Python OpenCV Motion Detection

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In diesem angeleitetes Projekt werden Sie:

Learn how to do background and foreground segmentation.

Learn how to do background subtractraction.

Learn how to detect movement and track a moving object.

Clock1 hour
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VideoVideo auf geteiltem Bildschirm
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LaptopNur Desktop

This guided project is about motion detection using Python opencv. This comes under the computer vision domain. While you are watching me code, you will get a cloud desktop with all the required software pre-installed. This will allow you to code along with me. After all, we learn best with active, hands-on learning. Special Features: 1) Learn how to detect and track moving objects. 2) The basics taught in this project are applied in all computer vision applications such as object detection, object tracking and more. 3) Use of visual aids such as videos and images for better explaination. Note: This project works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions.

Kompetenzen, die Sie erwerben werden

OpencvComputer VisionPython ProgrammingMachine Learning

Schritt für Schritt lernen

In einem Video, das auf einer Hälfte Ihres Arbeitsbereichs abgespielt wird, führt Sie Ihr Dozent durch diese Schritte:

  1. Construct argument parser.

  2. Resize and convert to grayscale

  3. Gaussian blurring

  4. Absolute difference and thresholding.

  5. Contouring

  6. Closing the window.

Ablauf angeleiteter Projekte

Ihr Arbeitsbereich ist ein Cloud-Desktop direkt in Ihrem Browser, kein Download erforderlich

Ihr Dozent leitet Sie in einem Video mit geteiltem Bildschirm Schritt für Schritt an.

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