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Success in business can be greatly enhanced with an understanding of key entrepreneurial characteristics and competencies solutions. This interactive course provides potential entrepreneurs with the knowledge of succeeding in an entrepreneurial opportunity. Topics include: how creativity, opportunity and feasibility are best evaluated; business strategies for new businesses; importance of a business plan; achieving success in a new business. At the end of the course students will have the skills and confidence to evaluate starting a business, in addition to becoming more enterprising in how they approach their roles should they decide to work in organizations. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Learn about the many faces of and contexts for entrepreneurship 2. Learn about the entrepreneurial process and how to manage it 3. Learn about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and your own potential to be one 4. Learn to recognize opportunities to generate and assess your own business idea 5. Explain the business planning process 6. Apply entrepreneurial approaches, concepts and methods to your own business idea 7. Learn about the operational issues in developing new business ventures...


4. Juli 2020

Easy and not as intimidating as I feared. I am not a financial person, but I found these insights to be very helpful in understanding those who are, and being able to appreciate my family's business.

7. Nov. 2015

I really enjoyed this class. It has given me serious motivation to start my own company. I liked being able to see an overview of the steps I need to take to start my business off on the right foot.

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6. Apr. 2020

This is a very helpful course for management students it teaches us a lot of things regarding entrepreneurship. The most important thing the lecture have nice content it relay help me to increase my knowledge.

von Mario J R M

30. März 2017

Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Thinking & Action

Congratulations on the platform

Congratulations on the administrative order of the course

Congratulations on the Success of the Course

von Samir M P

13. Okt. 2015

It's such an amazing course, because the person who's talking has the appropriate knowledge to share and also has an excellent methodology in order to made clear what He knows.

von Christopher C

4. Nov. 2015

This course very briefly presents large picture concepts of Entrepreneurship without going into a enough detail to provide any major benefit. I would see this being most useful to a person who had only vague ideas of what entrepreneurship entailed overall. The quizzes seemed to focus more on what was said during the lectures rather than what large scale constructs actually define entrepreneurs or processes overall. i.e. questions focused on sentence construction and ordering in a lecture rather than the overall concepts the sentences themselves were expected to convey.

von Jayson W

31. Jan. 2016

If you have absolutely no foundation of what the basics of business, then this is for you. It's very simple and direct, but make sure to follow this course up with lecture material that goes slightly more in-depth. I recommend U of Penn.

von Sumant B

29. Apr. 2020

Additional content like Excel templates and real-world stories or case studies of successful entrepreneurship ventures might be quite valuable.

von Md S H

26. Mai 2020

I have given it a 3 star because course content is good but the professor is not able to make us understand clearly, its a little bit hard.

von Katrin D

13. Apr. 2016

Very basic, it's like reading the table of contents of a guidebook 'How to become an Entrepreneur'.

von Gafyn D

26. Nov. 2015

Very basic overview. No real meat on these bones.

von Elena M

11. Jan. 2016

Few useful information.

von Rodrigo G S

29. Nov. 2015

Extremely generic and a but to much of self-promotion.

von Stella K

21. Jan. 2021

David Standen has great instructor skills that keeps you engaged the whole time of the course, gave many examples and shared some great personal stories. Also, the quizzes proved to be brief and extremely to the point because you could remember easily the basics of the course.

The only thing for improvement; I would love to see some additional readings in case we needed more details about the subject.


28. Mai 2020

The lecturer explains in a way that is easy to understand. It's also nice that he adds his own entrepreneurship experiences in his lectures. The contents of the modules are very informative as well. I took this course in the afternoon, and by the evening, a family member asked me to start a business together, so that would hopefully be my Family Venture!

von Lujaina A

21. Aug. 2020

I am planning to open my own small business and I needed some help. This course highlighted the important skills that every entrepreneur need to have before starting their business. I really loved how simple, yet very informative the course was..I will definitely take another course with this professor. Regards from Oman

von Amy L

11. Juli 2020

It's such a wonderful course to give a quick macro overview towards entrepreneuship. I love listening to David's lectures in a concise, professional and lively manner. I learnt a lot and I wish I knew this course earlier! I can't recommend more for this course for people who would like to work on startups!

von Dr. P U

28. Mai 2020

Really the basic things what require to become an Entrepreneur is very much clear.even for the professors how to teach apart from book it is very much clear.My Special Thank you to Mr.David Standen .your communications skills is very clear to us with your treasure of knowledge.thank you once again .

von Grettel V T M

4. Aug. 2020

This course is exactly what I was looking for. The guidance on how to proceed if you want to initiate your own business.

The step by step process seems to be pretty straight foward and absolutely possible as how well it is explained by the professor.

Thank you UCI and thank you Coursera!

von Helen O N

19. Mai 2020

This is one of the best online courses so far, it is small, yet a total package very rich in content and presentation I call (A mini MBA) I enjoyed every bit of the module. Thank you for packaging this class for free. i appreciate you guys for the wonderful packed full lecture.

von Ukam D U

29. Juni 2020

This course is very helpful for beginners who have a little idea about entrepreneurship and about running this course just about sums it all up, although very basic it would definitely add to your information you have. I recommend you take it because i enjoyed it.

von Bensen A

23. Okt. 2020

This course is extremely worth it because the instructor teaches from his own entrepreneurial experience and his heart is totally into this course. Additionally, his examples are relevant and make the understanding easier. Excellent Job by the instructor.

von Prashant K M

7. Mai 2020

This program is simply outstanding; all important information encapsulated so well and so meticulously by Mr. David Standen. I highly appreciate this program and recommend to one and all planning for any setting up any business venture.

von Kristine P

7. März 2021

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur until this class. While I do not own my own business, I am an Operations Manager and always looking for ways to grow our current business. This class gave me great direction to follow.

von Miryam S L C

19. Okt. 2020

This course allowed me to understand how works business in other countries and the teacher was very clear. Also, he encouraged me to starts my ideas about projects in my country. I recommended to each entrepreneur

von Jayant J B

20. Aug. 2020

In my opinion these course has helped me to understand the very minute details of entrepreneurship in a very lucid and short manner also the the instructor was very involved in teaching every details. Thank you

von Fevzi C A

3. Aug. 2020

The speaker's command and the style he used was incredibly informative. I generally liked this course. I have received general information about entrepreneurship and their subtleties. Thank you.