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Everywhere, every day, everybody uses language. There is no human society, no matter how small or how isolated, which does not employ a language that is rich and diverse. This course introduces you to linguistics, featuring interviews with well-known linguists and with speakers of many different languages. Join us to explore the miracles of human language! The Miracles of Human Language introduces you to the many-faceted study of languages, which has amazed humans since the beginning of history. Together with speakers of many other languages around the world, as well as with famous linguists such as Noam Chomsky and Adele Goldberg, you will learn to understand and analyse how your native tongue is at the same time similar and different from many other languages. You will learn the basic concepts of linguistics, get to know some of the key features of big and small languages and get insight into what linguists do. This course gives an introduction into the study of languages, the field of linguistics. With the support of the basic linguistic terminology that is offered in the course, you will soon be able to comment both on variety between languages, as well as on a single language’s internal structure. Anyone who wishes to understand how languages work, and how they can give us insight into the human mind is very welcome to join. The course is useful if you want to get a fairly quick introduction into linguistics, for instance because you are considering studying it further, or because you are interested in a neighbouring discipline such as psychology, computer science or anthropology. Furthermore, the course will help you develop analytical skills. If you are curious to understand how language works and how it gives insight into the human mind, this course is definitely for you!...



23. Sep. 2017

Extremely informational, well presented, with questions that stimulate reflection. The optional reading material is food for thought. I hope to see more courses from the same professor and University.


2. Jan. 2017

Excellent! Really enjoyed and learnt a lot. I did not expect such a great content and professionalism in a free course. I am definitely purchasing for the title.

Thanks to all the team! Great job!

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von Valerie V

29. Jan. 2023

The inspirational and charismatic teacher! His speech is clear and not very fast, so even non-native English speakers will be able to understand the lectures. The course helped me take a more in-depth look at human language and improve my critical thinking skills! The quizzes (at the end of each module) might seem a little complicated at first sight… but if you study carefully, take notes during the lectures, and do all the required reading, you will easily pass the quiz. I strongly recommend this course! You will definitely gain new knowledge.

von Nina

10. Juli 2020

Teaching is not an easy job, even more so online, but this course was so well done with diverse course materials, various speakers and especially such an enthusiastic teacher. Probably one of the best course I had in my entire education. I wish there was a module specifically about language history, because that's what I'm interested in the most, but really it's a great introduction to a field that was very foreign to me. Too bad there isn't more course about linguistics on here, but at least we're given reading recommendations to follow up.

von Nicte C

25. Okt. 2020

I absolutely loved this course!! I had no idea what Linguistics really was, and this course explained it perfectly. The Professor is extraordinary. It is very well structured, clearly explained, the part of the informants is very illustrative but sometimes difficult to interpret, which makes it all the more challenging. The exams are very tough so you have to study a lot, which is great,, because a free course doesn't mean that it will be easy. I wish there were more courses on this subject by the same institution, it was fantastic.

von Kathleen S T

4. Apr. 2022

A very good introduction to Linguistics and the different aspects of the field. This is a broad field, and, like any Intro class, a lot of information is presented in a short amount of time. The quizes can be pretty specific, and the questions about the Language Informants are difficult. I would advise getting hold of the recommended Text book just to have background information on some of the topics that are just briefly explained in the video lectures. I really enjoyed this class, and plan to continue my studies in Linguistics.

von Daniela Z

21. Juni 2020

An excellent course. Easy to follow, easy to understand, and it encourages you to comment and have dialogues in the forum for every topic. The quizzes are a little bit hard, but that's expected from a well thought out and put up course made by university professors. It has been really fun to follow for six weeks, which I think is a well designed period to learn the basics of Linguistics. Also, it has a lot of videos of informants with different languages so it's very diverse. Thank you so much. I'll revisit these contents later.

von Rahul M S

19. Sep. 2020

The professor taught the material in a very clear and understandable way. Having live examples using various language informants was also very informative (the only qualm I would have is that the Mandarin Chinese videos should be transliterated in a more readable format, most of it was incomprehensible due to my unfamiliarity with any aspect of the language). The reading material and books were also really interesting. Overall, I learnt a great deal in this course and I think I have a better idea of the field of linguistics.

von Syed S

19. Aug. 2020

I wholeheartedly like to thank Dr. Marc van Oostendorp and his team for presenting this MOOC course is the best possible manner. I really gained good knowledge and developed lots and lots of interest toward language and linguistics. This course has almost covered major aspects of human language and linguistics. In my opinion this course gives a very good platform for those who would like do research in Language and Linguistics. Interviews with some of the eminent persons in the field Language and Linguistics was excellent.

von Rushikesh D

14. Juni 2021

This is course will surely play a pivotal role in my understanding of the human language when I will study more in depth at the university completing a MA in Lingustics. Thanks to the professors who contributed to this courses, all the people who crowdfunded a module 6, Martin and Inge and other professors who were a part of this course. Thanks for the exclusive interview of Dr Chomsky too. Lastly, I would like to thank Coursera for giving me this opprtunity to learn about this subject. Once again, Thanks to everybody.

von Emily H

3. Okt. 2016

I found the course very informative, there was quite a lot of information in there for only six weeks of study but it didn't feel overwhelming either. Professor Marc van Oostendorp was very engaging in his presentation of the material, and I liked the fact that his students were there to ask questions as well. I also liked how the language informants were used - I was able to practice what I had learned in the other videos by analysing their speech patterns. Overall, I was quite impressed by this course.

von Yuchen L

30. Jan. 2020

This is my first Coursera course and I love it. The course is student-friendly with classes elaborately designed and informative with lots of source readings. The forum is one of the best parts of the course. I learn how to think questions like a linguist. And from informants of different background, I know there are so many interesting languages existing in our world. As the course name shows that it is an introduction to Linguistics, my interests towards the linguistics is well developed. Thank you.

von adkaufman1968

4. Aug. 2020

This was a really wonderful online course - the best I've done yet (and I've done many).

The content was fascinating, varied and challenging and the lecturer's passion for his subject and learning in general was a pleasure to share.

I particularly liked the use of informants which gave real examples of languages and the discussion aspect, although personally I got very little feedback for my comments.

No matter, this is an exemplary online course and a brilliant introduction into the field.


von Kévin S

16. Jan. 2020

Excellent course ! Professor van Oostendorp is a good pedagogue and the discussions of Marten and Inje put well in perspective the knowledge acquired ! As a future practitioner (English teaching and coaching), this MOOC was an exceptional source of information for me and will definitely help me in explaining better the way languages work and are shaped.

In addition, I would be happy if there were other courses by the University of Leiden to learn more about specific aspects/subjects of linguistics

von Hugo E G L

13. Apr. 2017

Overall, this course was a great experience. As a student of English as a second language, trust me when I say that it helped me a lot with the subject "linguistics" at college. Nonetheless, I must say that this course was tough! I don’t know, maybe, because English is not my mother tongue but at times I certainly felt that I couldn’t keep up with some of the assignments. Nevertheless, if you give your best, you will make it. Also, if you are looking for a challenge…. well, this is your course.

von Cher R

13. Nov. 2016

I enjoyed this challenging course on linguistics. I appreciated that the course materials were available as one file so I could both read the text and watch the videos. The videos contained a quiz inside that kept me engaged. The interviews and Q&A sessions were a valuable way to present new information. I obtained two books from the suggested reading material to further my learning. In the end, I bought the certificate as a way to say thanks to the team for such a great course. Bravo!

von Tim P

28. Apr. 2021

This was a fun and informative course. The instructor was clear in his speaking and did very well to describe each concept. The variety of content was also good, it was not just about listening and trying to absorb the information. We got to see it in different contexts, tried also to apply the new learning and also got a broader perspective on linguistics as well. This is a course I would happily come back to in order to refresh my memory on different concepts as well.

Thank you!

von Andrew C

9. März 2017

A very enjoyable, engaging course which touches on the fundamentals of Linguistics. I found the professor, as well as the assistants delightful, and the language informants were also very exciting to have. It was challenging at a few points despite my background and interest in Linguistics, however, it was well worth the effort.

I sincerely hope I can take more courses from Leiden, or perhaps study there one day. This course reaffirmed my interest in Leiden from 10 years ago.

von jamie b

10. Sep. 2018

This is course for those who love language and also for those who want to explore the miracle of language . Pro. Ostendrop and his team breaks down the syllabus into a bit size and in very friendly manner . Its like we're sitting in a live class room. In the middle of the module there are interviews from experts such as Noam Chomsky, we all know he's a mammoth figure in linguistic realm. Thanks Coursera and thanks all the teams who are involved in creating this course.

von Anupama R

25. Juni 2021

Very interesting course and highly recommend to those interested in languages. The first 2 weeks were a little technical and quizzes tough but the later weeks are really interesting. Learnt a whole lot of things I never knew. Hope to pursue studies related to psychology and linguistics.

Really wish we could get the correct answers to quiz questions though - at least at the end of the course. Also, wish they could give a lot more online resources for additional reading.

von Spyros V

20. Feb. 2019

I learned a lot of things, but most importantly I have a conceptual understanding of the different components that create the structure of language. The student will listen to a lot of different languages, will be introduced to various branches of linguistics and will create a solid base on which they can further study the interesting topic of human language. The educator was great and the students (Martin and Inge) are relatable, polite and smiling. Great course.

von Air

28. Aug. 2019

Great course! Enjoyed it no end! Clearly so much love was put into the making of this program! It is both interesting and full of new information. Shows different sides of profession, so that people like me, new to the theme, could see what linguists actually do. Especially loved readings, as the articles given weren't overly tough, but presented a ton of information on different themes. Can't even start describing how sad I am that the course it at an end!

von Evan S

11. März 2019

This was an exciting course that uses real people to demonstrate linguistic concepts. It was a great idea to have speakers of less internationally familiar languages such as Gungbe and Berber to demonstrate how it is possible to understand the basics of a language's structure (despite having no prior knowledge of that particular language).The video discussions and interviews were a nice way to break up lectures and provide real-life context to the course.

von Ame

27. Aug. 2019

Thank you so much!!!! I loved it >w<

I had been waiting for this because I enjoy learning about linguistics but I don't knew where to start, definitely this course was a miracle.

All the resources had a high quality and were a great advantage to understand the subject, it was very funny to analyze different languages (especially in the last section), I learned a lot of things about culture, as well.

Hoping all is well, congratulations for this course. <3

von Maria E R G

17. Juni 2018

The course is well structured, the tutorials through videos are excellent, sometimes it is necessary to search for more information, as it is the case of the lab video (the cochran implants). It is a pity that additional readings are not available through kindle or ibooks as their cost is better than the traditional books. I am going to pay for the certificate, I do not need it, but really the work put into the course rates more than 10.

von Emil N

20. Juni 2020

A wonderful course. I especially loved the second and the third weeks, fourth too, but less so. I wish this course had more of such deeply linguistic chapters. The fifth and the sixth weeks were fun too, but they lacked the deep linguistic spirit to them, maybe because psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics and sociolinguistics are sort of fusional disciplines that border with other scientific fields. Nevertheless, the course is great!