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How can you put data to work for you? Specifically, how can numbers in a spreadsheet tell us about present and past business activities, and how can we use them to forecast the future? The answer is in building quantitative models, and this course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals of this critical, foundational, business skill. Through a series of short lectures, demonstrations, and assignments, you’ll learn the key ideas and process of quantitative modeling so that you can begin to create your own models for your own business or enterprise. By the end of this course, you will have seen a variety of practical commonly used quantitative models as well as the building blocks that will allow you to start structuring your own models. These building blocks will be put to use in the other courses in this Specialization....



15. Juni 2019

Very clear and articulate explanation of the concepts. He doesn't skip a step in the sequencing ideas, drawing comparisons and differences, and illustrating both visually and story-telling. Excellent.


30. Juli 2019

Very nice course for beginner, the mathematic level is not high (around french baccalaureat) so available to everyone. I enjoyed a lot this course that show how simple math can be used in real life.

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von Guilherme R d O N

17. Okt. 2018

It could've gone deeper into the topic. Although it's called Fundamentals of quantitative modeling it don't got to be to basic.

von Jaison M W R

10. Mai 2017

This Course is very good for beginners who have absolutely no knowledge of Modelling. For Professionals, it is not of much use.

von Loti K

26. Feb. 2017

I was expecting the course to provide insight on how to use spread sheet and its respective formulae in mathematical modelling.

von Ali A

11. Mai 2017

Well put together, however, if you have had a reasonable high school math education, most of the content will be known to you.

von Chad F

23. Juli 2017

It would have been much more helpful to have practice opportunities besides the exam and exampled. I wanted to try it myself!

von Pratik M

4. Sep. 2020

The instructor is good. Course material is very basic. However, it is not for someone having no knowledge of statistics.

von Frank

22. März 2017

As a guy from Machine Learning field, its models and concepts are so easy and simple for me, so it's lack of challenge.

von Yoann D

28. Jan. 2019

More concrete exercises would have helped to anchor some principles. This was mostly a succession of videos and a quiz

von Nilesh K S

30. März 2020

This subject is totally numerical based, There should be more focus on numerical instead of theoretical knowledge.

von Zack Y

8. Okt. 2017

I felt that there were insufficient examples to help us gain a better understanding of the concepts being taught

von Victor

25. Feb. 2020

Many of the fundamentals are not explained. For example in Week 4 it is not explained how to calculate R2 or r

von Prannoy K

16. Feb. 2016

Assignments should be evaluated for all users (unpaid ones as well) like it is done for other Wharton courses.

von Charles C W

10. Mai 2018

Perhaps I was expecting too much given the reputation of the institution, but this is a course for beginners.

von Pedro B

17. Juni 2017

Could come a bit deeper in more complex examples at the end of the course. Most of them were too simple.

von Mingyu W

1. Feb. 2021

I think this course is too easy for students with Probability and Mathematical Statistics knowledges...

von Yuan Z

9. März 2019

General description of the modeling, need further work or pre-understandings for some of the contents.

von Johnny V

10. Juli 2016

Felt a little rudimentary until the last week. I hope the specialization picks up after this point.

von Michael S

6. Dez. 2017

Not enough about formulas or real world application. Was hoping to see examples applied in Excel.

von Sidney A

8. Mai 2016

Nice primer for modeling, but wish there were more workable problems to help hit the point home.

von Bharat J

20. Juni 2020

Too descriptive for a quantitative course. Would've preferred more problem solving exercises.

von Eike A H

9. Sep. 2019

-no explanation on errors

-too theoretical and abstract with lack of examples and own practice

von S B

26. März 2018

Could have been more advanced from the perspective of practical use-cases of data modeling.

von jyoti v

23. Okt. 2018

The course is a bit too introductory for me. I'm looking for more challenging material.

von Kangkang W

17. Okt. 2016

most contents are explicit on ppt, it is sometimes not necessary to view the lectures.

von Juan C P

17. Aug. 2022

Ejercicios que requieran de mayor complejidad práctica pueden resultar beneficiosos