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At the center of a good story are the characters in it. In this course aspiring writers will discover how to build and bring to life complex, vivid and unforgettable characters. We will study the choices a writer makes to bring all characters to life on the page, and we will perform written exercises in order to develop a variety of writing and pre-writing techniques, in order to create a variety of characters. We will learn how to use our own life experiences, and the people we know (and how not to!). We will develop inner (thoughts and feelings) and outer (appearance, habits, behavior) lives for our characters and see how that can lead us to richer and more interesting stories. We will breathe life into our characters and let them surprise us....



10. Aug. 2016

I loved this course! Extremely useful and hands on. The course instructor was really impressive, both informative and empathetic, both arty and to the point. Totally admired her style of instruction.


25. Sep. 2020

The course was very well-structured and challenging. The instructor is very experienced and good, thus used relevant materials for this course, be it the guests, or the assignments, or the examples.

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von Sanelisiwe E M

1. Nov. 2016

This course is beneficial to all those who struggle with character plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

von Stephanie E

18. Mai 2017

In the second course, the talks were not as useful for the assignments, particularly in week 2.

von hector c

6. März 2018

It is good but I think the lectures are a little disjointed from each other and the exercises.

von Digby D

3. Dez. 2017

Adequate intro course. Could gather roughly the same info with a bit of browsing the internet.

von Paulene A

29. Mai 2017

This course could use some work, but nevertheless I learned a bit more than I already knew.

von Abhiraj S D

21. Juli 2018

the assignments were poorly worded which is the opposite of the purpose of assignment

von Jorge T

8. Aug. 2016

The excercises on the course are great, but the videos can be a little vague.

von Walter M

16. Mai 2022

It was good, reviwing other students writing can be fun or very irritating.

von Jill B

9. Sep. 2016

Excellent lectures. Assignments were a little too "exercisey" for me.

von Jeff

13. Jan. 2019

Content is great, but the app is very buggy and difficult to use.

von Houda A I

24. Aug. 2018

There parts that were rather confusing in Week 2 (assignment)

von Vishal B

11. Juni 2020

Instructor is not very good

von Camille B

28. März 2019

Helpful, but not very much.

von Emily F

21. Juni 2016

I didn't find this course particularly helpful or useful. I'm not sure why, there was a disconnect somewhere, I think maybe that I didn't receive the help that I feel I still need on the subject of how to create a great, memorable, believable character. Also, some of the assignments were confusing. Nothing really stands out about this course, and it was actually a bit boring and I don't feel I learned anything related to the subject. Everything about this class needs some work: the videos, the instruction/syllabus/content, and the assignments. Sorry, I didn't like it. =(

von Aiden T N

29. Nov. 2016

I am honestly not a fan of Amy's teaching style. She seems to have a discussion with herself about character building techniques but not really explain the technique nor structure it for the student.

There are too many shop talks.

I would rather have a structure explained to me and then hear a discussion... the way Brando Skyhorse does in the Plot course... really a let down. I will have to buy the book she keeps averting I guess... after spending quite good money on the course already. Pity

von Janhavi D

25. Sep. 2020

I think this course is the least efficient out of all others. The course material is good, the lecturer is well informed but there is no coordination between the lectures and the lecturer whatsoever. The week's planning is inefficient, there's no relation between the assignments and the syllabus, and the author only ever conducts shop talks and invites guests. I do not mean the least disrespect to the lecturer at all, just that they could've offered a more thought out and planned course.

von Monika C B

15. März 2016

I didn't find this module very helpful and some of the assignments were truly confusing. I wish there was more "meat" in the sessions and more availability to access the lecturers more readily when there was confusion. I don't like the fact I pay money for other people to "assess" my work when half of them don't even read my submissions properly. Or the question. Or both. So if the lectures don't stretch me, I find my money spent unwisely.

von Eleanor L K L

21. Mai 2022

I did this as part of the Creative Writing specialization, so I kept going until the end even though it felt very tedious at the time. The videos are pointless and rambling. I don't feel like I learned anything new. I was very disappointed as I enjoyed the first course in the specialization (The Craft of Polt with Brando Skyhorse) so much.

von Pritika P

17. Dez. 2017

I found the assignments very challenging to understand as there was very little clarity in the way they were written. Had to constantly reach out to mentors and forum discussions to actually understand what the instructor wanted.

Overall, I did not enjoy this course as much as I enjoyed the other three courses of this series.

von Hayeon C

6. Aug. 2020

It was quite simple but the tips are quite general. It is good for beginners. However, it was a good excersize and was fun in a way.

von Patrick L

2. Mai 2016

I didn't think there were many solid pointers...and not much that was original coming from the instructor herself.

von Elaina J

1. Feb. 2018

The lessons do not seem to match the assignments. The instructions for the assignments are confusing.

von Madison T

5. Okt. 2016

Instructions were very unclear compared to the rest of the courses in the specialization.

von Melania D

25. Juli 2019

I find that most of the time I don't know what is expected of me in the assignments

von Twisted G

16. Apr. 2022

I cannot submit the last assignment