Welcome, general introduction to the MOOC and practicalities (Lauren Verheijen)

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Sep 24, 2019

The MOOC was very information and brought a new understand of the Goals of SDGs. Also it has opened my mind towards SDGs and business world connection in the benefit of both.


May 19, 2020

A relatively easy and well-paced course with interesting case studies. Encourages you to take action towards sustainable development through its Hummingbird Challenges.

Aus der Unterrichtseinheit
Week 1: Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals

Unterrichtet von

  • Eva Rood

    Eva Rood

    Director, Positive Change Initiative
  • Steve Kennedy

    Steve Kennedy

    Associate Professor corporate sustainability
  • Rob van Tulder

    Rob van Tulder

    Professor of International Business-Society Management
  • Dirk Schoenmaker

    Dirk Schoenmaker

    Professor Banking & Finance
  • Mallory Flowers

    Mallory Flowers

    Academic researcher
  • Frank Wijen

    Frank Wijen

    Associate Professor
  • Heleen Tiemersma

    Heleen Tiemersma

    PhD Candidate and Research Associate
  • Marta Szymanowska

    Marta Szymanowska

    Associate Professor
  • Erik van Raaij

    Erik van Raaij

  • Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal

    Yashar Ghiassi-Farrokhfal

    Assistant Professor
  • Tobias Brandt

    Tobias Brandt

    Assistant Professor
  • Michaéla Schippers

    Michaéla Schippers

  • Steef van de Velde

    Steef van de Velde

  • René de Koster

    René de Koster

  • Ying Zhang

    Ying Zhang

    Associate Professor
  • Ferdinand Jaspers

    Ferdinand Jaspers

    Adjunct Professor
  • Anne-Kathrin Klesse

    Anne-Kathrin Klesse

    Assistant Professor
  • Marieke de Wal

    Marieke de Wal

    Lead researcher and managing director
  • Gabriele Jacobs

    Gabriele Jacobs

  • Amanda Williams

    Amanda Williams

    Senior Researcher
  • Cees van Dam

    Cees van Dam

  • Dianne Bevelander

    Dianne Bevelander


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