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Have you ever heard about medieval mysticism or medieval heresies? Have you ever wondered about the particular role women played in medieval spirituality? Do Hildegard of Bingen, Clare of Assisi, Marguerite Porete, the Cathar ladies or Isabel de Villena ring a bell? Have you ever felt like you wanted to know more about them? If your answer to any of these questions was yes, then this MOOC, A voice of their own. Women’s spirituality in the Middle ages is what you were looking for. A Voice of their own is much more than a course. It is an invitation to follow the paths traced by the spiritual experiences of medieval women. It is a challenge that, should you let it, will take you to places where you will see and hear things that will astonish you. Here you will find medieval women playing a major role in the spiritual transformations of the Middle Ages, founding monastic movements and orders, writing about their experiences, traveling the roads of Europe to spread their ideas, creating spiritual landscapes, as well as both material an intangible architectures. In this MOOC, these women will speak to you from the past, and you'll see that their voices still hold great validity in the present....



28. Mai 2020

Exactly what I needed. I thought I knew a fair bit about medieval female spirituality, but this course provided a fabulous look into areas and groups I have never discovered. Thank you!


21. Feb. 2021

Very well presented course on a captivating subject. Thank you for all your effort and time in making this happen.

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von Bruna F

30. Aug. 2020

How I enjoy this course! And how important it is! For we basically never hear about religious women in the middle ages, and I gained so much fantastic knowledge here! Thank you to all involved in putting their efforts on spreading information that are not easily accessible to the grand public and in mainstream media. Great public service on helping disseminate the voices of such interesting and wonderful historical women!

von Kathy C

29. Jan. 2021

What an interesting course, rather unique. It could be a little hard to understand some of the speakers, so I used subtitles for some of them.

At the end of the course, there is information about a wonderful website they've made about monastaries / nunneries in Spain--it's so well done, I'll use it the next time I take a vacation there.

I thank them for offering this course!

von Sheila H

22. März 2021

An introduction to an topic that is a little uncommon. The detail and level of scholarship is impressive. The course covers a lot of ground very efficiently and with great enthusiasm. Whilst ranging over western European Christianity it has an interesting focus on the history of women's spirituality on the Iberian peninsula with a particular emphasis on Catalonia.

von Dora I B

10. Aug. 2021

e​xcelente curso con un enfoque novedoso y actualizado del papel desarrollado por mujeres en estos periodos tan poco conocidos, por lo menos para mí Como Profesora de Literatura fue muy placentero acceder a los espacios privados de la mística. Sumamente interesante el aporte de Victoria Cirlot al que accedi por la web.

von Maya B

24. Apr. 2020

Very informative course!! I enjoyed it a lot and learned things that I never knew about women's spirituality. As a religious studies minor I was very pleased with all of the information that was provided in the course and now have a new interest in this topic :)

von Teresa Y

8. Sep. 2020

The course brings me to a new level of understanding about women's spirituality in the middle ages. Their hardships and perseverance have been the legacy for the voice of many women who are promoting social justice and peace in today's world.

von Amada I D M

7. Juni 2020

This is an amazing course to learn more about history and how the female movement nowadays were influenced by the women who want to express their spirituality in the past.

von fernando g u

30. März 2020

Muy buen curso.No lo voy a terminar por la dinámica de la universidad de barcelona de no hacer los cursos en español.

von Gabriela D

17. Juni 2020

Beautiful and informative course.

von luce n

23. Aug. 2021

Very interesting and relevant.

von Peta O (

12. Apr. 2019

Very enjoyable

von Paula M F S

24. Feb. 2019


von Mona A A

30. Aug. 2020


von Carol L

3. Aug. 2021

Great course! Wonderful information provided with valuable bibliographies so I can continue researching the topic. The presentations were beautifully shot and the presenters interesting. I learned a great deal. My only criticism regards the quizzes and assignments. The initial quizzes often focused on side issues and some of the answers were actually wrong. So it took me several times to pass the initial quizzes which may prove too discouraging for some people taking the course. As evident from the forums, there were also issues around finding people to grade one's assignments. However, I would readily recommend the course and am very glad I completed it.

von Raquel R I

3. Dez. 2020

Los contenidos están realmente bien. Es un curso muy completo e interesante. Sin embargo, las transcripciones de los vídeos deben ser revisadas y mejoradas, pues hay un buen número de palabras ininteligibles, además de errores que dificultan la relectura una vez finalizado el vídeo (como los comandos para la itálica, que no sólo no funcionan, sino que son ilegibles para el cuadro de texto que presenta Coursera). Son pequeños fallos técnicos a mejorar, pero el curso es muy recomendable.

von Guey-Mei

30. März 2021

With several things to be improved, this course is best for those who "only want to learn history but don't care about quizzes and certification". I have learned something, which is pretty good, but I wish that there had been more support in learning or assignments. Some quizzes were not very helpful, and the instructions weren't exactly clear. Still, the content is interesting.

von Susan H

14. Okt. 2020

A really enjoyable and intriguing course that opened up a whole world to me. As I have poor internet, I mainly worked from the transcripts, which are hard to read as they are mostly not broken up into paragraphs. they also contain the occasional solipsism. I am an avid lover of Catalonia and Barcelona, so this course was perfect for me.

von Gloria A R

21. Sep. 2021

Es un curso realmente interesante sobre el rol femenino en el mundo espiritual en la Edad Media. Me ha encantado cada uno de los temas. Lo recomiendo totalmente. La única pega que pondría es que a algunos de los ponentes no se les entendía casi al hablar, y era complicado seguir la clase sin los subtítulos.

von Cindy S

6. Dez. 2020

An amazingly rich course. I rated the course 4 instead of 5 stars as the quiz questions were a bit confusing and unclear. It would have been helpful to have a discussion about the correct quiz answers. Thank you for a informative course!

von Ilse d Y C

7. März 2021

Although I have a BA in History, I have found this course to be too technical, as well as boring. The quiz questions are often "memoristic", and dwell upon small details (names and specific dates) mentioned in the videos, instead of asking about central, broader ideas. I would not recommend anyone from taking this class. What a pity.