How to use the shape builder tool in Adobe Illustrator

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In this project you will learn how to use the shape builder tool in Adobe Illustrator. The Shape Builder tool allows you to create complex objects by merging and erasing simpler objects. This tool elevates your value as a graphic designer and being able to use it and understand how it's used it's awesome. Many tools are ignored in Adobe Illustrator and what makes you shine and be the graphic designer your client needs it's to be able to use any tool to make your job even better. In this guided project you'll learn how to use the shape builder tool and you'll apply designs in every scenario. The shape builder tool lets you merge multiple simple shapes together to create very intriguing and complex designs. I hope you are excited to learn more about Adobe Illustrator and let's go ahead and start.

Earn a complimentary subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.
Learners who pass this Adobe Guided Project will receive a 1-month complimentary subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

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  • Creativity

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Creative Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Adobe

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