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By the end of this project, you will create a full web-site that is attractive and user friendly using a free content management system, WordPress. You will learn how to create a website utilizing themes and plug-ins using the web creation tool. You’ll have a virtual space to showcase your business with customers who want to stay connected. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions....


11. Sep. 2020

This is a very good course. Short, simple buy extremely helpful. I thank the instructor and Coursera for this wonderful course. I recommend this course to my friends and colleagues immediately.

31. Aug. 2020

Friend Here Your Videos So Excellent Nice #Mytv786 1st like and comment yesss n view stay connected always. Nice video big like👍Done I hope you come back👍👍👍👍👍❤️ 💙💛🌸🌸🌺🌺🍃🌱🌷💐🌿🌱💓 #Mytv786,

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von yahya a s

4. Jan. 2022


von Christopher D

28. Aug. 2021

Let me begin by saying the focus of this review falls strictly on the course platform itself, and NOT on the instructor. The only negative comment I have about the course is that it is currently a little dated. In that WordPress has very recently released a major update, I am sure the course creator has not had the chance to update the instructions. That is perfectly understandable and not at all my complaint.

My complaint, however, IS with the platform. To say it is wonky would be putting it nicely. The concept of a split-screen, with workspace on one side and instruction on the other, is interesting and attractive at first blush. The actual execution of this feat, however, is MUCH less attractive. The "hosted" browser window in the split-screen workspace is excruciatingly slooow and unresponsive to commands. Just trying to click around in the space is aggravating enough, but compound that with the minuscule text from the reduced screen size (to fit an entire screen in half the space), and you have enough rocket fuel to launch a laptop right across the room. I know, because I almost had to chase mine more than once.

I do regret that I couldn't even finish this entire guided project. I was actually learning how to build a WordPress website despite the difference between the older WP look and the newer version. But the lagging and sometimes completely unresponsiveness of the workspace area was simply too much for me. I hate that, too, because I really wanted to finish this course and there are a few others I'd like to take that are presented in this same format. Maybe the next one will be different? I'll give another one a try and hope for the best, but you know the definition of insanity...

von NazIra M

10. Sep. 2020

not easy to learn - cannot find videos alike some other courses. It is important to make easier formats for students to move around with ease as we are students only and to go at a slower pace as well. Thanks.

very very unhappy with the course.

von Chris B

15. Okt. 2020

This information is available FOC by visiting This was content I knew already but felt this would be more in depth, no actual "Build your own website" takes place, it's already enabled with content in place to simply edit.

von MZ N

15. Okt. 2021

Absolutely terrible experience. Extremely confused instructor. She literally created extra pages and added it to the Menu without teaching that part to us. This class was very very very bad. I did not learn anything useful.

von Jayden L

15. Mai 2021

The course is outdated, and somewhat hard to follow since all of the navigation and buttons are in different places. Also, the external tool runs very poorly, especially with WordPress, running at about 10 FPS.

von Michael K

10. Juni 2021

Requires a paid subscription to Wordpress as well as a domain name, which may or may not be free.

LinkedIn Learning somehow manages to teach courses on Wordpress w/o making people pay for a Wordpress plan.

von Ivo M P C

3. Apr. 2021

It seems to be a few problems with the project, problems that a lot of people have. However no reply from the instrutor or Coursera. Keep your money folks! Or just go for another project.

von Taahirah A

27. Juli 2021

Wordpress has updated its interface while the video follows the old interface. So its very diffcult to follow the video and make a website because the steps have changed.

von Desiree K

23. Juli 2020

In the introduction there was more details promised than we got in the end. There was no working with colors no working on making own blocks just click and edit.

von T L

6. Dez. 2021

Course images that are supposed to mirror the Wordpress website are outdated. Make take some effort to find where the new controls are the Rhyme environment.

von Md. A A

17. Juli 2021

It should be mentioned in the project description that the paid version of WordPress that is is used here, not the free one (

von JG

3. Feb. 2021 appears to have updated their website so I could not follow the instructors guided lesson. Worst part is, it's a non-refundable course!

von Donna B

13. Juni 2021

The Wordpress site that I was on was completely different than the one in the guided project. I had trouble following along.

von Wahid i j

2. Jan. 2021

Whenever I am trying to access this project, then my computer hang up. that's why I am not doing this course anymore.

von karen k

2. März 2021

sucks, cannot access part of it and apparently I have to pay to take it even though it says it is a free class

von Kaushik B D

15. Aug. 2020

I can't reset my deadlines, Each time, it says, "Something went wrong, try again." Please help me.

von Xanthippi A V

14. Nov. 2021

T​he cloud workspace is unusable and the instructions no longer match the wordpress environment.

von Niharika P

30. Mai 2021

in this project all are paid version to create a website not free so that i am very disapointed.

von Rachel C

19. Aug. 2021

Very User Unfriendly platform to use WordPress. Will not continue to use this.

von Lucresia R M

19. Juli 2021

The project doesn't work in South Africa when trying to register the domain

von Sara A

9. Nov. 2021

Unfortunately it is outdated and the directions don't match the project.

von Kim E

20. Aug. 2021

​no option on the three dots ... to unenrole from this course!

von Rodolfo R V

23. Mai 2021

No identifico cual es la guia que da este curso

von Evie

18. Feb. 2021

It doesn't work at all. And I can't unenroll.