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By the end of this project, you will create different types of charts and graphs using Excel spreadsheets and built interactive dashboards. You will acquire basic skills needed to manipulate and create data visualizations and their importance for storytelling. This project is a first step in the development of data visualizations and telling a story. We will learn about the importance of charts and graphs and how they are able to shape our data providing meaningful information for decision making. Also, we will understand if we have a clean and clear data visualizations we will have a much clear picture of what is happening with our data. This Guided Project was created by a Coursera community member....


31. Aug. 2021

Its delight to learn the basics and how to visualize the data.

17. Juli 2021

Really useful course to learn data visualisation on excel

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von Neo S Y

13. Juni 2021

Good. The information is easy to understand.

von Sergio J

22. Aug. 2021

The topic is really relevant right now for the importance of data visulization for decision making in a job. However, the class was was basic it did not bring anything to the user, more like reading the different options out loud, when the instructor explains over the legend and axis, she just read it and there is not much to explain over that topic yet she did over and over again in the videos. But there were many relavant topics she ignore to explain for people that are learning this topics. For example in Histogram she just selected the data and press histogram, and a terrible histogram came and instead of adjusting and explaining that you can adjust the bins of histogram (which is the most important part of a histogram) she just ignore it. Same thing with the treemap, she just select and press the options that is all. She does not explain how to set the categories you want like in the example imagine you wanted to put over food or drink but lucnch and breakfast appears, then how do you change it? that is the kind of content needed. Also I think the use of data over waterfall was very poor the income statement she use is not representative of change exactly so it gives a bad representation of the data. Lastly, dashboards are really important I agree but just putting several graphs together does not makes it interactive. Overall, my expectations were high but the content is really poor

von Ritvik A

27. Juni 2021

The audio of the instructor was unclear and also accent made it difficult. The quiz questions were useless and pointless. Also videos were also useless. It just tells you how to put data in different type of charts which you can simply do by selecting data, going to insert tab, and clicking on the desired chart. No need to waste an hour in it.

von Millie R

12. Juli 2021

I am very disappointed. The instructor was not clear in her speaking or the recording is bad. I spent more time trying ot upload the files. I had high hopes of this course- I hope I can find something better.

von Deleted A

1. Juni 2021

Very good teaching and I can understand easily

von Enikő V

24. Aug. 2021

I do not recommend this to anyone. The course may be offering information for those who never created any charts in Excel before, but not for others. The content is ver poor, information is on a very basic level. The instructor only reads out loud a pre-written text and often it is obvious that the text was not written by her as the language it uses does not correspond to her level of English. The instructions are ofter very repetitive especially twhen she reads out loud all the options Excel offers for all charts. The interactive dashboard video was missing an interactive dashboard, she just put a few charts next to each other. The sound quality is not the best either.

T​he quiz questions are not adding any value to the course, the answers were obvious from the questions.

von Sillu P

8. Juli 2021



16. Juni 2021

Excellent Course Material

von Julius G

10. Aug. 2021

Good if you have no experience making chart on Excel.

von Saif H M N A a H

25. Juni 2021

Avoid this if you can because this is not very helpful

since i completed this i will tell you what it useful.

just learn the first 3 or 4 videos and that it the rest just leave it.

von Amrit J K

7. Aug. 2021

it was great experience and found so useful. Project like this one is quiet useful specially for people like me who is studying beginner level of Data analysis Course. Apart from the Voice over which was quiet unclear I'm giving a five star because of its usefulness and overall easy guidance of the instructor.

von Aragonda J

15. Juli 2021

Great Course for beginners to understand how to create Excel dashboards and Data Visualization.


31. Aug. 2021

Its delight to learn the basics and how to visualize the data.

von Faiz M

17. Juli 2021

Really useful course to learn data visualisation on excel

von Raihan C

11. Sep. 2021

Excel data visualization beautifully covered

von Young T

28. Aug. 2021

tought easy,learnt more,good instructor.

von Muhammad S

24. Juli 2021

It is a good experience. Thank you

von Sue N

6. Sep. 2021

helpful for me! Thank so much! :)

von Jaganathan L

10. Sep. 2021

good Explanation with data

von Dr. S G B

8. Sep. 2021

Very nice experience

von Arpit S

19. Juni 2021

good skills

von mainalsaleh

27. Juni 2021

دورة رائعة

von Víctor M d J M O

5. Aug. 2021


von Moumita D

15. Aug. 2021


von Hamzat A T

29. Juli 2021