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Welcome to Course Two of Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR! Now that you have a broad understanding of the various types of cameras, the importance of setting up Menus and Functions to gain control in your photography, and the difference between Auto and Program exposure modes, you are ready to move into even greater Camera Control! In these 4 Modules we will concentrate on gaining the knowledge necessary to make use of Exposure Modes, Light Metering, Effects of various ISO settings, Lens options, using Shutter Speeds to convey aspects of Time in both documentary and creative ways, and exploring the controlled focus effects that Depth of Field Principles make possible. You will also continue to make new photographs and, if you are a subscriber to the specialization, continue interacting with your fellow learners as you share photographs for Peer Review. You will also confirm your knowledge through completion of quizzes and written responses. Let's get started with Module One!...



12. Feb. 2018

The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable. The projects are instructional and test you to learn, try, etc. It made me think of new ways to capture images and inspired me to photograph every day!


1. Dez. 2017

Great course structure. Great Professors and Mentors. This course has really help me grow a lot as a photographer. I'm so thankful to Coursera & MSU for putting such a great course for learners.

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von Ramesh B P

27. Okt. 2022

Here, day by day, I have been able to improve my photography skills with theoretical knowledge, self-confidence etc. Now I have the confidence to take pictures and find mistakes in my previous captures. I have practically experienced Mr Peter Glendinning Sir and Mr Mark sir both skills in this online course. They have their own formulae for each structure and shortcuts. I'm sure I can say that their way of teaching, makes everyone get a lot of confidence. The notes, which I have prepared in the institute, can be very helpful to me throughout my life. It's the path to my knowledge. lam indebted to Mr Peter Glendinning Sir and Mr Mark sir.

von Jason T

9. Juni 2020

I really appreciated this 2nd of 5 courses in the Photography series. The homework assignments challenged me to really learn more about the camera controls... like anything, you get out of it what you put into it. And in the process of getting the right shots, it made me even more excited to become a better photographer... because I was able to see some of those really good shots as a result of my efforts. That's not just a line... I really am enjoying this series of courses on photography. I still have so much to learn, but these lessons are definitely helping me accelerate that curve.

von Julie P

4. Juli 2019

Excellent lectures and activities that made me feel I was getting actual control over my camera. It does not matter if you are using a smartphone, a point and shoot, an entry-level DSLR or a high-end Mirrorless, the concepts learned apply across the board. This course was a wise investment of my time and truly appreciate the professors' detailed lectures and approach - clearly, they are both WORD CLASS PHOTOGRAPHERS ... it is in the bio and be sure to take a look at their website, these are well-traveled photographers and it is evident in their work.

von Tricia A C C

29. Apr. 2021

As a person who has been taking documentary style photos (badly) for over ten years, the course was the perfect introduction to getting me started on the right path to making great photos. The mix of theory and practice with sharing and reviews is perfect for those who may be a little shy about sharing their work. One of the most important things I learned is that it's not about the equipment you have but the skill and techniques you use. I highly encourage doing the entire specialization. You will never think about photography the same way again.

von Joan Y

2. Apr. 2016

I think this course gives me the most fundamental knowledge of photography, which consists of many new words and ideas. Thanks to this series of courses, I began to work better on my photograph skills, and I found it really interesting and amazing. The only thing I'm not quite pleased with is the payment of the full course, without the upgrades, I just can't review others' works and that's disappointing. But anyway, I will continue this specialism and I hope it's the right choice.

von Pristine A A

15. Jan. 2023

This course was actually so much fun. I learned how to properly control my camera to get the images I wanted to achieve. I also learned how to artistically capture photos. If you compare the photos I took before taking this course, you will easily see the difference. I will move on to the next courses in this specialisation to be a better photographer.

von Robert d B

11. Feb. 2017

I especially liked to learn about the equivalent and combination shooting modes. I was aware there was of course a relationship, but wouldn't have been able to explain it and now I can and find it very useful in practice. Also the light metering modes were very enlightening.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,


von Sandeep J

13. Aug. 2019

I learned a lot about the different aspects of photography and how what may seem evident has different nomenclature attached to its functioning. There are a lot of ways in which a good photograph can be interpreted as such and all these factors end up playing pivotal roles in becoming a good photographer.

von Dr D A

10. Juli 2021

Im happy being a part of this course. It was overall a splendid journey with this course. Having zero knowledge and awareness about photography I took this course. Im glad im taking away immense knowlegde along with me as I complete this course. Thank you both my coaches for doing a wonderful job.

von Deleted A

22. Jan. 2017

Great course. Just wish these guys would sort all the stupid bugs out. Uploading images can be temperamental. Can't do anything via the app. Images are to big. Nobody to notify. My review score is for the course and not necessarily for Coursera who need to iron out all the bugs.

von Keshab D P

23. Aug. 2020

Just would express sincere gratitude and thank you to the Great facilitator Prof. Peter Glendinning, Associate Prof, Mark Valentine Sullivan, Michigan State University and the coursera team. The journey of studying is really wonderful and Awesome experience. I learned a lot.

von Siddharth A

18. Juli 2017

Another course complete and so much learnt from some of the great photographers and instructors out there. The approach of teaching a technique and core concepts related to it is simply amazing. This course is really recommended for new and seasoned photographers alike.

von Lila M

10. Juni 2017

This is an amazing course for beginners and I would recommend it too for anyone that wants to review basics. It is so thorough! I have learned so much. And you can go back to review any lessons that you might want to revisit.

Highly recommend it. Worth every penny!

von Vlad M

24. Apr. 2016

I'm a novice in photography, I know how to deal with my camera, but I'm not confident with it. This course lighted some dark corners of not-understanding of mine like the flashlight used by Professor Glendinning in his "My Paris" series. I liked it very much. Thank you!

von catherine c w

26. Juli 2020

The teachers keep this course interesting. I like the content. Wish we had more interaction than just the peer assessments. It would be nice to get feedback from a moderator or instructor more often, especially when we don't have a good photo. Thanks for offering this.

von Deleted A

17. Apr. 2016

Excellent! I take my camera with me wherever I go now, and I am starting to get an eye for a photo; that tutorial on framing was a big help.

These courses are very thorough, with lots of photos to view as examples.

I am really looking forward to the rest of the course.

von Jim W

3. Aug. 2016

As someone who has often been complemented on his photographs, this course has nonetheless been of great value in that it has yet again forced me to step back and think before pressing the shutter. I am already seeing the improvements in my photography. Thank you.

von Jose O M F

26. Juli 2017

I'm always impressed, more and more each time.

I can feel my growth as photographer based on my classmate comments about my work. Has been one of the greatest decisions to let this passion take over my life and being a part of this great world of the Photography.

von Chantelle E

15. Apr. 2016

I have loved this course as much as the first part. My work has dramatically improved by taking this course as my understanding of what I am doing has increased. Thank you for providing this specialization and I look forward to the next part.

von William M L

5. Feb. 2022

Even though I have taken other photography courses, I learned new things about camera control that will help me to be a better photographer. Kudos to our instructors, Peter and Mark. Their experience and insights make the courses valuable.

von mahshid k

16. Okt. 2019

I learned many things from this course such as elements of buying camera, perfessional photography, importance of point of view and even elements of buying camera bag. I really satisfied with it and I will continue till the last part.

von Soon K N

4. Dez. 2016

Camera control is the practical foundational course to bring you up a notch above everyone else. It is like knowing what rpm of the engine to change gear is most optimal - it may not make you a better driver, but it definitely help.

von Julie I R

17. Apr. 2016

Me gustó mucho el curso. Quiero agradecer a los maestros Mark y Peter por el tiempo que le dedican a la enseñanza y por compartir sus conocimientos. He aprendido nuevos conceptos y técnicas y reforzado lo que ya sabía. Gracias.

von Justa H

17. Aug. 2019

The course is very stimulating and covers foundational elements that need to be understood if you want to make progress in your photography in the long term. I wish I had taken this course much earlier in my photography career!

von Joshua H C D

20. Juni 2016

This course explain more in detail the practice of photography and is step by step, I really lIke the course and is not so expensive, there should give a continuity for all the for courses, maybe an advance course online.