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If you want to break into cutting-edge AI, this course will help you do so. Deep learning engineers are highly sought after, and mastering deep learning will give you numerous new career opportunities. Deep learning is also a new "superpower" that will let you build AI systems that just weren't possible a few years ago. In this course, you will learn the foundations of deep learning. When you finish this class, you will: - Understand the major technology trends driving Deep Learning - Be able to build, train and apply fully connected deep neural networks - Know how to implement efficient (vectorized) neural networks - Understand the key parameters in a neural network's architecture This course also teaches you how Deep Learning actually works, rather than presenting only a cursory or surface-level description. So after completing it, you will be able to apply deep learning to a your own applications. If you are looking for a job in AI, after this course you will also be able to answer basic interview questions. This is the first course of the Deep Learning Specialization....



Mar 07, 2019

I understand all those thing which you have discussed in this course and I also like the way first tell story of concet and assign assignment. Now I fall in love with neural network and deep learning.


Aug 30, 2018

Nothing can get better than this course from Professor Andrew Ng. A must for every Data science enthusiast. Gets you up to speed right from the fundamentals. Thanks a lot for Prof Andrew and his team.

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von Md. M H

Dec 06, 2018

Excellent refresher course for neural network. Suits better to the persons like me who already know some stuffs of Machine Learning. Assignments are easy but big.

von Waseem

Dec 07, 2018

Nice introduction to various Deep Learning algorithms !!!

von zigzi

Dec 07, 2018

Exceptional Course , rich content and accessible explanation.Thank you !!

von ragot05

Dec 07, 2018

Best class I've ever taken!

von Valliappan M

Dec 07, 2018

Good Introductory course on Machine Learning

von 王新越

Dec 06, 2018

The course is perfect ,meanwhile it's useful to me

von Rishi S

Dec 06, 2018

Love you Andrew Sir

von 薛腾

Dec 06, 2018

Thanks, Andrew NG.

I really learned a lot about deep learning.

von Pedro M H V

Dec 06, 2018

Perfect way to immerge yourself in the real of neural networks. Very well structured content, complemented with useful hands on implementations.

von Nitika G

Dec 07, 2018

I really enjoyed this course and looking forward to finish the next 4 courses in order to get deep learning specialization. Bottom to Top approach taken by the faculty is quite helpful .

von Dhananjaykuamr o

Dec 21, 2018

great course

von Maneesh C

Dec 21, 2018

Excellent course content and arrangement, it is easy to follow and delivers the concepts in an easy to understand manner. The test exercises are well structured and provide a hands on experience of creating a deep neural network to classify cat images ;)

von Sajid H

Dec 21, 2018

I enjoyed the course but I wished that the equations could have been derived instead of just presented

von Shayan A B

Dec 21, 2018

Very well taught. Specially the coding exercises give confidence to code your own neural network. Also the Heroes of Neural Network segment is very informative featuring Dr. Geoff Hinton and other giants of the field. I feel motivated to complete the full specialization.

von Bolin S

Dec 21, 2018

I would highly recommend this course for those who don't know much about deep learning and want to step into this area. The course material are well organized and the assignments and projects really helped me with understanding the course video. I am ready to start the next course and dive deeper!

von Sahaj J

Dec 21, 2018

Extremely awesome course.. Very much satisfied...

von Syed M H J

Dec 23, 2018

The best introduction to Deep Learning you'll find anywhere on the internet! Period.

von Aniket R

Dec 20, 2018

Well structured and develops intuition in subject matter like no other professor or medium has been able to for me personally. Prof. Ng makes learning Deep Learning exciting, and this introductory course has only made me more excited to complete the specialization and get more involved in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

von Rashmi D M

Dec 21, 2018

The course was very well organised. Each and every concept was explained very well. Programming assignments were very helpful to learn the concepts.

von Ajay S

Dec 21, 2018

Love the course especially the assignments in the course . Really enjoy the course . Some time is is little bit hard but in the end its good , thanks for giving me financial aid for the course .


von Thomas N

Dec 21, 2018

Great course! It has the right balance between theory and programming exercises. The subject can be very technical and mathematical, but the instructor explains it in a way that makes it understandable even for those who do not have in-depth calculus knowledge.

von Caroline K

Dec 23, 2018

Great introduction to deep learning.

von Abhishek B

Dec 20, 2018

Very nice beginner close for everyone

von Nikolaos B

Dec 21, 2018

Excellent introductory course to Neural Networks!

von Miriam A

Dec 21, 2018

The Assignments Made the videos clear thank you very much, and the PDF or Power Point lecture saved lot of troubles