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The interaction between charged objects is a non-contact force that acts over some distance of separation. Charge, charge and distance. Every electrical interaction involves a force that highlights the importance of these three variables. Whether it is a plastic golf tube attracting paper bits, two like-charged balloons repelling or a charged Styrofoam plate interacting with electrons in a piece of aluminum, there is always two charges and a distance between them as the three critical variables that influence the strength of the interaction. By the end of this project, you will be able to do the following using “Wolfram editor”:- To Set up a trial account on the Wolfram notebook edition; State Coulomb's law in terms of how the electrostatic force changes with the distance between two objects; Calculate the electrostatic force between two point charges, such as electrons or protons; Compare the electrostatic force to the gravitational attraction for a proton and an electron; for a human and Earth; Create lines of force and equipotential lines using Wolfram notebook and analyze with variation in magnitude of charges and distance between them; Compute potential energy of the system of charges and illustrate how it alters with change in distance between them....


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von Arya S

1. Apr. 2021

The Instructor did a great job explaining the concept of Coulomb's Law and manipulate Coulombs law concepts using Wolfram Notebook, overall the project taught a lot.

von Sheshaddri M G

21. Juli 2021

Great introduction to Wolfram!

von Arantxa X H R

7. Apr. 2021

very good

von Iván R N

7. Apr. 2021