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Welcome to this Guided Project on Creating Your First Python Program, From UST. For more than 20 years, UST has worked side by side with the world’s best companies to make a real impact through transformation. Powered by technology, inspired by people and led by their purpose, they partner with clients from design to operation. With this Guided Project from UST, you can quickly build in-demand job skills and expand your career opportunities in the Computer Science field by learning the foundational elements of the Python programming language and its basic syntax. Python is a computer programming language often used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis. Python is a general purpose language, meaning it can be used to create a variety of different programs and isn’t specialized for any specific problems. This versatility, along with its beginner-friendliness, has made it one of the most-used programming languages today. Through hands-on, practical experience, you will be guided through concepts that Python Programmers use every day to perform their job duties, like using the Terminal and a Text Editor. Together, we will explore how to use variables, create functions, lists and conditional statements, as well as utilize For and While loops. You will then apply the concepts to create your first command line application which will manage a To-Do List. This project is great for learners who are looking to get started with Python programming, and do not have any prior programming experience. By the end of this Guided Project, you should feel more confident about working with the Python language, understanding what it is used for, and have confirmed your skills by creating your own to-do list, which can be used for showing an employer or making your routine daily tasks more efficient through automation. Ready to become a Programmer? Start learning Python today!...


10. Juni 2020

its easy and a really good course if you want to make your first program ever on python , i do recommend learning python basics on data structure if you are new to programming before taking the course

17. Juli 2020

It's a very good course for beginners. Every code and applications are simple and easily understood.\n\nTherefore one can easily learn these basics and have a good foundation to proceed further.

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von Pawan K

3. Mai 2020

This is a very good small project for whose who wants to start python programming.

I really enjoy this course.

von Călin G C

31. Mai 2020

It is very good because with each step in everything, an extra skill an extra line of code we learn something and save another neuron. What have I learned practically? I downloaded Python to my computer and ran the code. But what about those with that? Like other steps, it's the first small step in Python but big for me. I wish you the same inner feelings.

von Sakshi B

12. Mai 2020

The concepts have been taught so fundamentally and patiently that this course has taught me a lot even though I was already comfortable with Python. It is just the right project for anyone starting with python to understand the basics well.

von John F

27. Apr. 2020

A smart and well paced course for a programming novice with general computer skills. A few hours well spent.

von Sri l V

25. Apr. 2020

It helped me to recall my basics which I learned in my college,and the hands on experience was really great.

von Jay E

17. Mai 2020

Great introduction to Python. I love the concept of teaching with labs/hands-on practice.

von S. U V N

12. Mai 2020

Intelligible explanation, the best-suggested course for quickly learning python syntax.

von Anwar K

1. Mai 2020

Owsum instruction, Hands on practice without any long speech. thanks to you .

von Moni J

9. Mai 2020

A good project to start learning python. This is also good to review basics.

von Hugh H

20. Mai 2020

I found the guided project to be invaluable. The split pane works really well but the size of the instructor video can be a touch too small at times.

I liked the format of the course and the instructor was excellent.

von 161

11. Juni 2020

its easy and a really good course if you want to make your first program ever on python , i do recommend learning python basics on data structure if you are new to programming before taking the course

von Angelina L

28. Mai 2020

Overall great program, step-by-step method for learning python. However, there were gaps in between that were difficult to understand and could be better explained/have more examples shown.

von Adinamis C

13. Juni 2020

Clear instruction, was great that I was able to follow along. The instructor explained things well. I'm only sorry that it wasn't longer.


20. Mai 2020

An excellent project for python introduction. It let you practice in order to get knowledge and confidence.

von Mathilda M B

20. Mai 2020

This guided project is just right for a quick basic refresher in Python, and easy to understand.

von subodh g

1. Juni 2020

The project is easily understandable and getting hands on experience is a huge plus.

von April E T D

14. Juni 2020

It's good for beginners like me who has no experience in the field.


14. Juni 2020

very good for begineers

von Mohammad S A R

17. Juni 2020

I wish there is a lot more cloud computing classes like this for other softwares like matlab and ansys

von Vishmi H R

14. Juni 2020

Not that challenging. Doesn't give you the chance to do a guided project. The project only consists of one quiz, where you have to copy and paste the code, and run it for the answers of the quiz.

von Chanu Y

16. Juni 2020

I followed the video but some things did not go as supposed to.

von Gilbert A C

7. Juni 2020

The instructor is knowledgeable and keeps the videos interesting. On the other hand the Rhyme desktop experience is horrendous. it continuously disconnects and when connected is extremely slow. tried various OS and browsers but it functioned equally bad under all.

Would take this course under the same instructor but without Rhyme.

von Maura T

31. Mai 2020

The programming tool would never connect, rendering the course much more useless that useful.

von kratika v

29. Mai 2020

this course was good.i have learn a basics of python for creating a program in this course i have learn learned bout loops,funtions,lists and toupls etc.this course was for inhancing the basic knowledge of python programming language.the content in this course was good and esy to this course anyone can earn a basic knowledge of python programming language wheather he/she is not belongs to IT field but he can learn easliy from scretch.the content and instructor of this course was very good they define basics in a very well define manner.thanks a lot.

von Pattarapan C

8. Juni 2020

It's my first time to learn Python. This Costa made me understand the fundamentals better. But there are parts that I still don't understand I will try to study And learn more This costume is a good beginning to start Python. There is another thing I like is the teaching method. Allowing me to do as taught, to understand more.

P.S. Thank you for the opportunity to study for free. Thank you very much.