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In this course, students learn to recognize and to apply the basic concepts that govern integrated body function (as an intact organism) in the body's nine organ systems....



1. Juni 2016

I'm a high school student interested in human physiology.

This course is AMAZING! Though sometimes I felt overwhelmed and couldn't remember everything, I think it was worth every effort and energy.


3. Jan. 2021

Best course I've ever taken! Detailed and thorough explanations of the systems of the body. Fascinating, enlightening, and enjoyable. Highly recommend for anyone interested in how the body functions.

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von Hanyu W

8. März 2020

Great course. Very informative and useful to prepare for medical school. The lecturers are both great and clear. The only small issue for me, personally, is that some lecture segments maybe a bit long (more than 30 mins). I would suggest making the segments shorter for better concentration and reflection. (Again, that's just my personal preference.) Overall, I would recommend the course to everyone. Thanks so much for the efforts from the lecturers.

von Aspasia S

12. Nov. 2017

Simple and comprehensive, yet sound and on point presentation of the basics of the vast field of Physiology. This course helps a lot on focusing on the important terms and conditions and in organizing everything in one's mind. Particularly helpful for undergraduates on the health sciences' field, who can be overwhelmed when in first contact with this subject. I would strongly recommend and encourage everybody interested to enroll.

von Pru H

12. Jan. 2021

I am currently in my last year of high school. Coming from a future Biomed major, I loved this course. Though sometimes it may feel pretty overwhelming due to the amount of information. All in all though, for its length (10 weeks of content!), it's worth the price. Also, I appreciate that Professor Emma Jakoi is pretty active in discussion forums, so we can ask doubts in case we have trouble understanding a certain concept.

von Luis E G y G

8. Apr. 2019

EXCELLENT course, I love it! the material is very complete and covers everything basic and essential about physiology at an adequate level, the exams I liked because they are a bit difficult but they make you study and review the lessons. Of the courses that have taught me the most and I learned a lot. The instructors are great, it is seen that they totally dominate the topics and teach in a very didactic and concise way.

von Anlin S A

29. Aug. 2021

Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" . The professors are extremely knowledgeable . Their lectures were clear and well put- together. I learned a lot through this course. The syllabus, content and resources are super organised and neat. I love Human physiology and this course is the tip-of-the-iceberg. I am going to discover and study more. I can't thank you enough.

von David G

25. Jan. 2021

Introductory Human Physiology is an excellent course to learn about human body systems and anomalies with these systems. Professor Carbrey and Professor Jakoi do an outstanding job of presenting the complex materials in a clear and engaging manner. I really appreciated their enthusiasm and joy as they taught the class. The separate batches of PowerPoint slides were quite helpful in preparing for the quizes.

von Manaswini P

5. Juni 2020

I absolutely loved this course. I had heard of Coursera and had a preliminary interest in biology, especially with physiology and thus decided to pursue this course. Though I initially found it difficult and an adjustment, both professors did an excellent job of not only explaining the material but detailing its relevance in our lives and soon enough, I was caught up and looked forward to each lecture.

von Kim R

13. Sep. 2020

I took this course simply for my own self-interest. I am absolutely amazed to learn all that we know about the human body and how it functions! And this was just an introductory course. Instructors made the material clear to understand with good use of diagrams and markings on the diagrams; anecdotal stories interjected appropriately also helped make the material make sense. Thanks for sharing!

von Juan V

5. Okt. 2020

Excelente, brinda una mirada profunda del funcionamiento del cuerpo humano y todos los procesos involucrados, desde lo netamente fisiológico y Anatómico hasta lo Químico y Biológico. Además las profesoras son conocedoras del tema y aún siendo una educación virtual, logran dar a conocer la temática y hacer las clases interesantes y lúdicas. Agradezco a Duke University y a Coursera por este espacio.

von Santosh K M

29. Nov. 2019

The break up of each topic in a weekly manner is planned very well. The concept is well articulated and hence it becomes easier for the student to understand and imagine the working of each part of the body. The material is also simplified so that even a fresher would easily assimilate the contents. Looking forward to more courses from Duke. Thanks once again for the enlightenment on Physiology

von Luisa S

30. Mai 2020

This course was very well structured and easy to understand. After every lecture you could do an assessment to check wheather you understood the general concepst and could transfere them to real life situations. It was awesome that you got an sum up PDF at the end of every week, so can easily repeat the content and look up informations about specific topics. I really enjoyed this course.

von Lana S

9. Juni 2016

One of the best free online A&P courses I have seen and been part of. The content is very well laid out and is presented in a very easy to follow manner. I would highly recommend doing this course. There is a lot of new information to learn especially if you have not done A&P before, but the excellent video lectures and written resources make it relatively easy to find answers.

von Giuliana O C

6. Nov. 2020

Aprendí muchísimo con este curso. Soy estudiante del último año de secundaria. Y mi objetivo futuro es estudiar medicina, por lo que este curso me ayudó muchísimo y me hizo crecer como persona. Estoy muy agradecida. Es un curso llevadero ya que lo hice a la misma vez que el colegio e inglés particular. Lo recomiendo muchísimo, ya que las explicaciones son fabulosas. Me encantó

von Legrand S

11. Juli 2021

This is a great course specially to those who are preparing to enter medical school like me! The quizzes are challenging which makes one to really study hard. The practice problems are also very helpful to increase understanding of the materials used in the weekly lessons. I am also grateful for the instructors who give time to answer clearly the questions of their students.


28. Feb. 2019

I loved this course from the very start of the lecture. All the concepts explained in the video(s) are utmost important and simplified for easy understanding. Ms is explaining so well all the terms and principle behind the physiology.

The lectures are in depth and gives ample knowledge in human physiology. I highly recommend this course to everyone.

Duke University rocks !

von Mariana V

3. Okt. 2019

The way of explaining from the teachers is AMAZING, I wish I was taught like this in college. The tie invested in this course is totally worthed. if you are a student or even if you're working it helps to refresh concepts and to explain them as simple as they can be. I just can't address enough how good it is. Would take another of their courses without thinking.

von Ting Z

8. Aug. 2015

Wonderful course. The lectures connected many key conceptions together, and made a good story. It is a very good introduction to physiology. But is you want to know more, you need to investigate the text book. Also, I really thing physiology is still a living discipline, and more new things is adding on it. All in all, I like this course, but I need to know more.


12. Feb. 2021

I just notice that some times talk to us like are an experts as well,and some,initials in

promtu with out previous notice of the meaning,The questions very nice system,if you

dont use your brain you cant ansuer the question,even with the book in your hand.

I am not sure if I will ha a wereable diploma and if yes waht I have to do to getit.

Tanks for the oportunity.

von anushka n

17. Juni 2020

This course is excellent for any biology enthusiasts and future doctors. It explains human physiology in an organized, detailed yet easy manner, which maintains the interest of the student throughout the course. I personally enjoyed the course very much as it linked the physiological process to real-life situations which I found very helpful and interesting.

von Ewerton P A

11. Juli 2021

The course is very good, I recommend! However, I don't believe it is an introductory course! As I saw a lot of the information in college, I just felt a little bit of difficulty, but for someone who has never had contact with the subject, it might be a little difficult, I recommend taking another course beforehand to become familiar with the subject!

von Pallavi C

24. März 2021

An excellent physiology course...the instructors are pretty amazing with the lectures and the lecture notes. It is a dense course and required significant work to complete the course. I have no background in biology and took the course out of interest and to see what I could retain (and understand). It was well worth the time. So Thank you!

von Arundeep S

7. Sep. 2020

A very helpful course for a non-medical individual. It would have been nice, if there were examples taken throughout the course like it was in the last lecture to analyse situation. I believe that will help people to retain the information for longer, as the course had a lot to teach. Many thanks for the course and both the professors.

von Shahreen I R

3. Aug. 2020

It was an wonderful experience for me.I am a 4th year student of med school. Physiology was my 1st year topic and there are few things i was completely forgotten. So this course was bit of a review journey for me but i found many topics clearer and easier than i understood before. And all the quizzes are so well standard. Thanks!

von Maxwell R H

11. Nov. 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. As someone with a background in engineering and computer science, it was fascinating to learn about how our bodies work. Thank you for offering this course on Coursera. I truly appreciate the quality of the lectures and materials presented by Emma Jakoi and Jennifer Carbrey from Duke University.

von Mary B

12. Sep. 2020

This was a challenging course but very informative, I learned some new things and other information was reiterated. All in all I would recommend anyone that is a Biology or Nursing major to take this course and I encourage all Biology and Nursing instructors to take this course. I loved it, wish you had one for Human Anatomy.