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This Course is appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning about Microsoft Excel. You do not need previous experience with Excel.


Untertitel: Englisch, Arabischer Raum

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100 % online

Beginnen Sie sofort und lernen Sie in Ihrem eigenen Tempo.

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Stufe „Anfänger“

This Course is appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning about Microsoft Excel. You do not need previous experience with Excel.


Untertitel: Englisch, Arabischer Raum

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Critical Core of Excel

In this module, you will learn about key foundational features of Excel: The Excel user interface, basic Excel terminology, how to operate essential navigational controls in Excel and how to perform basic data entry with Excel spreadsheets.

10 Videos (Gesamt 46 min), 8 Lektüren, 8 Quiz
10 Videos
Week 1 Discussion3m
Practice Video: Taking Charge of Excel7m
Practice Video: Navigating and Selecting5m
Practice Video: View Options5m
Practice Video: Data Entry, Data Types, Editing and Deleting6m
Practice Video: Fill Handle5m
Week 1 Wrap-up1m
Copy and Paste5m
8 Lektüren
Welcome to Excel Skills for Business: Essentials20m
Course goals and weekly learning objectives10m
Important information about versions and regions10m
Read me before you start: Quizzes and Navigation10m
Download the Week 1 workbooks5m
Week 1: Practice Challenge20m
Week 1: Keyboard Shortcuts, Terminology, and Ninja Tips25m
Week 1: Excellent Tips and Resources25m
8 praktische Übungen
Are essential skills too basic for me?10m
Taking Charge of Excel10m
Navigating and Selecting10m
View Options10m
Data Entry10m
Fill handle10m
Taking Charge of Excel: Test your skills, Part 130m
Taking Charge of Excel: Test your skills, Part 220m
4 Stunden zum Abschließen

Performing calculations

The syntax of formulas is very important in Excel. In this module, you will get introduced to formulas and functions - learn how to write them, use them to perform calculations and understand the different cell references.

11 Videos (Gesamt 44 min), 5 Lektüren, 7 Quiz
11 Videos
Week 2 Discussion4m
Practice Video: Formulas3m
Practice Video: Formulas in Context4m
Practice Video: Functions I: SUM and AUTOSUM4m
Practice Video: Functions II: AVERAGE, MIN and MAX4m
Discussion: Absolute Cell References4m
Practice Video: Absolute Cell References3m
Practice Video: Calculations across sheets4m
Week 2 Wrap-up1m
Excel Options6m
5 Lektüren
Download the Week 2 workbooks5m
Week 2: Practice Challenges1h
Word Search Puzzle: Master ranges15m
Week 2: Keyboard Shortcuts, Terminology, and Ninja Tips25m
Week 2: Excellent Tips and Resources20m
7 praktische Übungen
Formulas in Context6m
Functions I6m
Functions II6m
Absolute Cell References6m
Calculations across Sheets6m
Performing Calculations: Test your skills30m
3 Stunden zum Abschließen


Formatting helps to highlight key messages and make the data presentable. This module covers several formatting tools like font formatting, borders, alignment, number formatting, as well as the Excel styles and themes.

10 Videos (Gesamt 40 min), 4 Lektüren, 7 Quiz
10 Videos
Week 3 Discussion3m
Practice Video: Formatting3m
Practice Video: Borders3m
Practice Video: Alignment Tools4m
Practice Video: Format Painter3m
Practice Video: Number Formats5m
Practice Video: Styles and Themes5m
Week 3 Wrap-up1m
4 Lektüren
Download the Week 3 workbooks5m
Week 3: Practice Challenge30m
Week 3: Keyboard Shortcuts and Ninja Tips10m
Week 3: Excellent Tips and Resources15m
7 praktische Übungen
Alignment Tools8m
Format Painter12m
Number Formats8m
Styles and Themes5m
Formatting: Test your skills30m
3 Stunden zum Abschließen

Working with Data

This module is all about working with data – and making it easy to work with. This week you will learn how you can manage your spreadsheets – find data with Filter and Sort, retrieve and change data using Find and Replace, and use Conditional Formatting to highlight specific data.

9 Videos (Gesamt 35 min), 3 Lektüren, 6 Quiz
9 Videos
Week 4 Discussion3m
Practice Video: Managing Rows and Columns4m
Practice Video: Find and Replace3m
Practice Video: Filtering6m
Practice Video: Sorting3m
Practice Video: Conditional Formatting5m
Week 4 Wrap-up1m
3 Lektüren
Download the Week 4 workbooks5m
Week 4: Practice Challenge30m
Week 4: Keyboard Shortcuts, Terminology, and Ninja Tips25m
6 praktische Übungen
Managing Rows and Columns10m
Find and Replace8m
Conditional Formatting15m
Working with Data: Test your skills30m
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Top reviews from Excel Skills for Business: Essentials

von MGMar 20th 2018

A great course for beginners in MS Excel. Introduces one to the various functionalities that Excel has to offer. Course content and structure are excellent and helps one to learn at an optimal rate.

von AGMay 5th 2019

I have no experience at all with Excel but after this wonderful course, i was able to pick it up pretty quickly! No more being intimated by being asked to have excel experience on job applications!



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Über die Spezialisierung Excel Skills for Business

This specialization is intended for anyone who seeks to develop one of the most critical and fundamental digital skills today. Spreadsheet software remains one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. In the United States alone, millions of job advertisements requiring Excel skills are posted every day. Research by Burning Glass Technologies and Capital One shows that digital skills lead to higher income and better employment opportunities. At a time when digital skills jobs are growing much faster than non-digital jobs, completing this specialization will position you way ahead of others. In this Specialization, learners develop advanced Excel Skills for Business. Upon completing the four courses in this Specialization, learners can design sophisticated spreadsheets, including professional dashboards, and perform complex calculations using advanced Excel features and techniques. Learners have acquired the skills to manage large datasets efficiently, extract meaningful information from datasets, present data and extract information effectively. In addition, learners have mastered the skills needed to validate data and prevent errors in spreadsheets, create automation, apply advanced formulas and conditional logic to help make decisions and create spreadsheets that help forecast and model data....
Excel Skills for Business

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  • Sobald Sie sich für ein Zertifikat angemeldet haben, haben Sie Zugriff auf alle Videos, Quizspiele und Programmieraufgaben (falls zutreffend). Aufgaben, die von anderen Kursteilnehmern bewertet werden, können erst dann eingereicht und überprüft werden, wenn Ihr Unterricht begonnen hat. Wenn Sie sich den Kurs anschauen möchten, ohne ihn zu kaufen, können Sie womöglich auf bestimmte Aufgaben nicht zugreifen.

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  • In this course, we are using Microsoft Excel 2016 (Office 365) on a Windows PC with all options set to default. The Office 365 version of Excel is the latest version at the time of writing and developing this course. If you have a different version of Excel or you are using a Mac, some tools and buttons will look different, they may be located in a different spot, or some might be missing altogether. If there are any major differences, we usually point them out during the practice videos. If you cannot find a tool that we mention, you can always ask in the forums or search the Internet. Most of the functionality we demonstrate is also available in other spreadsheet programs, although the interface will look different. Most other spreadsheet software can import and export files in the Microsoft Excel format. If you are not sure which version of Excel you are using, check the Microsoft support pages for help.

    If you cannot use Excel 2016 on a PC, you will be able to follow along with the videos, however, please note that some of the assessment tasks will require Excel. Where possible, we have designed assessment tasks so that users of older versions of Excel (such as 2013) can still solve them.

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