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When is it good business practice to invest for social good? What are the most innovative and effective business strategies for developing positive social impact around the world? Designed by renowned Wharton professors Katherine Klein and Chris Geczy to help individuals, organizations, and investors bring about societal change, this course introduces the fundamentals of impact investing, and developing a business strategy that drives social impact. You’ll learn how to become a leader who cultivates purpose and inspires change, measure societal impact through evidence-based models, and invest in ventures effectively and meaningfully. By the end of this course, you’ll have a deep understanding of the realities of leading an organization with purpose, and be able to build successful strategies that bring impactful change to the world....



21. Dez. 2020

This is a very awesome course. Although it is a relatively new field for me, I have really learned so much about social impact and investment in general. I really hope to put this to good use.


31. Dez. 2017

Great course; very insightful look into how business and other organizations can effect positive social impact in the course of achieving their objectives and completing routines.

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von Elke R

19. Okt. 2020

Great introduction, definitely provided me with a better understanding of where organizations can have impact, and how to measure it.

von Danille J

5. Juni 2020

This course made me think much deeper about purpose and passion and how I'd like to contribute to greater social impact in my career.

von Karl L A M Y

27. März 2020

SO much leanings taking this course. It is certainly beneficial to my current and future work as Human Resource practitioner.

von Palash J

27. Apr. 2020

This course gave a great insight on Strategies related to Social Impact, just loved the concepts and techniques discussed.

von Evgeniya P

5. Feb. 2019

Katherine part was very interesting and I couldn't stop watching the videos. But the last week was a bit disappointing.

von AnyBodyCanDevelop -

3. März 2020

The examples from CEO's was inspiring and got my attention.

Lessons were very practical and I could easily relate with.

von Yvonne L

11. Mai 2021

I learned a lot. The part about impact investing was a bit too complicated for me not having a financial background.

von Alfredo R

7. Mai 2020

Some concepts were a bit complex for an online course or needed to be more interactive, mainly the las module

von Joanna C

21. Juni 2020

Some of the case studies are becoming a little dated. Also consider including some international examples.

von Katja T

30. Jan. 2022

Good Introduction to the topic. Would have preferred more details and different examples though.

von Maria F M T

12. März 2020

Impact investing module uses data from research conducted in 2001, 2003. We are in 2020.

von Nancy L

30. März 2022

Good. a systematic approach to learning social impact investing.

von Dilip B

25. Juni 2020

The lecturer for the last week didn't present his ideas clearly.

von Aditi P

31. Juli 2018

First 3 weeks are great!

von Muhammad S

13. Mai 2020

good material, teacher

von Debbie B

2. Okt. 2018

Good overview.

von frankzou

21. Mai 2018

Great Intro

von cristina o

18. Dez. 2021

Although I gave it 3 stars, it doesn't mean it's not good enough. I just have two criticisms: first, the actual strategies that can be used by social-impact businesses could have been better conceptualised. The interviews are very useful because they offer real-world examples, however in a training provided by academics I would expect to see a systemisation by general categories, not just specific examples. In this sense, I don't think the interviews are optional, but actually form a great part of the course itself. My second criticism echoes what many other students said about the gap between the first three modules and the fourth. I found the last module to start quite abruptly on the assumption that we should know already basic notions like assets, for example, to which the previous ones had not contributed at all. I wasn't even sure what the base of the pyramid was referring to in this context and had to wait a little bit to understand. Apart from these criticisms, I actually enjoyed a lot the course and did learn many useful things, especially as a person new to social impact.

von Ashlea W

24. Juni 2020

This course really delivered on the spectrum of strategies for social impact. Modules 2 and 3 are by far the best and most useful - well produced, with punchy, compelling content. Module 1 felt a bit slow and not overly relevant as I didn't have an organisation to apply the exercises to. Module 4 felt very disconnected from the rest of the course. it was so jarring to go from the concepts under discussion in short videos into multiple, long videos of complex financial terminology which felt mismatched to the level of the prior modules.

von adrienne w

2. Dez. 2020

Weeks 1-3 were as described and appropriate for the entry level or intermediate learner. Week 4 was a stark departure from the other curriculum and seemed very out of place. It got in the weeds and niche, and generally requires more than a baseline comprehension of investing.

von Niklas J

17. Mai 2021

The course is a decent introduction to the area, but the impact investing module, my reason for enrolling, was disappointing. It was very academic and - in my opinion as an investor and holder of an M.Sc. in Finance - almost missing the point.

von Fischer M

9. Dez. 2020

The first three modules were very clear and interesting, however the last module seemed out of place and way too complicated compared to the rest of the course. It was hard to keep up and to understand the link with the previous lectures.

von motswedi m

24. Mai 2020

the course was very insightful and informative. However, i couldn't relate to some of the information and examples given to drive the point home.

von Marcela L

6. Okt. 2020


von Mukul P

27. Aug. 2018

Very hollow in nature. The other courses are far better.