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Indigenous Canada is a 12-lesson Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that explores Indigenous histories and contemporary issues in Canada. From an Indigenous perspective, this course explores key issues facing Indigenous peoples today from a historical and critical perspective highlighting national and local Indigenous-settler relations. Topics for the 12 lessons include the fur trade and other exchange relationships, land claims and environmental impacts, legal systems and rights, political conflicts and alliances, Indigenous political activism, and contemporary Indigenous life, art and its expressions....



Jan 22, 2018

Excellent course that provides a great foundation for learning about Indigenous cultures and worldviews. Provides thoughtful topics to explore and insightful knowledge. I highly recommend this course!


Feb 24, 2020

Very informative. They teach history and mention the aboriginal journey, but this tells another story. Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to glimpse into to the world of an aboriginal of Canada.

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von Carmen D

Jul 20, 2020

I loved the way the course was presented from the beginning to end. It has a great sequence of topics, themes and general history. The presenters are clear and honest on their presentation, they truly show coherency between who they are and what they say. The readings are a great support to the course and the paintings compliment each week beautifully. I congratulate you for a wonderful course. Thank you very much!

von Denise M

Aug 12, 2020

I have learned more than I could have imagined about Indigenous peoples' perspectives. I am now armed to pursue my education about the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. I will be doing more reading, discovering and pursuing discussions with my reading circles around the plethora of resources available to add to my base of knowledge. Thank you Dr. Bear and colleagues for this rich and captivating learning experience.

von Devan N

Aug 14, 2020

It was great to have a course from the perspective of those who were colonized. Too often, history is "written by the winning side," and today we, as a society, have much to learn from the ways of other cultures who were not wrong in what they believed. This is especially relevant now in a time when the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of the individual, and the fabric of society is being torn apart.

von Janet S

Apr 04, 2020

Thank you for offering this course. I learned so much. I had to unlearn a great deal as my educational K-12 and university education, prior to this course, so Eurocentric. I am glad that my son will be a part of an educational system that will provide more than that one view. I have invited my colleagues, my students' parents, and my family to also participate in your course. It is excellent. Thank you.

von Jonathon R L

Aug 07, 2019

Very interesting, learned a lot, great presenters. Excellent course to take to become acquainted with the current state of indigenous affairs. Also provided a perspective that I had previously not been exposed to. Would benefit greatly from a more dynamic presentation of the content--while the videos are well-done, delivery felt very static after the first few modules and made it difficult to stay focused.

von Alison C

Aug 07, 2020

This was the primer I required and the beginning of learning more. The lessons were engaging, and informative. The interactive art piece was a highlight, giving credence to the the past in the present together. There was a lot of information and much that I did not learn from text books in school in the 1960's. I was on a class trip to Expo '67 and learning the context of the Pavillion was fascinating.

von Cherie C

Aug 02, 2020

The course was an excellent opportunity to build on my existing knowledge which deepened my understanding of indigeneity. The modules provided new terms to portray concepts with that were more accurate and meaningful. Also, the art work, interviews and information presented has critically supported me with different tools so I can approach the topic of Indigenous culture with my students in multiple ways.

von Robert C C

Jan 12, 2018

This is an excellent course and it hits one right between the eyes and in one's heart about the history of Indigenous peoples not only in Canada, but also in all of North America. Sometimes it was hard to choose best answers on quizzes as some of the answers were very similar, but the quizzes were fair and the lectures were excellent. I really enjoyed the discussion of the arts. Highly recommend this

von Jennifer S

Aug 08, 2020

It was an enlightening, fascinating and emotional ride. This course was well organised and beautifully presented. I particularly enjoyed Leah Dorion's artwork and her process to illustrate story and symbolism. You are right - every Canadian should engage in this course and other ways of learning about Indigenous culture and issues. This is a starting point for me and I thank you for your efforts!!

von Judy S

Apr 20, 2020

With humility and gratitude, I thank Dr. Tracy Bear and Dr. Paul Gareau for the Indigenous Canada course. I have learned so much, and been inspired to learn more. The course is comprehensive and holistic, and organized in the most thoughtful and interesting way. The course will forever be a significant part of my journey as a settler in Canada for Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Thank you.

von Chelsea G

May 20, 2020

This is a great course that is inclusive to the multi-dimensional Indigenous experience and histories across Canada. The content highlights issues pertaining to almost all of Canada's geography and explains why and how Indigenous experiences differ. Overall, this is great course for beginners to Indigenous content and also a superb resource for those who are more experienced and want a refresher.

von Alexandra T

Aug 12, 2020

While it isn't possible for one course to go in depth about indigenous history and cultural issues in Canada, this course gives a good overview of where to start, and fills in the gaps from the Canadian history I was taught in school. Very applicable to me personally in my work environment to improve understanding and empathy when working on issues that may impact indigenous peoples in Canada.

von Heather B

Jul 27, 2020

I absoutley enjoyed this course! What an eye opener. I was born and raised in Toronto and went to Elementry and high school and was never taught majority of the information that was taught in this course. Thank you so much for having this course available to Learn the truth about Indigenous culture. This course has inspired me to help spread the awarenss of Indigenous culture anyway I can! :)

von Julia P

Apr 22, 2020

This course is well researched and has so much information that every Canadian should know about. It incorporated interesting interviews, and some art pieces commissioned to highlight the course and important aspects of Aboriginal history. Discussion forums with answers from mediators along with course notes and references were helpful in digging a bit deeper into the informaiton. Well done!

von Elyssa D

Sep 13, 2017

I have always had an interest in Indigenous culture and issues. This course has allowed me to gain insight into an Indigenous' perspective of Canadian's history. The way videos and notes were used was very organized and helpful. This course should be mandatory for all Canadians and be integrated in our education system. Thank you for this wonderful learning experience! Highly recommend it!

von Swetha P

Jul 09, 2020

Incredible course to start learning about Indigenous Peoples in "Canada" with specific, thought-provoking examples. Spoke to varies parts of history as well as current Indigenous life in "Canada". Very grateful to the team who created this amazing course, looking forward to being a life-long learner in this space as an incoming medical student and settler on Treaty 6 lands. Thank you.

von Alfred W F L

Aug 11, 2020

I have sincerely appreciated the presentation of this course, not knowing what to expect. As a full-blooded white male, I thought I knew a little more than is now apparent. Though there are obvious ‘digs’ at the colonial settlers (of which I am a part, by default of birth) your educating of us is nonetheless done with dignity and honesty. I feel I am better for it. Thank you

von Sherri B

May 27, 2020

What a wonderful course. So thoughtfully put together. I can't believe the tremendous amount of work that was put into this course. It was so appreciated and really broadened my knowledge of many Indigenous subjects relevant to our country and the history of Canada. It has inspired me to further learn. Again my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all who were involved.

von Sharon S

Feb 18, 2018

This was an important learning for me, to bring the history into the contemporary world we all live in. The course material was clear and accessible with various ways to learn (auditory and visual). The online/mobile app was also useful to be able to keep up the course work. I will recommend this course to my colleagues, friends and family. Thank you. Sharon Stevens

von Priya K

Mar 21, 2020

I never expected I can complete a wonderful course. From the beginning of the course to the end, each part I have learned is really interesting and I have enjoyed a lot by acquiring knowledge in Indigenous Canada. I thank the educators for enlightening my existing knowledge and for their efforts to spread a really wonderful history on Indigenous people of Canada.

von Jeff H

Sep 22, 2018

Highly informative, challenges preconceived notions regarding Indigenous people within Canada. Not afraid to shed light on difficult parts of Canadian history that you don't always hear about in schools. A must-take for anyone interested in Canadian history, anyone interested in helping our FNMI people, or anyone wanting to know more about Canada's FNMI cultures.

von Wally S

May 19, 2019

I was blessed to have taken this course and to have increased my awareness and understanding of indigenous peoples, the role that they have played in Canada, their history, and the shameful what that the European settlers treated them and that we as "new Canadians" have treated them. I would highly recommend this course. It will educate you and open your mind.

von Chinwe U

Apr 25, 2020

I really enjoyed learning about Indigenous history in Canada. I took this course to increase my understanding of Indigenous history and contemporary matters. This course delivered. It has provided me with a good understanding of the fundamentals, and offered me a roadmap to build upon that knowledge. I am also very grateful that this is being offered for free.

von Matteo C F

Jun 18, 2017

Learnt a great deal that I only wish had been covered through out my formal education. Thank you so much for this. I hope to find additional ones I can take to keep on expanding my knowledge. Thank you for the intersectional approach through out the course, the guest speakers, integrating different modalities of learning through out, and really just all of it.

von Andrea G

May 05, 2020

This was a very well done course. I enjoyed the various topics discussed and the paintings that went along with the topics. As a non-Indigenous person I learned a lot about the Indigenous peoples and their cultures. They are truely the lands caretakers and they should be respected for all their knowledge and beliefs. Thank you for such a wonderful course!