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  • To be aware of the scale of the emerging outbreak and know how to track trends using reliable sources of information

  • To recognise the key scientific underpinnings of evidence-based outbreak control methods

  • To recognise the importance of community involvement, multidisciplinary working and global cooperation in outbreak response

  • About how infectious disease modelling informs strategic and operational response at the local, national, and international level.

100 % online
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Stufe „Anfänger“
Ca. 13 Stunden zum Abschließen
Untertitel: Englisch, Spanisch


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Woche 1

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Introduction to Science Matters: Let's talk COVID-19

1 Stunde zum Abschließen
1 Video (Gesamt 4 min), 3 Lektüren
3 Lektüren
Let's talk about COVID-1910m
Contributor Bios5m
Where to go to find the latest information on COVID-1915m

Woche 2

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COVID-19 Situation Reports: Updates on the Ongoing State of the Epidemic

2 Stunden zum Abschließen
8 Videos (Gesamt 57 min), 4 Lektüren
8 Videos
Sit.Rep #1 with Prof Neil Ferguson [Feb 4th]11m
Sit.Rep #2 with Prof Neil Ferguson [Feb 12th]8m
Sit.Rep #3 with Prof Neil Ferguson [Feb 18th]5m
Sit.Rep #4 with Prof Neil Ferguson [Feb 26th]5m
Sit.Rep #5 with Prof Neil Ferguson [March 9th]4m
Sit. Rep #6 with Prof Steven Riley [March 24th]4m
Sit. Rep #7 with Dr Samir Bhatt [April 6th]9m
4 Lektüren
Key definitions in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology10m
The MRC GIDA Report on Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) to Reduce COVID19 Mortality and Healthcare Demand10m
The MRC GIDA Report on Exiting Social Distancing in China10m
The MRC GIDA Report on Number of Infections and Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in Europe10m

Woche 3

2 Stunden zum Abschließen

How to Forecast an Epidemic: Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Modelling

2 Stunden zum Abschließen
5 Videos (Gesamt 19 min), 7 Lektüren
5 Videos
The Basic Reproduction Number6m
The Case Fatality Ratio and the Fatality Rate of Infections6m
International Surveillance of COVID-192m
7 Lektüren
The MRC GIDA Report on the Transmissibility of COVID-1910m
The MRC GIDA Report on the Severity of COVID-1920m
The MRC GIDA Report on the Symptom Progression of COVID-1910m
The Case Fatality Ratio of Influenza A(H1N1pdm09), a Systematic Review (BMJ)10m
The MRC GIDA Report on the Phylogenetics of COVID-1910m
The MRC GIDA Report on the Relative Sensitivity of International Surveillance of COVID-1910m
Textbooks, Journals Articles, and other MOOCs10m

Woche 4

2 Stunden zum Abschließen

Health Systems and Economic Impacts

2 Stunden zum Abschließen
6 Videos (Gesamt 32 min), 3 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
6 Videos
Capacity Planning, Efficiency and Opportunity Costs10m
The International Health Regulation Metric (IHR): Predicting Emergency Preparedness3m
Financing Epidemic Responses: Lessons from the West Africa Ebola Outbreak6m
Low and Middle Income Countries: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Pandemics4m
How Governments Respond to Pandemics7m
3 Lektüren
The J-IDEA Hospital Planner10m
Using Science to Inform Policy: Scientists Provide Evidence at the House of Lords10m
Textbooks, Planning Tools and Journals Articles10m



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