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Untertitel: Englisch

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Ca. 24 Stunden zum Abschließen

Empfohlen: 13 weeks of study, 3-6 hours/week...


Untertitel: Englisch

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Course Information Documents

Contains the syllabus, grading and logistics, and references...
1 Video (Gesamt 2 min), 8 Lektüren
8 Lektüren
Textbook Companion10m
Grading and Logistics10m
Module 12 (Week 13) Videos10m
Hardware & Software Requirements10m
Copyright Information: Course Materials & Images10m
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Module 1 - Introduction to Home Health Care

Introduction to Home Health Care...
16 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
16 Lektüren
What is Home Health Care?10m
Who Receives Home Health Care Services?10m
History of Home Health Care10m
Module 1 Breakout Activity 110m
Who is Part of the Home Health Care Team10m
Home Health Care Team Roles - Part 110m
Home Health Care Team Roles - Part 210m
Home Health Care Team Roles - Part 310m
Home Health Care Team Roles - Part 410m
Module 1 Breakout Activity 210m
Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide Tasks10m
Scope of Practice10m
Chain of Command10m
Qualities of Home Health Aides & Personal Care Aides10m
Education & Training Requirements10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 1 Quiz20m
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Module 2 - Working Effectively with Home Care Clients

Human Needs, Culture & Diversity, Communication Skills, Developing a Therapeutic Relationship, Patients' Rights ...
77 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
77 Lektüren
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs10m
Physical Needs10m
Safety and Security Needs10m
Need for Love and Belonging10m
Need for Self-Esteem10m
Need for Self-Actualization10m
Module 2 Breakout Activity 110m
Race versus Culture10m
Ethnocentrism, Diversity, & Stereotypes10m
Cultural Awareness & Cultural Competence10m
Introduction to Cultures10m
African American10m
Middle East10m
Introduction to Religions of the World10m
Agnostics and Atheists10m
Introduction to Family & Diversity10m
Supporting Family Members10m
Types of Communication10m
Types of Communication - Summary10m
Language Barriers10m
Hearing Impairment10m
Visual Impairment10m
Aphasia/Speech Impairment10m
Cognitive Impairment10m
Yes/No Questions10m
Asking "Why?"10m
Use of Cliches10m
Introduction to Active Listening10m
How to Be a Good Listener - Part 110m
How to Be a Good Listener - Part 210m
How to Be a Good Listener - Part 310m
Module 2 Breakout Activity 1010m
Introduction to Therapeutic Relationship10m
How to Establish a Therapeutic Relationship - Part 110m
How to Establish a Therapeutic Relationship - Part 210m
How to Establish a Therapeutic Relationship - Part 310m
Terminating the Relationship10m
Self Check for Boundaries10m
Module 2 Breakout Activity 1110m
Introduction to Documentation10m
Use of Your Senses10m
What Information to Include in Documentation10m
How to Complete Documentation10m
Sample Documentation10m
Introduction to Communicating on the Telephone10m
Sample Phone Call10m
Sample Phone Message10m
Introduction to Patient's Rights10m
Physical Abuse10m
Emotional Abuse10m
Financial Abuse10m
Sexual Abuse10m
Domestic violence10m
Reporting Abuse & Neglect10m
Introduction to Patient's Rights10m
Patient's Responsibilities10m
How a Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide Support a Patient's Rights10m
Introduction to Advanced Directives10m
Living Wills10m
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care (Health Care Proxy)10m
Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR)10m
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)10m
Legal Ramifications for HIPAA Violations10m
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Module 2 Quiz40m
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Module 3 - Working with the Elderly

Working with the Elderly...
28 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
28 Lektüren
Aging and the Individual10m
Social Factors & Aging10m
Observing & Reporting Changes10m
Module 3 Breakout Activity 410m
Attitudes Toward Aging10m
Myths of Aging10m
Immune System10m
Respiratory System10m
Cardiovascular System10m
Integumentary (Skin) System10m
Musculoskeletal System10m
Range of Motion Movements10m
Sensory System10m
Digestive System10m
Urinary System10m
Endocrine System10m
Neurological System10m
Female Reproductive System10m
Male Reproductive System10m
Introduction to Aging & the Mind10m
Working with Patients Who Have Had a Stroke10m
Working with Patients with Alzheimer's Disease10m
Working with Patients with Parkinson's Disease10m
Introduction to Stress10m
How to Help a Patient Effectively Manage Stress10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 3 Quiz24m
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Module 4 - Working with Children

Working with Children...
33 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
33 Lektüren
Introduction to Working with Children10m
Why Children May Need Home Care - Part 110m
Why Children May Need Home Care - Part 210m
Why Children May Need Home Care - Part 310m
Introduction to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Applied to Children10m
Physical Needs10m
Safety and Security Needs10m
Need for Love and Belonging10m
Need for Self-Esteem10m
Need for Self-Actualization10m
Introduction to Child Growth and Development10m
Sensorimotor Stage (birth to 2 years)10m
Preoperational Stage (2 to 7 years)10m
Concrete Operational Stage (7 to 11 years)10m
Formal Operational Stage (11 years to adulthood)10m
Module 4 Breakout Activity 310m
Infancy: Birth to 12 months10m
Toddler: 1-3 years10m
Preschool: 3-6 years10m
School Age: 6-11 or 12 years10m
Adolescent: 11 years to 19 years10m
Types of Families10m
Guidelines for Communicating with Children about Divorce10m
Styles of Parenting10m
Socioeconomic Status10m
Domestic Violence10m
Module 4 Breakout Activity 1010m
Special Issues of Families: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues10m
Signs of Substance Abuse10m
Signs of Mental Illness10m
How to Help Children Cope with Stress10m
Working Effectively to Strengthen Families10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 4 Quiz20m
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Module 5 - Working with People Who Are Mentally Ill

Working with People Who Are Mentally Ill...
20 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
20 Lektüren
What is Mental Health?10m
Positive Coping Skills10m
Negative Coping Skills10m
Module 5 Breakout Activity 110m
Defense Mechanisms10m
Unhealthy Coping Behaviors10m
What is Mental Illness?10m
Physical Factors10m
Environmental Factors10m
Genetic Factors10m
Stress Factors10m
Treating Mental Illness10m
Module 5 Breakout Activity 610m
Guidelines for Observing Behavior10m
Role of the HHA/PHA with Mentally Ill Patients and their Families10m
Maintain Safety10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 5 Quiz20m
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Module 6 - Working with People with Developmental Disabilities

Working with People with Developmental Disabilities...
32 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
32 Lektüren
What is a Developmental Disability?10m
How Does Having a Developmental Disability Affect Normal Development?10m
Self-Care & Movement10m
Financial Independence & Self-direction10m
Communication & Social Situations10m
Types of Developmental Disabilities10m
Intellectual Disabilities10m
Cerebral Palsy10m
Neurologic Impairment10m
Multiple Disabilities10m
Effects of Developmental Disabilities on Growth and Development10m
Causes of Developmental Disabilities10m
How is a Developmental Disability Different from Mental Illness?10m
Developmental Disabilities at Home10m
Module 6 Breakout Activity 610m
Caring for a Child with a Developmental Disability10m
Caring for an Adult with a Developmental Disability10m
Expectations and Attitudes10m
Address the Person, Not the Disability10m
Focus on Independence, Productivity, and Integration10m
Promote Self-Determination and Community Participation10m
Care Needs10m
Physical Needs10m
Safety and Security Needs10m
Love and Belonging Needs10m
Self-Esteem and Self-Actualization Needs10m
Module 6 Breakout Activity 1010m
Role of the Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide10m
Performance Standards10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 6 Quiz20m
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Module 7 - Working with People with Physical Disabilities

Working with People with Physical Disabilities...
13 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
13 Lektüren
What is a Physical Disability?10m
Causes of Physical Disabilities10m
Module 7 Breakout Activity 110m
Permanent versus Temporary Disabilities10m
Unique Attributes of Physical Disabilities10m
Impact of a Physical Disability on Quality of Life10m
Promoting Self-care and Independence10m
Maintenance of Dignity and Self-Worth10m
Preservation of Normal Life Style10m
Role of the Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide10m
Social, Cultural and Environmental Influences in Caring for People with Disabilities10m
Situations in Which People with Physical Disabilities May Require Home Care10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 7 Quiz16m
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Module 8 - Food, Nutrition, and Meal Preparation

1 Video (Gesamt 2 min), 53 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
53 Lektüren
The Major Nutrients10m
Nutrients Work Together10m
Module 8 Breakout Activity 210m
Well-balanced Diet10m
Milk Group10m
Protein Foods Group10m
Fruit Group10m
Vegetable Group10m
Grain Group10m
Using ChooseMyPlate in Meal Planning10m
Dietary Guidelines10m
Cost of Food10m
Food Preparation10m
Patient Involvement10m
Available Cooking Equipment10m
Serve Quality Food10m
Serving Meals10m
Food Appearance, Texture, and Portion Size10m
How to Save on Food Costs10m
Module 8 Breakout Activity 610m
Food Storage10m
Safe Food Handling10m
Module 8 Breakout Activity 810m
Safe Microwave Defrosting and Cooking10m
Safe Cooking Temperatures10m
Food Money Procedures10m
Being Specific When it Comes to the Diet10m
The Meaning of "High" and "Low" Diet Orders10m
Decreasing the Intake of Certain Foods10m
Increasing the Intake of Certain Foods10m
Types of Modified Diets10m
Low Sodium/Low Salt Diets10m
Fluid-Restricted Diets10m
High and Low Potassium Diets10m
Low Fat/Low Cholesterol Diets10m
Bland Diets10m
Gluten-Free Diet10m
Vegetarian Diet10m
Liquid Diets10m
Soft Diets10m
Mechanically Altered Diets10m
Mechanical Soft Diet10m
Pureed Diet10m
Provide Nutritious and Attractive Mechanically Altered Food10m
Follow Safe Food Preparation and Storage Guidelines10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 8 Quiz40m
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Module 9 - Family Spending and Budgeting

13 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
13 Lektüren
The Role of the Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide in Family Spending & Budgeting10m
Module 9 Breakout Activity 110m
Debt & Stress10m
Daily Expense Tracker10m
Planning a Budget10m
Determining Expenses10m
Determining Income10m
How to Save on Grocery Costs10m
How to Save on Household Costs10m
How to Save on Energy Costs10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 9 Quiz16m
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Module 10 - Care of the Home and Personal Belongings

2 Videos (Gesamt 2 min), 18 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
2 Videos
VIDEO - Vacuuming43
18 Lektüren
Time Management10m
The ABC Method10m
The 1-10 Method10m
Tips for Efficient Use of Time10m
Module 10 Breakout Activity 410m
Infection Control10m
Basic Supplies and Equipment Needed10m
Safety Tips for Home Health Aides/Personal Care Aides Using Equipment and Supplies10m
Kitchen Cleaning Tasks10m
Bathroom Cleaning Tasks10m
Living Room Cleaning Tasks10m
Bedroom Cleaning Tasks10m
Washing Floors10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 10 Quiz24m
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Module 11 - Safety and Injury Prevention

29 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
29 Lektüren
Contributing Factors to Injuries10m
Where Household Injuries Commonly Occur10m
Role of the Home Care Worker in Injury Prevention10m
Fire Safety10m
Personal Safety10m
Transportation Safety10m
First Aid Techniques for Falls10m
First Aid Techniques for Bruises10m
First Aid Techniques for Cuts and Scrapes10m
First Aid Techniques for Dizziness/Fainting10m
First Aid Techniques for Burns10m
Module 11 Breakout Activity 1310m
First Aid Techniques for Choking10m
First Aid Techniques for Poisoning10m
What to do in Serious Medical Emergencies10m
Assessing the ABCs10m
Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack)10m
Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)10m
Module 11 Breakout Activity 1510m
1 praktische Übung
Module 11 Quiz40m
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Module 12 - Personal Care

28 Videos (Gesamt 48 min), 72 Lektüren, 1 Quiz
28 Videos
VIDEO - Donning and Removing Gloves46
VIDEO - Bed Bath5m
VIDEO - Washing Hair in Bed2m
VIDEO - Assisting with Changing a Clean Dressing1m
VIDEO - Assisting with Mouth Hygiene1m
VIDEO - Denture Care58
VIDEO - Mouth Care for the Unconscious Patient1m
VIDEO - Applying Elastic Compression Stockings52
VIDEO - Shaving a Patient2m
VIDEO - Changing a Bedpan2m
VIDEO - Use of a Urinal1m
VIDEO - Applying a Condom Catheter1m
VIDEO - Cleaning Catheter Tubing1m
VIDEO - Applying an Incontinence Product1m
VIDEO - Measuring Output1m
VIDEO - Measuring Intake1m
VIDEO - Assisting with Eating1m
VIDEO - Proper Body Mechanics1m
VIDEO - Turning the Patient in Bed1m
VIDEO - Positioning a Patient on Their Side1m
VIDEO - Lifting a Patient in Bed1m
VIDEO - Transfer to a Wheelchair1m
VIDEO - Transfer from a Wheelchair to the Shower43
VIDEO - Making an Occupied Bed3m
VIDEO - Picking up the Infant58
VIDEO - Feeding an Infant58
VIDEO - Bathing an Infant1m
72 Lektüren
Introduction to Infection Control10m
Procedure - Handwashing10m
Use of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer10m
Procedure - Donning & Removing Gloves10m
Introduction to Bathing, Back Rubs & Assisting with a Clean Dressing10m
Procedure - Tub or Shower Bath10m
Procedure - Bed Bath10m
Procedure - Shampoo in Bed10m
Procedure - Back Rub10m
Procedure - Assisting with Changing a Clean (Non-sterile) Dressing10m
Introduction to Mouth Hygiene10m
Procedure - Patients Who Can Brush Their Own Teeth or Need Some Assistance10m
Procedure - Patients Who are Unable to Perform Mouth Hygiene Independently, such as an Unconscious Patient10m
Procedure - Denture Care10m
Procedure - Flossing10m
Introduction to Dressing and Grooming10m
Procedure - Assisting with Dressing10m
Procedure - Assisting with Dressing for Patients Who are Weak, Frail, or Paralyzed10m
Procedure - Assisting with the use of Elastic Support Stockings10m
Nail Care10m
Procedure - Hand Care10m
Procedure - Foot Care10m
Procedure - Shaving the Patient10m
Introduction to Assisting with Elimination10m
Procedure - Use of a Bed Pan10m
Procedure - Use of a Urinal10m
Procedure - Assisting with the Use of a Condom Catheter10m
Procedure - Assisting with Cleaning the Skin and Catheter Tubing10m
Procedure - Assisting with Emptying of the Urinary Drainage Bag10m
Procedure - Measuring Urinary Output10m
Introduction to Assisting with Eating10m
Procedure - Assisting with Eating10m
Procedure - Measuring Intake10m
Procedure: Proper Body Mechanics10m
Procedure: Standing10m
Procedure: Lifting10m
Procedure: Using Proper Working Height10m
Overview: Turning and Positioning the Patient10m
Procedure: Turning the Patient in Bed10m
Procedure: Positioning the Patient10m
Overview: Assisting Patients to Transfer to and from Different Positions10m
Procedure: Transfer to the Sitting Position in Bed10m
Procedure: Helping the Patient to Sit at the Side of the Bed10m
Procedure: Helping a Patient to Stand10m
Procedure: Helping the Patient to Ambulate (Walk)10m
Procedure: Transfer to a Wheelchair, Chair, or Commode10m
Procedure: Positioning Patient in Chair or Wheelchair10m
Procedure: Transfer from Wheelchair to Toilet10m
Procedure: Transfer from Wheelchair to Shower and Assisting with Shower10m
Procedure: Transfer from Wheelchair to Stool or Chair in Tub10m
Introduction to The Patient's Environment10m
Procedure: Making an Unoccupied Bed10m
Procedure: Making an Occupied Bed10m
Introduction to Special Equipment used by Home Care Patients10m
Procedure: Weighing a Patient10m
Procedure: Assisting with the Use of a Hydraulic Lift10m
Procedure: Slide Board Transfer10m
Procedure: Handling the Infant10m
Procedure: Picking up the Infant10m
Positioning the Infant for Feeding & Feeding the Infant10m
Burping a Baby10m
Changing a Diaper10m
Documenting the Baby's Intake and Output10m
Procedure: Infant Bath10m
Introduction to Assisting with Self-administration of Medication10m
Procedure: Checking the Right Person (Patient)10m
Procedure: Checking the Right Medication10m
Procedure: Checking the Right Dose10m
Procedure: Checking the Right Time10m
Procedure: Checking the Right Route10m
End of Course Survey10m
1 praktische Übung
Module 12 Quiz20m
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von RMJul 18th 2017

Mega course! You learnt about the do's and don'ts of care, along with knowledge of the medical body and transferring patients from/to their wheelchair or the bed.

von DKJul 3rd 2017

This is a great course, I would recommend for any one looking forward to joining the home health care industry. Good work.



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Chairperson/Assistant Professor/Grant Program Director
SUNY Broome Medical Assisting & Health Studies

Andrea C. Wade, Ph.D.

Provost and Vice President, Academic Services
Monroe Community College

Kimberly B. McLain, Ph.D.

Curricula Course Developer, MOOC; Assistant Professor
SUNY Broome Medical Assisting & Health Studies

Tera Doty-Blance

Instructional Designer
Teaching Resource Center

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