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Woche 1

2 Stunden zum Abschließen

Introduction to Financing Corporate Ventures

2 Stunden zum Abschließen
12 Videos (Gesamt 59 min), 8 Lektüren, 2 Quiz
12 Videos
Welcome to Module 11m
Finance for the corporate entrepreneur3m
The entrepreneurial spectrum6m
Corporate entrepreneur vs. startup entrepreneur5m
The "too typical" return on investment (ROI) process7m
A better approach to return on investment (ROI)4m
Intangible assets and return on investment (ROI)4m
The roles of products and leadership in return on investment (ROI)4m
Financial statement basics4m
Financial statement details7m
Financial metrics7m
8 Lektüren
Welcome to Financing and Profiting from Innovation for Corporate Entrepreneurs3m
Meet Michael R. Pratt3m
Connect with your Classmates3m
Our Recommended Textbook for the Course3m
Income Statement Template (Optional)10m
Cash Flow Statement Template (Optional)10m
Balance Sheet Template (Optional)10m
Explore the Online Master of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship5m
2 praktische Übungen
Quiz 120m
Financial Metrics Exercise - Customer Acquisition Cost and Long Term Value Exercise4m

Woche 2

2 Stunden zum Abschließen

Corporate Venture Valuation Techniques

2 Stunden zum Abschließen
8 Videos (Gesamt 47 min), 4 Lektüren, 2 Quiz
8 Videos
Valuation techniques3m
Net present value9m
Opportunity cost of capital5m
Why NPV is best4m
Project payback period3m
Internal rate of return8m
Weighted average cost of capital9m
4 Lektüren
This is why public and private tech valuations are completely different (Optional)10m
Analyze the ROI of your innovation idea, step by step (Optional)10m
A better way to understand internal rate of return (Optional)10m
Take a look at some of Uber's finances in China as it eyes an IPO (Optional)10m
2 praktische Übungen
Quiz 220m
Corporate Venture Valuation Techniques Exercise4m

Woche 3

1 Stunde zum Abschließen

Sources of Financing for Corporate Ventures

1 Stunde zum Abschließen
8 Videos (Gesamt 35 min), 3 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
8 Videos
Sources of funding1m
Internal funding3m
Customer and vendor financing3m
Joint ventures8m
Licensing agreements6m
3 Lektüren
How to put your money where your strategy is (Optional)10m
How nimble resource allocation can double your company’s value (Optional)10m
Negotiating a better joint venture (Optional)10m
1 praktische Übung
Quiz 320m

Woche 4

2 Stunden zum Abschließen

Creating the Investment Proposal for the Corporate Venture

2 Stunden zum Abschließen
7 Videos (Gesamt 38 min), 7 Lektüren, 2 Quiz
7 Videos
Business proposals and the pitch3m
How to write an effective business proposal3m
What do your funding sources want to see4m
How to create a pitch deck6m
Do's and don'ts of the pitch12m
Final thoughts5m
7 Lektüren
Unearthing the sources of value hiding in your corporate portfolio (Optional)10m
Strategic principles for competing in the digital age (Optional)10m
Corporate venture capital (Optional)10m
Investing in breakthrough corporate venture capital (Optional)10m
Concrete steps for CFOs to improve strategic risk management (Optional)10m
In search of ingenuity (Optional)10m
Earn a Degree Online in Entrepreneurship and Innovation5m
2 praktische Übungen
Quiz 424m
The Pitch2m



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Über den Spezialisierung Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovating within Corporations

For an increasing number of established companies, creating new business opportunities within the company is an imperative for success. Maturing technologies and aging product portfolios are requiring companies to create, develop, and sustain innovative new businesses. The Corporate Entrepreneurship Specialization is designed for those interested in learning how to innovate and apply entrepreneurship principles in the corporate setting. Learners will develop knowledge on how to navigate the barriers to creating, developing, and sustaining innovative new businesses or initiatives within existing companies. These new activities rarely fit neatly within well-established systems, processes, and cultures. Learners will develop the skills, and learn the tools and best practices, for identifying and developing the entrepreneurial opportunities, building business models, creating strategies for leading innovation, and financing innovation. These four topics comprise the four courses of the Corporate Entrepreneurship Specialization, along with a final project. The Corporate Entrepreneurship Specialization is for individuals who are charged and/or inspired to develop and lead new businesses within established companies. It's specifically designed for junior- and middle-managers with the the opportunity, or responsibility, to start new businesses or initiatives within their company or division, in any industry, and in any country....
Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovating within Corporations

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