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UNSW Sydney (The University of New South Wales)

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Woche 1

4 Stunden zum Abschließen

What is the Future of Work?

4 Stunden zum Abschließen
22 Videos (Gesamt 123 min), 11 Lektüren, 2 Quiz
22 Videos
Graduate Certificate and Master of Visualisation, Simulation, and Immersive Design2m
Key Concept 1.2.1 - What Does the Future Hold?7m
Key Concept 1.2.2 - Imagining Futures8m
AMP CASE STUDY Goals 360 Part 1: Becoming More Competitive through a Focus on Customer Experience7m
The Future of Work - via Amplify9m
Can we Predict the Future of Business? Professor Nick Wailes3m
The Pace of Change and Perception of Disruption. Dr. Norman Lewis - via Amplify6m
The Role of Ethics in a Digital Society - via Amplify3m
The Ethics of Big Data. Professor Nick Wailes5m
The Changing Context of Organisations. Dr. Andy Polaine6m
Key Concept 1.3.1 - How is Work Being Disrupted?9m
Key Concept 1.3.2 - The Impacts of Disruption upon Businesses and Employees5m
AMP CASE STUDY Goals 360 Part 2: Using AI to Redesign Customers’ Connections to their Financial Future7m
Advice for Employees. Professor Nick Wailes3m
Advice for Employers. Professor Nick Wailes4m
What Startups and Corporations can Learn from Each Other - via Amplify5m
Investing in Customer Relations - via Amplify2m
The Importance of Customer Experience in the New Economy. Professor Nick Wailes2m
The Power and Potential of Crowd Sourcing and Co-Creation. Dr. Norman Lewis - via Amplify10m
Rethinking Investment in the Future of Work. Dr. Norman Lewis - via Amplify4m
Design the Future Business that will Destroy Your Current One. Professor Nick Wailes3m
11 Lektüren
Course Overview10m
Could a Robot do Your Job?10m
Meet Your Academic Instructor10m
Meet our Industry Collaborator - AMP10m
Meet the Industry Expert Contributors15m
Join the Designing the Future of Work Conversation!10m
About the Assignments in the Course10m
Special Thanks and Acknowledgements10m
Learn More about how Immersive and Visualisation Technologies are Changing the Workplace10m
Understanding the Future - Useful Resources10m
Work in the Age of Disruption - Useful Resources10m
2 praktische Übungen
Lesson 1.2 Assessable Quiz5m
Lesson 1.3 Assessable Quiz5m

Woche 2

1 Stunde zum Abschließen

The Importance of Being Human in a World of Automation

1 Stunde zum Abschließen
10 Videos (Gesamt 67 min), 1 Lektüre, 1 Quiz
10 Videos
Key Concept 2.1.2 - Human-Machine Relationships7m
AMP CASE STUDY Goals 360 Part 3: The Importance of the Human Connection in an Automated Service4m
Will Robots or AI Threaten Jobs? Professor Nick Wailes3m
What Can Humans do Better than Machines? - via Amplify5m
Being Human in a World of Big Data, AI, and Automation. Dr. Norman Lewis - via Amplify8m
Learning from Failure and Developing Perseverance - via Amplify6m
The Importance of a Rewarding Career - via Amplify12m
Skills For the Future Workplace - via Amplify6m
Education in the Future Workplace - via Amplify6m
1 Lektüre
How Will Humans and Machines will Work Together? - Useful Resources10m
1 praktische Übung
Lesson 2.1 Assessable Quiz5m

Woche 3

6 Stunden zum Abschließen

Designing the Future of Work

6 Stunden zum Abschließen
13 Videos (Gesamt 98 min), 3 Lektüren, 3 Quiz
13 Videos
Key Concept 3.1.2 - The Importance of a Human-Centred Approach4m
Evolving Business Practices through Design Thinking - via Amplify6m
The Criticality of Design in Shaping the Future of Business. Professor Nick Wailes6m
The Process of Service Design. Dr. Andy Polaine4m
Key Concept 3.2.1 - Integrating Design into Work Practices7m
Key Concept 3.2.2 - Designing Your Own Work Future10m
AMP CASE STUDY Goals 360 Part 4: Designing the Goals 360 Service13m
CASE STUDY: Redesigning The Bower for the Future. Dr. Andy Polaine20m
Using Design to Meet Challenges in Business. Dr. Andy Polaine5m
Advice for Designers Working within Businesses. Sean Brennan2m
Designing for the Future: Advice for Employers. Dr. Andy Polaine2m
Designing for the Future: Advice for Employees. Dr. Andy Polaine2m
3 Lektüren
Design Thinking - Useful Resources10m
Designing the Future of Your Work - Useful Resources10m
Learner Demographic Survey10m
2 praktische Übungen
Lesson 3.1 Assessable Quiz5m
Lesson 3.2 Assessable Quiz5m

Woche 4

22 Minuten zum Abschließen

Industry and Academic Expert Video Profiles

22 Minuten zum Abschließen
11 Videos (Gesamt 22 min)
11 Videos
Megan Dalla-Camina, Co-Founder/CEO, Lead Like a Woman29
Susan David Ph.D, CEO, Evidence Based Psychology47
Dr Norman Lewis, Director Innovation, PwC UK1m
Heather McGowan, Author & Advisor, Work to Learn2m
Ramez Naam, Exponential Technologies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Singularity University1m
Dr Andy Polaine, APAC Regional Design Director, Fjord Evolution APAC Lead. Fjord1m
Michael Schrage, Researcher Fellow, Innovation Thought Leader, MIT Sloan School's Centre for Digital Business1m
Chris Shipley, Curator, MIT Solve3m
Sue Suckling, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, Chair of Callaghan Innovation, Chair of the New Zealand Qualifications Authority1m
Professor Nick Wailes, Director, AGSM, and Deputy Dean, UNSW Business School. UNSW Sydney4m



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