools of spreadsheets and models

von Hang X

26. Dez. 2021

This course doesn't have adequate amount of explanation in related contents. Quiz questions are hard to understand and confusing. I do not wish to continue with this any more. I want my time back!

von Ephraim B

18. Mai 2017

Decent content; really, really bad quizzes. Considering it's taught by the head of Wharton Online, you'd think they'd know how to structure quiz content for this delivery medium. You'd be wrong.

von Eric L

28. Mai 2021

I love the content of this class, but teacher did not present it well, examples weren't great, and quiz questions were really confusing even if you did comprehend the material

von Kimberly T

13. März 2017

I was expecting an intro course for beginners... this was not it. I'd say this is more of a refresher course for intermediate/advanced users who are out of practice.

von Asif B S

9. Apr. 2016

1st 3 weeks were helpful but questions of the quiz were unclear & improvement is really necessary but still an ok course for basic learners.It could be much better

von Harrison

1. Jan. 2020

A lot of the questions end up being opinions and I would have liked to go further in depth with using Excel. Many questions were not answered well by the videos.

von Fahad A H

24. Juni 2016

I didn't know how to make cashflow assumptions. Also, instructor jumps from one lesson to another without enough explanation how did he reach to the solution

von Dave S

10. Nov. 2016

Weak, definitely not what I would call a "course". Should have been at least twice as long to give more depth. Also, too many type-in answers for quizzes.

von jaydeep c

30. Mai 2018

The course was good in the sense that it gave at least some idea about spreadsheet model however conceptually very less scope was there for learning.